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May I obtain the content for this theme? I’d like to modify the layout on the pre-made structure.

Hi, thank you for using Tfingi! When you download our theme (whole package) there is a folder ‘Demo content’ with xml files you need.

Will you be adding the demo content at all just to import so we can see how the pages are put together after we buy?

Less of a learning curve.

Cheers guys.

Hi Calvin, when you download our theme there is a folder ‘Demo content’ with xml files you need.

Hi, I’m very interested in this theme, but 1. I notice often some annoying “flickering” when hovering over the menu with subitems. Especially in firefox it happens often. It seems pretty random. 2. Also check your circled portfolio in Safari. It’s half rectangle on top and half circle with a barely readable title ;) 3. Search results return sourcecode, not the actual layout. eg: http://www.tfingi.com/?s=gallery

4. Any gallery example (with thumbs)?

Thanks S

Do you have an example online of the masonry layout? I don’t find it in the theme demo.

We are working on new demo pages for Tfingi. Here you can see rough preview of masonry layout: http://cl.ly/image/2O2b1B3e3Y0c

love it. You have a new buyer ;)

Hi, I’m very interested in this theme, but i need the corresponding PSD Files to pitch with. Could you provide these? If yes i will gladly purchase the theme.

Hi, our theme was designed in the browser, so no PSD file exists.

Hi. Awesome looking theme. Love the out of the box full width option!

Is there an option to move the mobile off canvas menu to the left side of the screen? How difficult would that be?

Also is there a touch event that can bring the content back once the menu has been opened? Seems like you can only click the menu button again to close it, but not the body content.


Hi! Our mobile menu is always on the left. For a moment there is no option to move it to the right.

Unfortunately there is no functionality to close the mobile menu when you click on the body content.

You are one interesting thing Tfingi but most importantly I love the willingness to improve. This being said, I got an idea a few minutes ago. Would it be possible to implement a language selection option in the theme with everything that comes with this feature to be effective?

Hi Iulian, as I can remember one of our buyers used Wordpress multilanguage plugin (WPML) and we managed to make it’s language selection dropdown looks well with ours theme. Ask us for support if you will need a help on http://tfingi.ticksy.com/

I made the theme read only compatible by modifying some code so it uploads options.css to Amazon S3. I love the minimalistic and slick theme. Could you at some point make the ‘write to option.css’ code plugin-able ? so I wouldn’t have to mess around your code and can create a independent plugin for this. 8-)

Can you share your solution with us? It will be great to see how your modification work and prepare it as additional option for some future update.

Hi, I’m looking forward to buy the theme, but I want to know if it is posible design the home page with the main menu just under the slide.

Like in this page: http://www.segulagroup.com/en/

Hi, unfortunately our theme doesn’t provide this option.

Hey guys,

Don’t you think it would be handy to show common problems instead of private support? Usually I find most answers already in earlier support questions, but I see your DB is private. I’m also saying it might be a big timesaver for you instead of answering dozens of same questions ;)

Hi, thank you for using Tfingi! In most cases we ask users their WP login details for quicker debug. We are going to put more effort into FAQ section soon to cover most of the questions users come with.

Hi there, one last question: can the header contain images? And if so, do they stretch/resize according to the browser size? And, if so, can the header image be set per page/post?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Hi Tom, there is no such options, but you can disable page titles for any page and then use ‘out of the box’ area to achieve the effect needed. Please see this page as example: http://www.tfingi.com/pricing-strict/

Okay thanks, will check it out!

Hi Great theme. I appreciate the way you are creating new releases so quickly to improve the theme. Can you include a YouTube icon in the shortcode list in a future release. I need this ASAP

Hi, thank you for using our theme! Please open a support ticket and we will modify icon-font for you with YouTube pictogram included.


Seems like a great theme!

One question, is it possible to have a widget that show the lates blog posts on the home page?

Hi, unfortunately we have no custom widget to display latest blog posts, but standard WordPress widget ‘Recent Posts’ works as expected.

A seriously beautiful theme that I’m definitely considering buying. But it all seems very ‘typography’-centered.

So I’m wondering how different blog post content (video, images, gallery, etc) are looking in both the index and as post. Do you have an example of that?

Hi, we updated our blog index to demonstrate how pictures or videos can be used.

Hello, is there a way to force the promo boxes (the two promo boxes side by side with the drawer and the paperclip) to be the same height? because if the length of the texts are not the same, (I have one text shorter than the other) there is a shift. I would like the height of the two boxes to be equal… thanks for your answer :-)

Hi, there is no automatic solution for this, but we can compose some custom css for you if you create a support ticket

Hello, I purchased this theme and love it – only problem is I uploaded a logo in the header instead of text. Looks great in Chrome, but in FF and IE it breaks the menu (forces it to another line, below the logo) – I can’t seem to find a way to fix this. Any suggestions?

thanks! (I did try that, but will take another look) Just created a support ticket as well!

(I even deleted the logo entirely to see what would happen, and the menu still stays on the line below the logo section)

fixed! I changed the font size to ‘small’ and that did the trick, thank you!

Hello, I wonder if you will include the creation of sidebar next update?

Hi Henrique, there is already a sidebar in the theme – isn’t this what you are referring to?

how do you remove the page title on the home page?

Navigate to Appearance > Theme options > Homepage Slider > Type of the main page header and make sure you have not selected Page title.

How can I add an icon to a H1 title?

Hi Andre,

To add an icon to your h1, you need to insert something like:

<h1><i class="icon icon-leaf"> </i> My hero header</h1>

and change the icon name to whichever one you want from the set at http://www.tfingi.com/shortcodes-buttons/

Hello! I have a strange thing : I am trying to edit a projet in the portfolio, and when I try to choose a featured image, nothing works. the image doesn’t show, so I have a thumbnail with no image. I tried to see if it would work to do it on the demo files, but once the former thumbnail image is deleted, nothing works, I can’t even choose another image for the thumbnail. Is there a problem? thanks

Hi Chloro, please drop us a ticket so we can have a closer look at the issue your are having.

Hello, thanks for your answer, well, silly question, I went there and signed in but don’t understand where and how I am supposed to “drop a ticket”... thanks for your help

Just post us a ticket on there :)

well… I didn’t find any contact form on the website where I am supposed to drop a ticket, so I sent you a private email… thank you! chloro

Once you login, you should have the option to submit a new ticket – just like this: