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I figured out the link to image that I previously commented about but now am wondering if the slider is responsive? Mine is not for some reason so is there a way to fix that?

what’s your url?

Hi. I just bought the Tharsis theme, and my contact page is not showing up in the menu. Also I keep trying to change the background image where the wood is, and it keeps giving me an error message. My website is Please help ASAP. Thanks

for the wood image, I think it’s fixed now(according to your emails). For the contact form,. create a new custom link in appearance > menus pointing to

I am having 2 issues and hope you can help quickly :)

1) I have the theme installed on a test site and just moved it live today to the actual site. The contact form has been processing successfully on the test site. The contact form is NOT working/processing at all on my live site. The form has the action= “process.php” but I don’t see that file in either the test theme or the live theme (assuming it’s running internally in itself). Do you have any suggestions?

2) The theme is intended to populate on 1 long scrolling page when new pages are added. But the Blog runs on its own template and needs a custom link in the menu. This created a problem with the blog navigation item not linking back to the landing page and ID when other items are clicked. So I created all CUSTOM menu links to try resolving this. BUT, then the landing page would load all kinds of random PAGES from WP on it. So now my menu has 1 PAGE and 5 CUSTOM links. The 1 PAGE loads on the home page correctly, exactly like we want it to. BUT, when I’m on any other individual page (not populated on the homepage, as intended), the PAGE menu item tries to jump to an ID, rather than going to the root domain/#. I’ve searched through every function.php file multiple times and do not know where I can forcibly make PAGE menu items go to instead. Can you help me find this item asap?

Thank you for your help in advance. My website is here:

1) What’s your new url?

2) I need the url + a wordpress admin account + the issue in order to fix it, send them via the contact form on my profile please. :)

Regarding my 2 issues: I resolved the 1st problem! Took a while but got it fixed :)

Still need help with item #2 please. Thank you.

Send the details via the contact form and I’ll fix it.


Axi Purchased

Hi, First of all congrats for the theme it looks great and seems to work really well. I’ve been installing some of the pages as it is in the sample website but I was wondering if you can tell me how can I install the whole sample demo data. Thanks!!

Go to Tools > Import > WordPress and import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder


Axi Purchased

It worked perfectly, thank you!!!

You’re welcome


Axi Purchased

Sorry about bothering you again but I would like to have the button “blog” on the menu bar redirecting to another url. I’ve been looking in all the CSS but I can’t find where is the link. Can you tell me in which file I can find it or how can I change it? Thanks


Axi Purchased

Great it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help!!


Axi Purchased

definitely a 5 star rating!

Thank you!

Hi, are the portfolio posts only viewable as pop up images in light boxes? Or how does that work? Can they be viewed as their own post or load similarly to zig zag (link below)?

thanks .a

They’re only viewable on the homepage, via lightbox

Hi ! Thank you for your great theme. I have a little issue with the menu “slide”. When I’m right on the top of the page (really on the top), and clicking a link that scroll the page down, there’s kind of a quick vertical “shake” of the menu just before the scrolling. What’s weird is it’s disappear if I’m not at the top of the page and clicking a link in the menu (on the top of the page : little shake of the menu ; a few pixels lower : no shaking).

I just realized the issue is the same on your demo website.

Can you help me with that ? Thanks ;)

Okay, I’ll take a look at this file ;) Thanks !

I found the answer in the file you indicated to me. Just in case you or a buyer would like to know, to modify the height the slider stops before titles, just modify the value on line #10 : “var scrollTarget = jQuery(this.hash).offset().top – 165;”. The higher the value is, the sooner the slider would stop ;)

Hello, Cristi

I have bought the theme and would like to:

1. Use the colourful icons at the top of each section e.g. “About”, “Work”, 2. Insert a slogan in the areas between the sections as you have for your demo e.g. “What good is a reward if you ain’t around to use it”. 3. Insert a sixth item in the top menu. Unfortunately, the div seems to be only so wide, with the result that it ‘wraps’ to the next line and cannot be seen. I cannot seem to locate the css which would allow me to do this.



1. Add the url to the little icon in the icon custom field

2. Use the slogan custom field

3. You need to remove the icons on the right if you want to do that

Hey there dose it support rtl ?

Not by default, but you can find a tutorial about RTL here:

how can I install demo I try but failude

import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ in Tools > Import > WordPress

that dont let me, I try to many time

Send me your request, your URL and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

I’m trying about buying it, but is there any way to see a portfolio single page? I can’t figure how to open a portfolio single view. Thank you!

There’s no single post for portfolio by default

Very nice theme(s)! One question, is it possible to remove the display of the big image at the top for blog section and blog posts? Thanks and congrats on nice themes

Go to js/contact-form.js and find:

    jQuery('#submit').click(function () {        

replace it with

    jQuery('.contact-form #submit').click(function () {        


I also noticed i can’t create a single page and access it normally, for example a “terms of use” page which should be a page (not a post), and not shown on the front page.

Is there something i’m doing wrong?

I’m having lots of issues :-(

Thanks for support

Hmm, send me a WordPress admin account and your URL + your problem via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it. Also please include a FTP account

This is my first wordpress template, everything is going great so far, I have loaded the sample data.

I have everything changed but the slogans, I can’t figure out where to change them, lease help

Where can i change the height of the separator? Cant find it.

Go to css/layout.css via FTP and edit the 115px value there:

.separator p {
    font-family: 'Open Sans',sans-serif;
    font-size: 33px;
    font-weight: 600;
    line-height: normal;
    padding: 115px 0 115px 0;
    color: #fff;
    font-style: italic;
    text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.5);
    filter: dropshadow(color=#666666, offx=2, offy=2);

Where can i add fields to the contact form, like a combo box or an attachment? – Found

Unfortunately it’s not possible by default, it requires a goood deal of customization. I can replace the default form with a Contact form 7 one if you want, if you send me the login details via the contact form on my profile(the request too, so I know what to do).

First of all, I love this theme! But i do have a few questions. 1. Is there any way to add more menu items? It would be nice to be able to have a few more.

2. When my site loads vertically on a phone it cuts off the last menu item. Is there a way to fix that? Either make the menu font smaller or shift some items to a second line?

3. How do I set the icons at the top of each section. I see that where you’ve answered this question with the icon custom fields. However, I am not sure of what that is or how to do that. Could you elaborate?

As for the Hello text, unfortunately I can’t replicate that problem. :-/ Are you sure it’s not related to your device in particular?

I’m checking it on an iPhone. What did you use? Horizontally it’s fine. It’s when the phone is held vertically.

I checked on my HTC One and on the official iPhone simulator, on XCode.

One more question, where am I able to adjust the copyright info at the bottom of the site?

Hello. At the bottom of index.php

Hopefully this will be my last questions. When i click my home button it reloads the page instead of sliding back up to the top. How do I fix this?

Nevermind, I just had to remove the home button for now due to lack of space.

Hi there. Really awesome theme. Amazing work.

I’m having the same shake/jump issue as Karbonyt. I’m using Chrome 27 on 10.6.8.

If the browser is scrolled right to the top, clicking any menu item causes a small shake (up then down, about 3px) of the <header> element just before the smooth scroll kicks in. It’s more noticeable on the first link – the further the page has to scroll, the quicker the shake happens, so becomes less noticeable.

It does not happen on any other browser on OSX or any browser on PC.


Hmm…Unfortunately I can’t replicate the issue, I’m on OS X and chrome as well..:/

Ah that’s annoying. I’ll spend some time looking at it. I’m going to drop you a mail about something else…