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Hi there,

I’m also waiting on the Portfolio section before I purchase this awesome theme!

Also, I’d very much be interested in an HTML/CSS/PHP version instead of WordPress. Any chance you’ll be able to release that? If so, by when approximately?

Thanks so much!

Regards, Saima

Hi Saimaali, We are are putting all our effort to release the Portfolio section ASAP and an HTML version is not on our priority list for now unfortunately – sorry!

Stay tuned to be notified once the Portfolio is out!

I have a problem with the single color or change the color of the theme… always remains the same, the default blue.

Please do get in touch so we can have a closer look at your issue – make sure you have the latest version of the theme 1.3

So far, very impressed with the theme. Great features and great customization options, which makes it easy for the end user to modify content without using code. I also enjoy the flat design and beautiful color combinations that come by default. Overall, this is one of the more impressive themes straight out of the box.

However, if there was one improvement that I would suggest, it would be this: I would really like it if you could specify (in the theme options) different home page sliders depending on viewport size.

This is because the LayerSlider is beautiful on desktop, but doesn’t scale too well for mobile devices. It would be nice to have a LayerSlider presentation display on desktop, and a more responsive static header for mobile/tablet devices.

I believe this is a feasible addition to the theme options, and would improve the mobile appearance of the site without sacrificing the use of the LayerSlider plugin altogether.

Great idea SJ! Added to our further development roadmap ;)

Hello, I’m interested in this template, but I want to know if there is a shortcode for Accordion FAQ. Thanks. Pol

Hi PolB, the theme currently does not have a shortcode for Accordion FAQ – Sorry!

First of all, let me congrat you guys. It’s an awesome theme. But before I purchase it I would like to know a few things: 1- Is it possible to upload a custom logo on header? If I can do it, what’s the default size for the logo? 2- Is it possible to change header colour? 3- The block on homepage and regular pages are easily customized? Can I add unlimited blocks with custom background and content?

I really liked this theme!


Renato Spínola

Hi Renato

Thank you, glad you like Tfingi!

  1. Yes, It is possible to upload custom logo in the header and there is no default size
  2. Yes, it is possible to change the header colour
  3. Yes, you can change them all or add as many as you like – see example – and you can put any content in them, including video

If you wish, drop us a pre-sale ticket and I’ll give you a quick demo tour ;)

I’m really enjoying working on this theme! The customization options are great! I’ve got a couple minor requests though:

1 – Mailchimp Integration – It’d be great if the newsletter signup form integrated with mailchimp.

2 – Homepage Slider Loading – It’d be great if the slider loaded before the page content. It’s a bit distracting when the content loads first and then the slider “pops” into place.

3 – Featured Images on Pages – It’d be great if adding a featured image on a page added the image full width just below the title. It kinda’ does that now … but doesn’t quite make it all the way across … and if it’s a wide image (like 1500px or wider) it places the image very small.

4 – Title on Blog Index page – It seems a little odd that the blog index page is the only page without a title.

Thanks again for a great theme!

Hi Lytrotis,

Thank you for your comments:

  1. Mailchimp is a good idea – noted
  2. We’ll try to rectify this with the next release
  3. We added in v.1.3 a feature to have out of the box image background as you can see on this page. I believe this is what you are asking for?
  4. Noted for our next release!

Keep your great ideas coming through as they help us further develop the theme to our users’ needs!

1, 2, 4 – Sweet! Out of the box w/image is close, but can it be responsive? Take a look at This Test Link ... this is simply using the Featured Image option. The picture resizes when you shrink it down (but doesn’t resize when the window is larger than the image).

Hi Lytrotis, drop us a ticket and we shall bring you some joy!

Can I make some change to Responsive Out of the box style for specific devices?

Hello skaishann,

Please drop us a Sales support ticket and let’s try to apply what you would like to do before you buy – how does that sound?

Hi, I think this theme is great. You’ve been asking for feedback / suggestions – these are mine: Sortable portfolio
Woocommerce integration
bbPress integration
Alternate blog index layouts
Login overlays

With these things I would be buying in a heartbeat.


Hi Mcurry,

Sortable Portfolio is currently under review and will be released very soon!

The other features are not on our To Do list for the near future, unfortunately.

Thank you for your input!

Hello! Firstly, Thank you very much for this great theme.

Is it possible to create galleries in the theme?

Hi Sami,

You will be able to create galleries and portfolio projects in the next couple of days!

Keep up-to-date with the theme to be notified as soon as the features are released.


