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Hi! Great theme, knew I buy it the moment I saw it.

Question: I’ve been trying to remove completely the nav bar at the top. Where exactly is the code so I can make it disappear?


Add this to style.css:

nav {
display: none !important;

Can you please provide more information for Shortcodes?

I’ve been going through your provided sample examples (for instance, for the team members to list their social media contacts) but cannot get all of them. Can you list on your Shortcodes page all options for these items and their syntax, like [ twitter=”” facebook=”” dribble=”” gplus=””]?

I’m personally attempting to get the pinterest one to work but cannot seem to get it without making all the SM links disappear. ? Thank you in advance

Try importing the sample data from the /sampledata/ in Tools > Import and you should get the sample look and see all the possible shortcodes there.

i’ve done this and directly recycled the team shortcode items, but the pinterest one doesn’t work, which is not in the listed shortcodes. ?

pinterest is not an option, it isn’t added by default to the list of available icons, you can only use twitter, facebook, dribble, email, skype, gplus and linkedin.

and linked in too please

answered below.

and is there an EMAIL item for this too? I used email=””, but the icon is not the same size as the other icons, and it also automatically displays AFTER a Facebook link no matter where I put it in a team member description.

also when clicked it populates the “TO:” item in email as “”, so there’s the HTTP:// instead of just populating the email address.

If you sent the details via e-mail, yes, it should’ve been fixed, I answer all the e-mails daily.

I corrected this error: in the includes/shortcodes.php file, line 1048:

I deleted the ESC_URL before ($email).

Now when you click on a team member’s email address, it DOES mailto: and fills in the email correctly in the “TO:” field, like “”, not “” like it was filling in before.

Yep, it will be fixed in the next update of the theme, thks.

Theme settings, under Colorization & Fonts:

The feature for the Background image area does not work. I’ve uploaded media and inserted an image into this area and it only returns the Background color on output.

So I have manually inserted the image into the layout.css file, but this is not a permanent solution as the client needs to be able to edit this on their own. Is there a fix coming for these items?

it needs to be enabled in order for all the font changes to work… and for the background image as well, it requires customization if you want to apply it even if the colorization section is disabled.

PS: thanks for working with me on these items. I’ll continue working and contacting you with any further issues

No probs. :)

Hey there!! Great theme!! Few questions.. 1. Is there a way to allow the menu to continue to scroll on a mobile device but keep it static when someone views it on a computer? (When you’re scolling on an iphone you really can’t see that much content because the menu is in the way)

2. I’m having a hard time editing the dummy content that I installed. For instance, The tagline under services “I want to come with you to Alderaan. There’s nothing for me here now. I want to learn the ways of the Force and be a Jedi, like my father before me.” I looked everywhere and I can’t find where to edit this…

3. For some reason I can’t enter a full phone number with the dashes… It will cut off a few digits on the menu bar if I use dashes?

Sent you a PM. I was able to figure out the blog. However, I’m still having an issue with question #2. After importing the dummy content the headline and slogans are not editable… not showing up anywhere in pages section. Please help!

I figured this out! I had to dig through the comments on here. My only feedback would be I wish the documentation was a little more involved and included some of these issues on here. These smaller issues can really have someone scratching their heard for a long time…

Glad you found them.

Hi, i am really interested in buying this theme. I am just wondering. In the work section is there any way of making, instead of images pop out. These links to external websites?

Yes, with some customization which I can provide, if you’ll contact me via the contact form on my profile

Thank you very much, i will purchase the theme and be in touch!

You’re welcome :)

Great theme, and really helpful, responsive designer. Made my first time working in Wordpress a breeze. So happy with the results! Thanks!

Glad you like the theme! :) If you can, please rate it in the Downloads section, thank you.

is there a way to use the portfolio fancybox application as follows:

Rather than selecting an image and ONLY that one image popping up, can the one image represent an album of images? So, for instance, for a portfolio, say we have 9 clients. We create an album for each clients, each with a varying number of associated images per client (for example, some have 10 some have 40, some have 5). and the user just clicks arrows next and back to cycle through the gallery. They can then exit and select the next album.

