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I tried sending you another PM with the issues I mentioned above… I was wondering if you have received it?

Since last time something else has come up which is pretty urgent. The site seemed to be fine (apart from the issues mentioned above) but when I looked at it today it is all of a sudden displaying the posts in the main page as well as the blog page. I have checked all the settings on the admin panel and it all seems fine on that end, so I have no idea where to fix it. It seems to have happened all of a sudden as I have not edited anything for some time…

In any case, pls let me know if you have received the PM and if not, is there another way to contact you than the form on your profile page as I have tried sending you log-in details three times now… ?

thanks again! J

I fixed the issues you sent via the contact form. And, the website looks fine to me now.

oh, and this is the site:

answered below

Hi – thanks, yes the site looks fine – I reloaded all the css files and it seemed to fix it. But the issues are still the same: If you go to the blog page (News and Events) and try clicking on any of the other pages it still just stays on the same page, while the nav bar shows “”. Also, if you scroll to the bottom and click on “older entries” it simply takes you to the main page rather than the second page of the blog… same issues.

As I said via e-mail, the login details are not correct

mail went to spam :( ... – I have sent another PM with login and issues.

Hello, First off great template!

I have one quick Q. I mistakenly selected a page in “Page used for the blog page”, in the general settings panel. And now I can’t de-select it. I do not want a blog for this site, and now “blog” shows up in my main menu.

Can you let me know how I can override this? Thanks!

Use CTRL to de-select it

Tharsis great theme But after installation when trying to save menu options here is what I get Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/themes/Tharsis/teoPanel/options/validation/numeric/validation_numeric.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/themes/Tharsis/teoPanel/options/options.php on line 578

Hm, that’s weird, can you try reinstalling the theme? It’s possible some of your files weren’t copied properly.

you were right


On my website as well as the demo, when I reduce the width of the browser window, the Top Header Text (h1) reduces in size as the browser window gets narrower, but then increases again when I get the most narrow.

Does that make sense? Basically, the Top Header Text is smaller in mobile landscape than it is in mobile portrait. I would like that text to be smaller in mobile portrait, but I can’t find the correct setting to change.

That’s the width/height and not the font-size.

I understand that I am looking at the width/height in the picture above. I did that to show how the word “HELLO” is larger even though the width of the element is smaller. How do I make the word “HELLO” smaller instead of bigger as the browser window decreases?

I have no idea how you actually got those values since they won’t change by just one pixel, not a chance, but the font-size auto-adjusts to all the devices, I just tried it. It starts with 80px, then on tablets it’s 60px and then finally it’s 45px on mobile devices.

I can’t see any message here

I can’t figure out how to use the team shortcode. When I add the code as per the documentation, nothing shows up. Can you please post the full code for the sample team page on the live preview (three columns with three team members?) – thanks!

Use the exact same syntax as the documentation, but without listing them on separate lines, use them on the same line.

If not, you can import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder and check the syntax there


You’re welcome

can you tell me where bookmark is so I can have it stop right at the headline of each page/posts at the title so the extra space won’t be necessary with the wood?

sorry but I don’t understand what you want to do

I found it in a comment : In js/smooth-scroll.js edit the 165 value: var scrollTarget = jQuery(this.hash).offset().top – 165

Oh, great. :)

Nevermind you answered it in another comment sorry, thanks for actually helping your customers your the best.

Thanks for the great theme, I have started building a site at and I have two quick questions:

1) What is the best way to add an image (company logo) instead of the company name text?

2) I used a photo for the background image and it gets automatically stretched in most browsers, but not in any version of IE, can this be fixed or do you know of a work-around?



1) Try using html tags instead of text, use the <img> tag. :)

2) It depends on which version of IE, I only support IE8+, preferably IE9+ since IE8 is not that much used anymore.

One more quick issue, the ‘Home’ link in Navigation does not take me to the top of the web page. Go to, click on ‘Contact’ and then click on ‘Home’. Thanks, Craig

Go to teoPanel/custom-functions.php and find:


replace it with:


Hi there, nice theme. I was wondering if i can change the background “wood texture” for another image in the template settings without repeating the image (horizontal)?


You can replace the image with any image you want and change its repeat property via css

thanx. That’s no problem

You’re welcome

It seems the <title> tags don’t work for new blog posts and they are just left as empty tags… can this be fixed?

are you reffering to the top title of the page? or?

