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Even the themeforest theme icon is the same design …..

the designer is, which created both themes, the comment is offensive and makes the customers think the theme is cloned.

Yes, it’s the same design because it was created by the same person, Just because the idea and the niche is the same, it doesn’t mean it’s a clone.

I don’t get you, guys. It’s absolutely different than Viewpoint. Good luck with sales. :)

Thank you very much!

Nice theme. Good luck with the sales. :)

Thank you!

I agree, it’s definitely different. It looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Hi Great theme! Is it possible for SEO to have each page on it own URL Eg

Each with it’s own title, keywords, permalink, meta description….


Yes it is possible. And for the homepage, you want a simple normal page, a static homepage, correct? If yes, it can be done, there are around two lines of code that should be edited, I will show you exactly which ones.

It resembles that theme in the same way an orange resembles an apple. Just because they are both round doesn’t mean they have the same characteristics or flavor. This theme is beautiful, good luck with the sales!

Thank you very much!

Does the top section allow for a slideshow or HTML ? Or is it just static text? I need the top section (where you have text) to allow for two clickable options.

By default it shows text, but you can edit the html content in header.php directly..and use shortcodes as well if you want, with the do_shortcode() wp function.

Hi, Was wondering if it’d be possible to add videos under the work and/or about page? Also, would it be possible to change the order of the menu- e.g. Home, followed by About, then Work, etc?

Thank you!

well, the pages you include on the homepage include the whole html you add in the dashboard, so yes, you can add anything you want in the content area.

And yes, it’s possible to order the menu, after you select them in the theme options panel, use the “Order:” field in the right area of the page in the dashboard, when you edit each page. Use numbers, the theme will order the pages based on those numbers.

Nice one! Such a great idea, Good Luck with the sales! :)

Thank you!

Lovely theme, it has a similar style as its the same designer but everyone has there own trademark style. The theme however is different :)

Thank you!

An interesting project ! :)

Great work! Good luck with sales :)

Excellent customer service. I couldn’t find dummy content and I emailed the Author. Not only did I get a quick response but was offered to have it installed. I have a creative agency and this theme fit what I needed and the customer service was quick and 5 Star! If you have concerns questions…DON’T! Thanks so much. I have bought a few themes but this is the first person that I feel deserved a comment!

Hi nice theme, is possibal to have in work gallery more than 1 image per progect

Well, you may not add any project description or title for the images and add just one heading and after the heading, add any number of pictures without any description.

@FinalDestiny – I think that you or rodbor should change wooden texture and a little font on that area. IMHO It’ll solve all request about “similar theme”. Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t see a lot similarity between these themes. :D

Hi There,

I’m having trouble with the shortcodes for the services. I followed your tutorial that was provided, but I have noticed that for Services – you put: in which gave me an error…I switched it to close as [/one_fourth], which did work but the alignment is off, how can it be fixed?

Also, in your preview everything else under the four columns in “Services” its creating displacements. Need a fix?

Preview link:

Are you sure you didn’t add any tag inside the content or didn’t forget to close the shortcode properly? Send me a wordpress admin account via the contact form on my profile page..

Nice one, good luck with sales

thank you

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I wanted a one page website for my new site but I also wanted responsive. Perfect theme thanks!

Glad you like it. :)

Hey there,

I need help changing the background of the footer, here is the code I used but for some unknown reason its not working. Need a little help?


background-image: url(“”) repeat !important; }

Hello. It’s actually this one:

.footer background-image: url("") repeat !important; }