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Hi, just downloaded the theme and have followed your documentation, but to me it’s not clear exactly how to get the theme operating in a Wordpress environment, despite the detail provided about the theme in the documenation, it doesn’t seem to cover the basics – or maybe it’s just me. I am a web developer, however. Is there not a way to install the theme by uploading it through wordpress, or are you meant to pick HTML > CREATIVE > LIGHT > BOXED and just upload the files and set up a custom theme by yourself? Confused. Tried both methods.

Hi, this is HTML template not a WP theme, so it can’t be incorporated into WP. In the future to know the difference between the two, HTML templates has name template and costs cca $15 and WP themes has name Theme and costs between $35-$55.

Best regards

I find that disappointing and deceptive given that it’s on a website called ThemeForest with content like “ThemeForest is more than a place to find great themes, it’s a community.” I have downloaded five items from this site previously (themes) and found your product in the same category. I don’t believe that I should have to buy an item to understand the repercussions of it’s terminology and suggest that you and your product-host make a better effort to distinguish between product-styles. Price is not an exclusive factor in determining products, by the way.

I’m sorry but our template is undes Site templates category (it can’t be under any other – we don’t have any control over it.), so you couldn’t buy it thinking it’s a WP theme. For any other questions/complaints or simmilar contact Envato support.

Hi, I really like the templates and bought it. :) Thank you. I am not a pro web developer so I have a question now as I am seems stuck at one point. On the index page right at the bottom section you have a LATEST BLOG POSTS section. I really like the Gallery effect and trying to convert all three to Gallery effect. But when I copy the code and changes the images accordingly the script works only for the first section (nivoSlider). Next two items are not working… do I have to change anything in anywhere else? like in relevant javascript ? Sorry for asking, may be so basic, questions. Thank you, Priyanga from Sri Lanka. :)

Hi Priyanga,

Thank you for purchasing our template. We just sent you email with guide on how to accomplish this :).If you’ll have any further questions just send us email and we will help you :)

Hi, Received your reply and sorted the issue. Thank you very much for your quick response. Really appreciated it!!! Best wishes for you from Sri Lanka.

Glad to help :). Best regards from Croatia.

Bok :) odlican template.

Imam problem sa pretty photo galerijom. originalni kod je:
  • i on radi ok, ali kada zamenim sa, recimo:

  • otvori se samo “slika1” dok se ostale slike iz “moja_galerija” ne vide.

    gde gresim?


    Bok, hvala :) na lijepim rije?ima.

    Vezano uz vaš problem, vidi se samo prva slika jer ste samo nju pozvali u “li” s klasom portfolio zoom. Dakle da bi se vidjele ostale slike, isto morate napraviti za svaku drugu sliku u galeriji. Nadam se da razumijete odgovor :). Ako imate još kakvih pitanja slobodno nas kontaktirajte na email.

    <li class="portfolio-zoom"> <a href="img/portfolio/large/portfolio-2.jpg" data-gal="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery]" class="icon-search"></a></li>

    zamenim sa :

    <li class="portfolio-zoom"> <a href="img/moja_galerija/slika1.jpg" data-gal="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery]" class="icon-search"></a></li>

    Thank you for the excellent work! Wonderful site! I have a little problem – I can not insert a video from YouTube. Vimeo I embed without any problems, but I need to insert a few movies from YouTube. What am I doing wrong? Please, help me.

    When you use “iframe link” form youtube, “http:” is missing. You need to insert it. So simply change iframe with vimeo video with for example this link:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/fnaojlfdUbs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Thank you for all your help! The more I work with this Theme, the more I like it. It is very well-built! Happy New Year!

    Thank you very much for your kind words :). Happy New Year, all the best!


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    Nice job, thanks for the time and effort put in.

    One silly question – how do I get rid of the 3 stars before the text on the home page slider?


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    typical, been searching for ages and now that I’ve asked you, I’ve found the answer!

    Glad you solve it :)


    please let me know after customize the website according to my requirement how can i remove none used scripts and CSS?


    Hi oshenic, thank you for purchase. You can simply erase all .css and .js files you are not using (from folders and HTML documents).

    i mean to ask you that how to remove none used css codes from within style.css etc. (don’t want to delete whole css file).

    Hi I just replied to your email :)

    I checked out the demo version and found that some pages are not working. Please advise. (e.g. http://www.pixel-industry.com/html/thalassa/business/light/stretched/home03.html) Thanks

    Hi hiplikgroup,

    thanks for the info. We just checked preview files and everything seems to be fine… Can you please try again and let us know if the problem persists on your end.

    Beautiful and very versatile template! Thanks a lot for your great and fast email-support :)

    No problem, glad to help :). Thank you for your kind words.


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    How do I change the speed of the transitions on the ‘portfolio single’ page?


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    got it!

    Glad you solve it


    Just purchased this theme and noticed that the “Last Update” date specified is 8th December, however it looks like from the download I’ve received the files were latest updated on the 1st November (Not long before your initial release on the 4th November).

    Can you please confirm that the download is the most up to date version as I’m about to start working on it?

    Thanks, James.

    Hi, yes I forgot to add change log.. There will be also new version in few days, as we noticed a couple of bugs. It will probably be out till Friday.