As interesting, I really like gallery (and portfolio) like there http://themes.pixelwars.org/read-wp/gallery/


Amazing theme, beautifully designed. A couple of questions before purchasing…

1. Is there grid nesting?

2. Feature images can be shown on the blog index?

3. Can you change the sides of the mobile menu?


Hi Roblutter,

Please drop us a support ticket for detailed clarifications.


Wow, beautiful theme.

Unfortunately, this will not work. Even if I make the file writable, only one instance of the multiple servers will have the new options.css.

Please help me on this, I am unable to use your beautiful theme.

Hi Mobiq,

Could you please drop us a ticket to see if we can help with this?

I’d like to see the Portfolio style like behance.net. We’ll buy soon

Sure, please drop us a ticket and we’ll go over it in details with you!

Eventually, I bought it.

Please integrate Woocommerce into your theme

Hi, Is there a way to make more room for the logo? I uploaded a logo in 300px width and it screws the top menu.

Thank you, Idan

Hi Idan,

You have alternative option for that, please drop us a ticket for assistance.

Love the theme!!!

I would like to purchase, but I would really like a grid based blog index. Do you think you can add that?

Thanks, Tom

Thanks Tom!

Your request has been noted… Let’s hope we will manage to do that in the near future if we get the opportunity!

Excellent! I will trust you’ll find the time soon then :)

Hi guys, I’ve purchased the theme and have been tinkering with it (waiting for portfolio to go into full dev mode). Two things:

- First, I have to say that I really appreciate your commitment to intuitive yet deep customization. This is not built like your average WP theme where you can swap out the logo and a color or two, you really do have deep control of everything, yet it doesn’t get overwhelming. I really appreciate that and hope you continue it into the portfolio section!

- Second, is there going to be a way to upgrade to the new version for those of us that have already started building our sites but want the portfolio as well?

Looks like the demo is updated – nice job on the portfolio! I re-downloaded the files but can’t find any upgrade documentation… and I missing something? I checked the support site too.

On the way bdragule – sorry for the delay!

Haha, no problem. I guess I’m just impatient cause it’s so good!

It will be cool if you could add a feature to the background image of the box, but with HTML5 video in your next update (full background video format).

If still in very nice theme to work with :)


Cool idea! we’ll look into it for sure – thanks!


Tfingi v1.4 – June 05, 2013


  • ADDED Portfolio section with the following features:
    • 3 layout options
    • 2 columns
    • 3 columns
    • 4 columns
  • Projects sorting by project type
  • 2 hover effects for project thumbnails
  • 2 layout options for project thumbnails
  • 2 custom project taxonomies: Project Category and Project Attributes
  • Support of linking to external website/URL from the portfolio index page
  • Support of lightbox gallery on the project index page
  • Highly customizable project page with full width sections
  • Display related projects at the bottom of the project page: by category or by published date
  • Capability to have Video/Audio projects with support of a variety services like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc… – oEmbed format only, no support for self-hosted video/audio content)
  • ADDED the option to deselect the sitewide pattern in the Theme Options panel
  • CHANGED the inverted quotation mark for blockquotes
  • FIXED issue with the appearance of “Search Results” in the page templates dropdown
  • FIXED issue with the .primary, .secondary colors for ilink elements when colours are customised in the Theme Options panel
  • FIXED broken background size cover functionality
  • FIXED cropping of the menu dropdown panel when it spreads over 600px height
  • ADJUSTED the screen jumping on header content load
  • CHANGED Steps element presentation on mobile devices from horizontal to vertical
  • ADDED font size option for primary menu items for the navigation to accommodate for more pages
  • ADDED a static home page header background image sizing option
  • ADDED option to disable page title on individual pages

Hello, I’ve sent a ticket but I have another question. I don’t see any difference in the 3D and 2D slider. What is the difference? And other question I have is: Is there a way to remove parts of the home? For example, the big image in the bottom (right before the footer and the “Don’t forget to be awesome every day” thingy). Is this customizable?

Hi cruzbarcelona,

I guess we got to lazy to create a 3D version of the slider so far as we have been concentrating on the release of the Portfolio – sorry :)

But you can see the full power of the LayerSlider on the plugin page.

Yes, you can remove any part of the Home page and rework it to your liking – fully customizable!

OMG I’m in heaven! I can’t wait for this version to get published!

It’s happening, bdragule! Let’s just hope we will manage to update the demo site on time :)

Please integrate Woocommerce into your theme. I guess more sale will be generated.