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Hi, Is it possible to add my logo ? Instead of a text logo ? Thank you .

Hi, go to header.php and find

<?php if(isset($tharsis['logo_text'])) echo $tharsis['logo_text'];?>

replace it with

<img src="link to your logo url" />

Thank you :)

You’re welcome!

Hi ! how can I have the bar color of the menu in black ? Tahnk you !

I don’t see my code in your style.css

I don’t get why, because it is inside. I added the code in the wordpress admin >Tharsis options > General settings > Custom css. I don’t see where I can send you a picture to show you..

Ah, I see.

Try this instead:

nav {
background-color: #000 !important;

Hi ! I created the portfolio. But the images are “light”. They only get their real color when we go on it. Is it possible to have real colors all the time ? Thank you

Hi, add this to style.css

.portfolio img {
opacity: 1 !important;

Perfect thank you !

You’re welcome!

Hello How can I remove the two lines below each title ? See : Thank you

Hi, add this to style.css

.headline p {
display: none;

This is working, thank you ! :)

You’re welcome!

Hi, How can I remove the circle icon with the envelop in the contact form section ? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply, add this to style.css

#contact-layout .headline {
    margin-top: 25px;

Thank you !

You’re welcome!

Hello! I How can I add text to the separators?

Hi, on each individual page you have a custom field called “slogan” that you can use to put your text. If it’s not there, create it

Thanks for the answer, I dont have any custom field option under page, do I have to download Advanced Custom Field plugin and put that to the site first or where can I activate the custom field option so it will show in the page?

I got it working now. I had the custom fields hidden in the screen options. Thank for the help. :)


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As a novice, I had to change my theme. Tharsis is not user friendly.


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Hi Cristi,

bought your theme yesterday and I like it very much. There’s a couple of issues with it, but I will try to figure these out for myself first before bothering you with it. I’ll RTFM first.

One thing does puzzle me though: the admin menu option Appearance > Widgets has vanished without a trace. Is that intentional, or an installation gone wrong? If I reinstate one of the themes that come with the standard WP installation it pops back into existence, but as soon as I activate Tharsis again, it’s gone.

Any comments you might have are more than welcome!

Cheers, Paul


You’re welcome :) If you can ,please rate the theme in the Downloads section, thank you!


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Thank you! :) Good luck with your website and let me know if you need further assistance


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I am using the Tharsis Wordpress theme and try to add a menu item “Contact” which must scroll to the contact form at the bottom of the page. How can I achieve that?

Kind regards, Ton Snoei

Hi, sorry for the late reply, you can add a custom link to


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I’ve a problem. The blog posts doesn’t show up for the blog page. Can you tell me why this is not working? I selected the blog template within the page itself and within the Tharsis settings.

Please help me out.

Hi, please send me your issue, your URL and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

I am trying to add service boxes and use different layout options but cannot find how this works on your Tharsis theme. How do i use the shortcodes and layout elements?

Hi. All the shortcodes are in the documentation, including the syntax and examples :) Or the other option to use them would be to simply import the sample .xml file in the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress and see all the options and shorcodes that exist in the theme

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Hey, I run a website for my friend on your theme – at

We would like to put few pages outside of main single page layout. But when we add another page and click on it’s url, we can see constantly main page only. For example:

shows just the same content as

How can we do this?

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. You will need to add separate pages as external links in the menu if you don’t want them to be included on the homepage and be separated pages.

And make sure that, in Settings > Reading, that page isn’t chosen anywhere

Hello. I have a couple of pre-sale questions.

1. Is the navigation menu / bar available in only one style (as shown in the live preview) or is there an option to make it look more like the navigation menu in your Restart theme?

2. In your demo you have “Work” displayed in boxes. Once clicked, the work image opens in a lightbox. Is it possible to have this open in a new page instead of a picture / lightbox?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Hi, sorry for the very late reply.

1) Yes, just the one shown on the demo

2) Hi, unfortunately not, there’s no other page available in the theme, but there are various plugins which you can use