    Have messaged you regarding this… thanks

    Multi-column tables ? do you have example of these? currently there is only the single column pricing tables.

    Hi MFLOW,

    there are single columns so you can put them in any grid you want. They all represent one big section.. You could make them joined by tweaking a bit of css. For example you can put all of them in one big grid_12 and then through css set the width for them (for example 25%)..


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    Re: Updated Revolution slider scripts, FIxed bug on newsletter subscribe form, Fixed accordion title width.

    I’m working away on the template then there is updates – do I just change the updated files or replace sections? If so, can you name the files that need replaced – or the sections? Thanks.

    Hi 63,

    here is what you need to do:
    Revolution slider - replace all files under rs-plugin/js folder (one script) and under rs-plugin/pluginsuorce folder (two js files).<br />
    Bug on newsletter subscribe - replace contact.php file and the code at the bottom of the HTML file with new one (you can open any of the new HTML files, copy code for newsletter and simply paste it in your files.).<br />
    Accordion title width - in style.css we added some styling in accordion. I've written in documentation (section introduction change log) exact line on which are changes

    That’s it :). If you’ll have any problems just drop us an email.

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    Thank you

    No problem, glad to help :)

    The theme’s responsiveness is working at all. http://www.shankarramachandran.com/dev_yourwebster/

    We have tested this across various hand-held devices (across platforms). What we see in these devices is the same as web browser (desktop client version).

    Also, we have issues with Apple IOS devices (IPhone, IPad and even in MAC Safari browser).

    We have to make the site live shortly. Please look into the issue and help us address the same.

    Hi shankar9262,

    just sent you email. Your responsiveness isn’t working because you didn’t include responsive.css in your files (Please check documentation for list of files you must include in each HTML file).
    Regarding Apple devices, we updated template yesterday and fixed bug on hover effect on portfolio carousel (Please download latest version and see Documentation, section “Introduction, change log” for instructions what you need to change).
    If you had other issues not mentioned above please send us email and we’ll take a look.

    Best regards

    How do you add instagram feed instead or in addition to flickr feed?

    Just answered on your email. Please just follow the steps explained in Documentation. There is step by step guide with screenshots, so if you’ll follow those steps, you wont get stuck :).

    THANK YOU!!! You guys rocks! keep it up the good work. All my issues solved. Amazing after sale service!

    Thanks. Glad you solve it :)

    Hello author. First, congratulations on the template, I am interested in buying it, but I have a doubt: You can place an image on the home map (map tag) with multiple links?

    Best regards.

    Hi, I assume that you mean on Image Map? Template doesn’t have it by default but you can generate it using one of many free services and place HTML in page.

    Hi Please see http://neosdesignstudio.co.uk/thevillagesanctuary/ I am getting this newsletter email: From: 0@server26.bigwetfish.co.uk Message: Newsletter Subscribe for User: 0 Have I missed an update for a bug? Thanks

    Hi yes there was this bug in previous version of the theme. Theme is updated. Do you have new version? Here a quick help. Please replace contact.php file with new one – download the template again. Also replace the code for newsletter form at the bottom of the page (all pages that are using newsletter subscribe form) with this one:

                    $('.newsletter .submit').on('click', function(event) {
                        var email = $(this).siblings('.email').val(); 
                        var form_data = new Array({'Email': email});
                            type: 'POST',
                            url: "contact.php",
                            data: ({'action': 'newsletter', 'form_data': form_data})
                        }).done(function(data) {
    If you’ll have any problems just drop us a note :)

    thanks – how do I download new version?

    Go to your downloads page – Click on your profile name and then Downloads. There you can download it again :)

    Just to verify, does the contact form work?

    Hi, Yes contact form is working. You just need to set you E-Mail address in PHP file.

    Thanks for the information…


    I have a problem with lightbox background. Sometimes black background don´t work and I don´t find the reason. The same applies in your demo.

    Can you help me please? You can see the problem here:

    http://borjamarino.es/nw/fotos.html http://borjamarino.es/nw/repertorio.html

    Thank you very much!

    Hi dobrabant,

    there seems to be some bug in prettyPhoto, but there is no newer version. However there is a workaround that I just tried in our download files. GO to css/prettyphoto.css file, line 257 (class name is div.pp_overlay). Add following styling:
    background: #000 !important;
    opacity: 0.8 !important;
    height: 100%;

    This will solve the problem as it will replace the styling that the script is generating. Let me know if you need anything else :).

    Thank you so much for your help. Your solution solved my problem.

    I have another problem: if you will see here: http://www.borjamarino.com/repertorio.html do you see what occur? Many times, the isotope items overlap until You use the filter and so, all items come into their place. In your demo, this don´t happen…

    I´ve tested many things: move the place of the scripts in code, reduce number of items, copy/paste the items of your demo in my html page, etc. etc. Nothing solves this error…

    Do you have any idea of what it can occur? Can you give me some clue to the origin of the problem?

    Thank you so much by advance for your answer.

    HI, please opne portfolio.js file and replace first line (document ready function) with this: $(window).load(function() {. This will solve the problem :)

    How can I share a specific page element?

    Hi Douglas, don’t understand what you mean. Can you please be more descriptive?