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for Feature Availability

I tried to use the Ark template for two projects, but always get frustrated from its usability. I used several templates from themeforest: Avada, Uncode and some other smaller ones. The Ark template is just really complicated to use. I am not a fan of the fresh builder at all, the documentation is not extensive, they want you to upgrate to pro support instead (which is an insolence) and one has to import the whole main template to import the specific layout you want. Last time I tried to activate it, the activation servers were even down.

Conclusion: Horrible usability. One has to buy "premium support" to have a normal documentation. Rather buy another template like uncode.

for Bugs

Avoid to buy this template it doesn't work without registration and the registration doesn't work !!

Contact with the License Server has failed. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. If the License Server is offline, please try again later.

for Customer Support

Support is non-existent. I have e-mails from 2 years ago still waiting for a response. The Facebook page is full of people complaining that they never get a response from "support".

You can do a lot with the theme, but the documentation is so bare bones, to try and make you buy in to their more extensive documentation, that it's a pain to work out how it works.

I would suggest going to another theme.

for Flexibility

The theme is really nice. Really flexible to be customized. Thank you

for Design Quality

Looks like my website isn't boring at all. Now if only I can learn how to use those code wrappers. I will eventually learn I suppose.

for Code Quality

I will recommend this theme to person who doesn't know so much about coding. But you need to take some time to understand how this works. Just import a demo and play with it. This theme has most of the function I want to use on my site. Only Google map, it's preset section uses Google API. This is not simple to set up. My tip is using Google Map "iframe" with "/EMBED" section. Copy and paste and it is free.

for Customizability

over the top complicated for custom css hack and twicks. documentation it's pretty basic.
the final css automatically generated it's very messy.

for Design Quality

So far the best modular wordpress system to date!