Is this possible?

Not right now, but I plan on adding this to the next versions

I’m also noticing that the Slideshows do not scale to fit tablets or phones, plus they seem to be sitting higher Z-index then content around it (so when the device is smaller, the slideshow not only doesn’t fit on the screen, but sits on top of content.) is there a fix for this?

(how do i attach a screenshot here?) i’m going to try to message one to you.

how do i send you a screengrab on the forum? sorry, never needed to send a screen grab before.

post it on or

can we run Latest News or Categories for our blog on the landing Blog page? with widgets and columns? I need to know asap. thank you.

Unfortunately not, the blog page doesn’t support widgets and needs to be on a separate page.

I’m new to wordpress. I can’t get the slogans to show up. I went to each page and added a custom field called “slogan” and then for the value, I entered my text. But the slogan isn’t showing up. Any advice?

Send me your issue and a wordpress admin account via the contact form on my profile

I’m working off a development server right now, when I get it posted online I will send you the info. Thank you!

So, so far there is no way to change out the background image without adding extra code?? I haven’t had any luck, I upload an image and it keeps displaying the fence… Kelly

send me a wordpress admin account + a ftp account and I’ll fix it. also include your issue in the e-mail, via the contact form on my profile

Hi there! Two things.. I am trying to add a an image above the title in the home area. I don’t want it to be a background image because it is just my logo. Is there anyway to do that?

Also, Is there any way to add a slideshow in the home area? I can’t seem to find the “home” page in pages to add the shortcode.


1) Check the FAQ in the docs, it’s listed there how to add an image in the header area

2) Not without a good deal of customization


I am possibly asking a silly question but I cannot find nor see how to edit the .css files for this theme.

If I go to wp-admin/themes.php?page=editcss, I cannot find the layout.css file or other related .css files as I normally do in a theme.

If I go to /wp-admin/theme-editor.php, I see only style.css listed, which, when opened, reveals no css rules at all.

Do I have to use FTP to find the relevant .css file on the server? I don’t seem to be able to see how to do this in the WordPress admin.


Yes, you’ll need to use FTP. For customization, you can use the style.css and add the custom code there

Thanks for your reply. Is this not unusual?

I have never before come across a theme where I could not edit the css via the WP admin panel.

Is this really the only way??

Yes, I didn’t use style.css and wP doesn’t allow the user to edit other css files

I am having one last issue:

On blog posts or secondary pages, when a user attempts to use the navigation at the top to return to the homepage (where all the PAGE content runs), the URL autofills in with the #id_of_the_page, but does NOT return to the root level of the site before doing so.

So, for example, I’ll be on When attempting to click on a page, say “About”, the URL does reads instead of returning to the root level first then jumping to the ID.

I need a fix to this as soon as possible if possible. Please advise, thank you.

Send me a wordpress admin account and your issue via the contact form on my profile and I’ll assist you.

Hi! We love the theme. But before deciding to buy, we have a question. We like the whole theme, but we aren’t sure about the portfolio because the preview theme only shows images. Is it possible more information on every project? We like the portfolio of SCRN (, for example. Could it be possible to get a portfolio like that one in this template? Thank you!

Unfortunately not, what you see on the demo is how it looks like.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your item but i would like to know: - Can i put videos in the portfolio? - Let’s say we go to Portfolio and click on one of the imagesin it. Can I put a gallery instead of a single image? (I’m not sure of being clear…)

Thank you

No, sorry, by default it doesn’t allow videos or a gallery, in one of the next versions I may add it, but no guarantee

I cannot seem to get the slideshow shortcode to work…what is the syntax for the “LINK TO IMAGE” in between the shortcodes?

you just put there the link to the images, like

I cannot seem to get the slideshow shortcode to work…what is the syntax for the “LINK TO IMAGE” in between the shortcodes?

answered below