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I purchased your theme and the client loves it. I do have one question for you though. Is there any way to add a youtube icon to the top of the page by the rest of the social media icons?


Unfortunately not by default, you’ll need to custom code / design it

Designing it would not be an issue. Can you give any insight into how/where I would code it?

check the code in header.php, just like the other icons.. and the css code is in style.css, search for the css class or id

Hi, I was wondering how I can fix the way the text displays on mobile… the “Welcome” gets cut off.

the site is

thanks so much

You can create any number of external pages you want, just don’t include them in the menu…but if you’ll open their url in the browser, they will work.

as for the slideshow, you can check the syntax in the documentation included within the main package

Hmm, I reviewed the doc and still cant seem to get it to work. it removes the whole client box once you save the page… any suggestions?

Thanks so much

Hello. I’m not sure what you mean, what client box? What exactly are you trying to create? Can you please send me a WordPress admin account and your problems via the contact form on my profile so I can take a look?

Hi Destiny, I bought your theme and I have some problems need your help with:

1. I can’t get rid of the arrow on the hello page. Where can I find and delete that?

2. How can I get rid of the “Home” on the navigation bar (I want people to click on the logo and go back to top)

3. I can’t get rid of the “Blog” page on the navigation bar as well, I’ve already delete that one.

4. The background photo is NOT responsive, I changed a different size photo and it worked. Does that to do with the image size?

5. When I click on the portfolio photo, the order of the photo that pops out is going from backwards. How can I fix it?

Or in index.php at the bottom(not sure exactly which of the two)

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :)

Just been adding some quotes with the quote slider short code, and I need to slow down or switch off the automatic change. It’s moving too quickly to properly read the text being displayed.


Hello. You can edit the 4000 number in includes/shortcodes.php

            fx: 'scrollHorz',
            easing: 'easeInOutExpo',
            prev: '#quote-nav-left-$id a',
            next: '#quote-nav-right-$id a',
            timeout: 1,
            timeout: 4000

You may want to look at your demo. An error appears at the top of the screen.

Hey! Thanks!

I can’t get the phone number to display all the way. It’ll just display the first three digits or the last four digits, and it’s super annoying. What’s the best way to enter the phone number in the options section?

Figured out it’s because my email address is very long and the container is short. How do I increase the size of that container?

You’ll need to reduce the space for the menu, are you sure that’s what you want? :)


Can you please provide me with the code for the pretty photo, where I can add a video to the portfolio section and they pop up in a Lightbox. I see that all the javascript is on the page to use it but since I can’t get into the html I need some guidance please.

Please visit my site and you will see what I am trying to accomplish.

Hello. It’s the lightbox shortcode, which is documented in the Read me folder included within the package from ThemeForest. :) Or you could search for a lightbox plugin on

Hi, what’s up with Theme ? I get an error

Strict Standards: Declaration of description_walker::start_el() should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /home/teo/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/tharsis/functions.php on line 205

Hi. Check the above message

Sorry, I thought that was for Contact Form. Thanks again!

You’re welcome

Hi, there is a problem with Browser Titles for Blog page and all Posts in Blog. ...etc how can I fix the TITLE to display as it should?

Try installing a SEO plugin like WP Yoast

Thx, I’ve installed “All in One SEO pack” and it helped


Hi, It’s me again :) I’ve bought WPML plugin and can’t figure it out how can I translate Theme Options: topheader_text topheader_smalltext topheader_smallertext contact_description it always displaing in One Language

For the strings from the admin panel, they were added in the wpml-config.xml and they should be translatable from the WPML panel, I’d suggest contacting the guys from WPML for further support as it’s their product and they could find the problem more easily.

Hello, In your wpml-config.xml file the key name is <key name=”scrn”> and I replaced to <key name=”tharsis”> and it worked. Thanks!

Ah. My mistake! Sorry and glad it worked fine!

Hi there, I really appreciate your theme but I have somes questions : 1 / is it possible to remove the ” triangles fx ” on the separation images ? 2 / Is it possible to change the circle picto on the sections ? 3 / Is it a different image at every sections ? If not is it possible to put one image by section ? To haven’t the same element by section.



1) Use the shortcodes in the HTML tab of the editor and use them on the same line, not on different lines.

2) You can add the Icon custom field to each page and add the url there.

3) You can add the text in the slogan custom field.

If these custom fields don’t exist, you’ll need to create them manually

Hi there, thanks for your answers. But I’m sorry what is a custom field ? Can I find an exemple somewhere in your template ?

Thanks I will try it !

Hello, I received your e-mail and will answer you in a little bit.

Thanks a lot, and sorry to disturb you !


I just purchased this team and I’m an absolute newbie to this. I had the impression that this theme was easily customisable to look similar to your demo, eg. adding portfolio, about us (the team) etc…but I can’t seem to locate your documentation/help guide anywhere?

Hi. You can import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress.

Does this theme support any type of ecommerce?

Hi, not by default, it’s not integrated with any e-commerce plugin, the plugins may work, however there will be no styling related to the theme in it.


You’re welcome

Hi, how can I delete the contact page?


Hi, you can add this to style.css

#contact-layout {
display: none !important;

hi! I want to create a wordpress site using your theme. I was just checking the demo site for errors, I found one. Is there any “tags” page just like the category page? When I press the tags in single article page (just below main content and above comments), it takes me to the top page.

Hi, yes, that seems like a mistake on my end, tag.php seems to be missing, I can create the page that will show the posts using that specific tag if that’s the only pre-purchase issue you have. :)

Where can I find a complete list of shortcodes? I’d like to use the team shortcode and services shortcode but I can’t find them anywhere. Please advice.

I’d also like to link to specific parts on the page – is that possible? Particularly the “contact” section

Hello, the shortcodes can be found in the documentation. As for the link to the contact section, you can link to

Hey there,

before purchasing, I would like to know if the theme supports embedded video in the portfolio section.

Regards, Lukas

Hello, yes, you can just copy-paste the embed code in any page and it should work

Im having a problem getting the services to align. Screenshot here: My code is this: [one_fourth icon=”wp-content/themes/Tharsis/images/icn-serv2.png”]


Some content here /one_fourth


Some content here /one_fourth


Some content here /one_fourth


Some content here [/one_fourth]

How do I fix this?

Hmm, try adding this to style.css

.title {
float: left;

That fixed it. In return, ill help this dude on page 12 of comments for you.