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for Customizability

One of the best themes I've used. Waiting for woo commerce update, then it will be definitely the best theme out here!

for Documentation Quality

The theme is decent but needs atleast a support forum. There is no point raising a ticket for every issue when the same might already be addressed to other users.

for Customer Support

documentation is useless & customer support is illusive now that the business model is give away the product and charge for the support.

I'm being told that I don't have support left despite having 4 months left of support. I regret having purchased and invested time into this product

for Flexibility

This is my second license. The possibility to costumize is very infinite but the first reasen because I like this theme is the speed.

for Customizability

This is a great theme ... lots of features and the availability to customize the site as you wish.

for Feature Availability

I've got Avada, BeTheme, Jupiter, The7 and Flatsome licenses.The Ark has a completely different approach...as soon I got halfway used to it I started to become more and more convinced of this concept. Freshbuilder and Quick Save Option work like a charm. The extensive element and section library saves a lot of time. No need to install any 3rd party plugins except for SEO and/or automated backups. Excellent page speed rankings! I've bought six licenses so far...the price is an absolute scream...I hope this guys will be able to generate enough proceeds to keep this project alive. With the latest update they started "The Ark Acadamy" with video lessons and so on. I've subscribed for a monthly fee...hope it helps!

for Design Quality

Looks amazing, great if you're a bit less creative sometimes. Really happy with the results.

for Code Quality

After purchasing, I don't understand the five star rating. This theme is "acceptable" at best.

* It is has a positively horrible admin interface: fully of modal pop-ups, clashing colours, poor language and spelling mistakes. The latter is a minor point but suggests there are probably other issues with quality control.
* It is painfully *SLOW*. Even with caching enabled, I am concerned about using this theme in production.
* It is full of bugs. For example, when adding the same component twice in one page, changes to one instance are often inexplicably applied to others of the same type.

Fortunately it wasn't particularly expensive although I certainly don't recommend buying it.

for Other

I am truly stunned by the attention to detail the developers put into this theme. Without naming other themes it is purely logical to me that Ark will top them all in the near future. Thank you for giving creatives this amazing tool. You are a game changer. Also, I had to choose the review category 'other' because there is no option to choose all of them. Ark deserves five stars for all review categories.

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