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Alchemists - Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News HTML Template

Alchemists - Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News HTML Template

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Latest Version 4.2.3 – August 8, 2021 – view changelog

Alchemists – eSports version Update

New Files! Sums to 192 HTML files in total!

We added new HTML files that sum up to a total of 116 HTML files that include, among other things, new widgets, new pages, like Contact Us and Search results, and a revamped dark design. New PSD files are also included (provided on request)!

Revamped Design and Font Combo

With this update we wanted to provide you with a new and fresh dark version of the Alchemists template with a new color pallete, elements and Google fonts combinations.

New Elements and Widgets

As with Soccer version, we added new elements and widgets and redesign others to fit the American Football theme. Among others we included an Events Calendar, a ranked popular news widget and new match results big and small versions.

American Football tailored pages

With this new version we added all american football related stats and widgets, like the featured player one, or the statistics pages, where, for example, we divided stats to differentiate between stats, in the Quaterback case, color coded passing and rushing.

New Vector Icons included!

As with other versions, we are including new icons made with SVG for easier customization. We also included them in the PSDs.

New Statistics widgets

For the team overview we included new statistics widgets and designs, for example progress bars, and a yearly chart among others.

New Pages

As requested by some buyers, we included some new pages like a separate Login/Register Page, Contact Us and Simple Search Page.

Fully Customizable

We included a breaking news bar in the Home pages and new News widget versions for you to choose the one you like, there are lots of versions to choose from.

Alchemists – Super Complete Sports HTML Template

Wide Range of Versions

We have included several versions of post pages, info blocks, game results and more so you can choose the one you like the most!

141 PSD files included (provided on request)

We have included (provided on request) PSD files so you can customize the design elements all you want! Files includes rosters, shortcodes, shop, news, statistics and much more!

Easy to Customize

Fully Customizable

Easily change the colors with SASS variables. Creating a new skin will take 10 sec

Grid Based Layout

Bootstrap grid allows you to easily change the layout of any pages.

Complete Team Pages

We designed complete team pages with rosters, overviews, galleries, standings, tickets and schedule, latest results and full statistics.

Team Roster Versions

We have included several versions for the roster pages, from a simple list roster, to a player slide and player info card.

Full Statistics and Charts

We included lots of statistics and game charts like, last game results, team leaders, team stats, lineup and tactic chart, timelines, logs, top goalscores, awards, games history and much more!

Full Player Profile Pages

We designed the player profile pages to show all the important info on top and then navigate through the statistics, biography and others via tabs. Each version has a different top design.

Number Statistics and Averages

Both versions include full number statistics and logs (for both the team and players) that include scores, minutes played, assists, fouls and much more. We also included a glossary at the bottom of the main statistics to understand the abbreviations.

Soccer Game Breakdown

For the soccer version we included a complete game overview that includes lineups, tactics, game log, timelines and more!

SVG Custom Icons included

We included in the template all the icons, almost all of them were created by us specifically for this template. We converted them into SVG so you can customize them easily.

Merchandising Shop

We designed 2 shop versions for you to choose. One with product cards, and the other without.


  • 100% Responsive Layout Design
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4 (New!)
  • Sass (SCSS syntax)
  • 192 HTML files
  • BEM classes naming
  • Building Tools: npm, Gulp, Panini (handlebars)
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Custom SVG icons
  • Simple Line Icons
  • Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Google Fonts Usable
  • 34 widgets
  • 4 Blog Pages
  • 3 Post Pages
  • Shop Pages
  • 8 Team Pages
  • 5 Player Pages
  • 141 PSDs files (provided on request)
  • Documentation
  • and much more…

Sources and Credits

Release Notes – Past versions changelogs.

Version 4.2.3 – August 8, 2021

* [fix] Player – gallery layout is broken

Version 4.2.2 – December 22, 2020

* [tweak] Team Roster 3 - display navigation arrows on mobile devices
* [tweak] PSD files are now a part of the package
* [update] Bootstrap 4.5.3
* [update] FontAwesome 5.15.1

Version 4.2.1 – August 12, 2020

* [tweak] Small tweaks and fixes
* [update] FontAwesome 5.14.0

Version 4.2.0 – July 22, 2020

* [new] Basketball, Soccer, and American Football Event pages (including 6 subpages for each version)
* [new] Widget - Event Leaders (horizontal, vertical)
* [new] Widget - Event Info
* [new] Widget - Event Scheduled
* [new] Widget - Event Video
* [new] Table - Event Table Stats
* [new] Component - ALC Tabs
* [new] Widget - Play-by-play (tabs - Basketball)
* [new] Widget - Play-by-play (accordion - Football)
* [new] Widget - Event Matchup
* [new] Widget - Event Chart Cols (shots attempted)
* [new] Widget - Event Status Carousel
* [new] New SVG icons (Basketball, Soccer)
* [new] Widget - Pie Chart (Soccer)
* [new] Component - ALC Match Commentary (Soccer)
* [new] Component - ALC Lineup & Stats (Soccer)
* [new] Widget - Last Matches Labels (Football)
* [new] Widget - Last 5 Matches (Football)
* [tweak] Widget - Game Timeline - added adaptive option
* [tweak] Widget - Scoreboard (Soccer) - added additional stats section
* [tweak] Replace Instagram widget with a static content
* [tweak] Hero Posts and Post Cards - added hover effect (eSports)
* [tweak] Google Map - added options to remove Google Map UI controls via data attributes
* [update] FontAwesome 5.13.1
* [update] Bootstrap 4.5.0
* [fix] Hero Unit Slider - active tab doesn't work
* [fix] Incorrect icons position on the team roster page (eSports)
* [fix] Tabs - removed top border on active state
* [fix] Handlebars file weren't reflect on changes (dev)

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