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Hey there,

I am suddenly getting warnings at the top with the demo:

Notice: Undefined index: ws_pluginqcache_menu_pages_css in /home/tfingi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-cache/includes/classes/admin-css-js.inc.php on line 20

Notice: Undefined index: ws_pluginqcache_menu_pages_js in /home/tfingi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-cache/includes/classes/admin-css-js.inc.php on line 28

Perhaps you are working on it, otherwise, you might want to check that out ;)


excellent portfolio extension! Will you do the same for the blog (please)? :)

Hi Tom, we are still polishing the portfolio and about to release and updated version soon!

The blog is not on our radar yet – sorry :)

Okay, thanks for letting me know! Just a grid will do, so you know :)

Thanks again!

Is there a user guide for this template anywhere that can help me make my site similar to the demo ? I looked everywhere, please help.

Hi Feifer, I replied to your ticket!

Hi Tfingi,

i wonder if it will be possible to have a psd of the site.

thanks in advance :)


Hi matofluo, please drop us a ticket!

The portfolio pages turned out great. Good Work Tfingi

Thanks Danny, still fine-tuning the portfolio though :)

I have some ideas for features id like, but they have been mentioned by others here.

Woocommerce support/styling would be my awesome!

Having difficulty purchasing your theme.

Oh sorry about that, please drop us a ticket!

Guys – I just purchased this theme but I’m not able to locate demo .xml file in either of the zip files that I downloads. Can you please help?

Sure, I’ve replied to your ticket!

same problem as tali62, cannot locate demo.xml and also want to have the PSD if possible… have already submitted a ticket in support.

really great theme though! thanks!

Hi Felix, I replied to your ticket with info!

Gotta say, support on this is second to none. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

Good to hear :) You’re welcome Bongobong!

Please integrate Woocommerce into your theme.

How do i import demo content?

Hi DoWhyMe, you need to login to WP > Tools > Import > WordPress and upload the provided XML file.

If you need any further assistance, please drop us a ticket.

is there plan to integrate with woocommerce?

Hi Disposition, sorry not in the near future!


I’m interested in buying but I have a few questions.. On an iPhone (4S) the contact form is not working very well.. The map is taking up too much space so it’s really hard to scroll down to get to the actual form. Also the icons for visit us/talk to us is messed up and are placed over the actual text. Will this be fixed? Also.. On the iPad Mini and on my Macbook Pro (Chrome) the green on the home page is extended “too far down” i.e. there is too much green after the bird image to the point it looks awkward and not well designed. Is there a way to fix this?


Hi danberglund,

You can keep the map reduce its height so users can still scroll without the map being in their way… alternatively, you can display a static image of the map (We cannot stop a live map from interacting with mobile gestures).

The icons are adjusted.

Is it possible to get the menu on the right side instead of the left? Seems more intuitive and user friendly.. it’s easier on the thumb to go right.

Hi danberglund,

Could you please drop us a ticket so we can look into this possibility and confirm.


Hello! When you will add a galleries in the theme? It’ll be great feature…

Waiting for it


Hi adriandemayer,

Are you after a gallery without a portfolio section?

Yes. Just galleries like this http://themes.pixelwars.org/read-wp/gallery/ or other…

The Portfolio does have a gallery just like the one you pointed out but we have not showcased it in the demo!!

We’ll update the demo and let you know or drop us a ticket for a quick demo.


importing the xml file does not work (even when its unzipped), can you help?

Best, Adrian

Sure Bloomfield, please drop us a ticket with the details.

We’ve received a ticket from Joe titled Several basic questions which is not showing in our system… could you please re-submit?

Hello! Whenever I enter my site with Tfingi template, the full width LayerSlider comes visible only when I scroll the page. Is this intended? http://bitery.net/tsydeemi/

It is displaying just right my end, Trinne? If you are still have issues with it, please drop us a ticket.

I’ve tried with different browsers and devices. Try again; let the page load (don’t move your mouse or press any buttons).. The text loads, and after you scroll the page down the slider appears.

Hi again, please update theme to the latest version 1.6 to solve these issues and have new features.

I love this theme, very easy to use and support is amazing! Little question, is there any plan to add tabs?

Thanks Cid, not on our ToDo list for the time being :)

Hello! I have to say I am very satisfied with this theme which is so beautifull, easy customizable, exactitly what I needed! thanks! :-) One question : I don’t want the “leave a comment” section on the pages but can’t find a way to do it : I went on the widget area in “site options” and on the widget page but I really didn’t find a way to do it… again, congratulation for this theme which is the best I bought. I didn’t expected to build my site so easily and the result to be so beautiful!

Hi! thanks for your help, I did it, I emptied the cache of my navigator, but there still is this “leave a comment” block… Is there something more I should do? thanks.

Hi again, in your WP admin panel navigate to Settings > Discussion. Find ‘Default article settings’ section and uncheck all three boxes next to it. Now you will have no comment form on new pages. To disable discussion for already created pages, you need to follow this video instruction: http://youtu.be/XfOH_QeyQuc

great, thanks!

hi, I have a few pre-sales questions:

1. does the portfolio supports iframe items? 2. does the portfolio layout supports other forms, e.g. rectangles? 3. does the blog posts support feature image, and is it displayed in the blog index?


Hi nidrig, 1. our portfolio support oEmbed format that provides a wide support for third-party services like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundColud, etc… but there is no special support for custom iframe items. 2. for a moment portfolio teasers can be shaped as circles, squares and there is masonry layout available (block of a different height). No other shapes available. 3. blog posts support featured image and it shows in the blog index above post title.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification or assistance.


I’m looking at purchasing the them but I wanted to ask first, does it come WPML ready or does it include a .PO file for multilingual support?


Hi Mike, our theme includes /lang folder with default.po, default.mo files inside.