Hey Thanks for your last bit of help on the de-select..Should of known that..:)

Im having another issue with the Services short code. Ive followed code in your help file and fixed the Close tag from [/one_third] to [/one_fourth], but when I finish the final page it looks like each column steps down from left to right. They aren’t top aligned.

It seems another user had this same issue, that you where able to resolve, but the answer was never posted. Let me know. Thanks!

Use the shortcodes on the same line like

[shortcode]text[/shortcode]  [shortcode]text[/shortcode]  [shortcode]text[/shortcode]  [shortcode]text[/shortcode]



Hey FD,

We really like the theme functionality and styling but unfortunately, we’re having a couple of issues. Both have been addressed in the comments here but I’ve yet to see solutions that work for us. For reference, our site is and we’re running v.1.0 (tried the newest version and it didn’t remedy anything so left site as is at 1.0).

Here’s are the problems:

1. If you scroll down the page/site or click on a page section, when you click Home in the navigation bar, it only scrolls up 200 pixels or so. It doesn’t return you to the top of the site.

2. The heading background image doesn’t scale nicely in Chrome or Safari on wider displays/browser windows. It scales very large horizontally and vertically. Sample:

The image width is 1200px. Is that not wide enough to help it not scale so much? Any suggestions? What about keeping the original size but disabling the scaling, and just centering it with a black background….?

I know the client’s desire to use text in the image wasn’t how the template was designed to handle the header image, but any advice on how we might get this to work would be greatly appreciated.


1. go to teoPanel/custom-functions.php and find:


replace it with


2. Go to css/layout.css and find:

#intro {
    background: url(../images/intro-bg.jpg) repeat;
    background-position: 0 0 !important;

replace it with:

#intro {
    background: url(../images/intro-bg.jpg) repeat;
    background-position: center center !important;

Hey… thanks a lot. The menu is now scrolling to the top properly. I had tried that from what I had seen in a previous response of yours but it didn’t work. I must have done something wrong (e.g. edited the CSS but didn’t upload, etc.).

One last question… would it be possible to disable the header background image scaling altogether so it’s just at 100% and centered.

Thanks again for your assistance!!!

Not by default, because the height is fixed :(

I’ve sent you an email! I look forward to hearing from you.

answered via e-mail

Hi FD, thanks for the theme. Couple issues:

I’ve imported your provided txt/xml stuff before starting on my own site and blog. No matter what I do, I cannot get the BLOG setup. It’s not appearing in my nav, whether or not I add it using the theme controls.

I have a blog page (which does not feed any of my blog items on it), but since it’s a page, it appears with the rest of my site’s content, not separately like in your demo. Can you please help me resolve this? PS: this page is set to your provided blog template.

I also created a different menu so the “Home” item was not there. This was also unsuccessful in adding the blog.

Please help asap, I would appreciate it. (I saw that someone else had this issue about a month or so ago but there was no public resolve in the comments.) Thanks.

send me a wordpress admin account + your url + your issues via the contact form on my profile and I’ll assist you there

I emailed you directly with this same question and a temporary account.

ok I’ll answer you there

Also, there was a comment a while back about subpages. I created the subpage file as suggested in the comments, but cannot get these pages to appear. I would love to have an About page with 4 (page)items on it, then a Services page with 20ish (page)items on it, all-the-while keeping the Contact form at the bottom of each Main page. This way I also avoid having sooo much information per ‘page’.

[now i cannot get the blog to work apart from the pages, but if the blog can link to its own area like in your demo, i don’t see why pages and subpages couldn’t run on their own the way the blog is supposed to. make sense?]

to have secondary pages that don’t show up in the menu, create a new file called page.php and copy the content of single.php to it. It should work.

Hey FD, I did this a while back and page.php is not an option when selecting a template for my secondary pages. they have been assigned a Parent page too. shouldn’t this be an option instead of Default Template and Blog page Template?

you’ll need to create a page.php manually in the theme folder if it’s not already there… the Default template is the one that should be selected, that’s the one that will be a stand-alone page. .

Can we add additional ui tabs with the theme? I think the issue is in smooth-scroll.js

I don’t offer support for 3rd party plugins, you’ll need to contact the developer of that plugin for suport related to his product