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Hi, Is it possible to add my logo ? Instead of a text logo ? Thank you .

Hi, go to header.php and find

<?php if(isset($tharsis['logo_text'])) echo $tharsis['logo_text'];?>

replace it with

<img src="link to your logo url" />

Thank you :)

You’re welcome!

Hi ! how can I have the bar color of the menu in black ? Tahnk you !

I don’t see my code in your style.css

I don’t get why, because it is inside. I added the code in the wordpress admin >Tharsis options > General settings > Custom css. I don’t see where I can send you a picture to show you..

Ah, I see.

Try this instead:

nav {
background-color: #000 !important;

Hi ! I created the portfolio. But the images are “light”. They only get their real color when we go on it. Is it possible to have real colors all the time ? Thank you

Hi, add this to style.css

.portfolio img {
opacity: 1 !important;

Perfect thank you !

You’re welcome!

Hello How can I remove the two lines below each title ? See : Thank you

Hi, add this to style.css

.headline p {
display: none;

This is working, thank you ! :)

You’re welcome!

Hi, How can I remove the circle icon with the envelop in the contact form section ? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply, add this to style.css

#contact-layout .headline {
    margin-top: 25px;

Thank you !

You’re welcome!

Hello! I How can I add text to the separators?

Hi, on each individual page you have a custom field called “slogan” that you can use to put your text. If it’s not there, create it

Thanks for the answer, I dont have any custom field option under page, do I have to download Advanced Custom Field plugin and put that to the site first or where can I activate the custom field option so it will show in the page?

I got it working now. I had the custom fields hidden in the screen options. Thank for the help. :)


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As a novice, I had to change my theme. Tharsis is not user friendly.


pwr1965 Purchased

Hi Cristi,

bought your theme yesterday and I like it very much. There’s a couple of issues with it, but I will try to figure these out for myself first before bothering you with it. I’ll RTFM first.

One thing does puzzle me though: the admin menu option Appearance > Widgets has vanished without a trace. Is that intentional, or an installation gone wrong? If I reinstate one of the themes that come with the standard WP installation it pops back into existence, but as soon as I activate Tharsis again, it’s gone.

Any comments you might have are more than welcome!

Cheers, Paul


You’re welcome :) If you can ,please rate the theme in the Downloads section, thank you!


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Thank you! :) Good luck with your website and let me know if you need further assistance


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I am using the Tharsis Wordpress theme and try to add a menu item “Contact” which must scroll to the contact form at the bottom of the page. How can I achieve that?

Kind regards, Ton Snoei

Hi, sorry for the late reply, you can add a custom link to


tsnoei Purchased

I’ve a problem. The blog posts doesn’t show up for the blog page. Can you tell me why this is not working? I selected the blog template within the page itself and within the Tharsis settings.

Please help me out.

Hi, please send me your issue, your URL and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

I am trying to add service boxes and use different layout options but cannot find how this works on your Tharsis theme. How do i use the shortcodes and layout elements?

Hi. All the shortcodes are in the documentation, including the syntax and examples :) Or the other option to use them would be to simply import the sample .xml file in the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress and see all the options and shorcodes that exist in the theme

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