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The technical support is very weak for this theme. The support is only through forum, which I’ve seen before but the problem is it never could verify my purchase, and last time I had to pay a developer to fix my problem. I’m having the same issue and I don’t want to keep paying someone. I sent a message from profile but got the same reply asked me to post in forum (which I can’t verify).

I’ve purchased many themes on this site, many of the themes provide very fast support and a lot of the times if you ask a question from the profile they will be able to see that you’ve done the purchase, and they will answer right away. I have to say this RedFactory is VERY disappointing when it comes to technical support! If you are not a developer, keep that in mind, because you may piss off some of your clients.

Problem resolved, the new tech support is very helpful!

Hi there, dont know why since the last update I am having some problems with my you will see in the products page viewe just can access to the first page of all the products I have registered. Can you fix it? wwww.

p.d.. how the white scroll minimenu in the home (just above the menu) can be removed?

Many thanks!

Hi there, if you’re still experiencing technical problems please post a thread on our dedicated support forum at where a member of our support team will be able to help you further.

Love this theme! Will I have to install a specific plugin to setup the shop/cart feature? On the demo, I can select a product, add to the cart and proceed to checkout using Paypal.

Please advise

Hi there, I made a comment 5 days ago and have yet to hear back from anyone??

Hi there, I made a comment 5 days ago and have yet to hear back from anyone??

Hi there, I’ve taken over answering comments as from today, I apologise you’ve not had a response yet. Yes, you will need to install the WooCommerce plugin to enable the sales on you site.


The tiles on my webpage have shifted since I updated the theme. Please help!

Hi there, make sure you’ve updated WordPress, any plugins and the Theme to the latest editions to ensure everything is compatible. If you still have problems, please start a thread on our support forum at where a member of our team will be able to help you out. Please include a link to the site, screenshots and any other necessary information so they can assist.

plz i need the html version

Hi there, unfortunately we only offer the WordPress version at the moment, there’s no plans for a HTML template of this theme unfortunately.

Hi Author,

i cannot edit my front page from wordpress.

Pages – All Pages – Homepage Example 1 – Visual

The “Visual” section only consist of the following:

“Feel free to make a reservationOpening hours on mon-thu: 9:00-18:00, fri-sun: 9:00-21:00 [page margin=”none” id=”3546”]

[page margin=”none” id=”2684”]

But on my website, it appears just like the demo. View here –

How do i edit it and insert my own contents and images? Please advise thanks:)

Hi there, it sounds like the page you’re editing isn’t the same page you have setup as the front page via Settings>reading>front page. Go there and check which page you have setup from the drop down for the homepage, if it’s the wrong one change it via the drop down for the correct one you want to it. If you require further assistance, please post a thread on our dedicated support forum at where a member of our support team will be able to help you further.

Hi Jamie

i’ve checked according to your instructions, it is the same page. So problem still persist. Please advise thanks

Edit – have answered this on the forum this evening for you. The pages ID’s are shortcodes, so you need to edit page ID 3546 etc, the Tiled Gallery page, to replace with your own images etc.

Is it possible to update woocommerce to 2.4.0 or it’s not a good idea and the template will not work correctly?

Hi there, the update does cause some changes in the theme, if you look at the forum there’s some css fixes until listed until we can include them in the next big update.

Hello Author,

I am building an Online Home Services platform for can choose a Haircut & book it for some amount & our clients are going to get that service in their residences.Our service providers are going to be listed in the page of the product.Just tell me whether such things are going to be possible with your theme??If there is any problem check Amazon.We are building a similar marketplace but that of home based services.In each of the product page sellers (in our case service providers) are listed,you book an appointment with the help of Pinpoint booking system,can choose any one of the sellers & checkout with safety by paying a minimal fee..Please inform me also if your theme is compatible with Woocommerce Multi-Vendor module also.Please reply me here or mail me at

Regards, Supriyo Ghosh

Hi there, at the time current time there are no intentions to include this type of service with the theme.

Hi Is it possible to delete /eb_product_list/ in the url and how to do that ? Thanks Yves

Hi there,please drop a new thread on our support forum at and a member of the team will be able to advise further on making adjustments to your website.

Just purchased, where can I find and import the sample content? Looks great

Hi there, in your download file from ThemeForest, extract the zip and inside you’ll see the various files and folders. They’ll be a folder for the sample content called ‘import demo content’ and inside they’ll be an xml file. Import the xml file via the tools tab inside the wp-admin.

I got the theme almost working 100% how I want it. How do I edit the 8 sliders and tekst on the homepage? I can’t find anything on the [page] template style you are using, thanks.

Hi there, if you mean the tiled gallery on the homepage, then these are created by a shortcode using the image ID.

If you’re still experiencing problems setting up, please drop a new thread on our support forum at and a member of the team will be able to advise further with instructions.

Hi! I like the theme and am thinking of buying it, but see that it’s been a long while since the last update. Are you planning on releasing an update soon? Thanks!

Hi VonJanne, there are no current plans for a theme update at the current time. However, there is a more modern ‘Beauty Salon 2’ theme which was released that we’d advise checking out.

I have registered in your “support” forum, however, it keeps asking me for purchase code even after I have given it. Now it say code already registered. I need support! Some things do not show in Internet Explorer – Why?

Hi there, depending on the version of IE you’re using, you’ll probably find that you have compatibility mode on, see To sort out your form login, please drop an email to the helpdesk at along with your purchase code and login name and we’ll check it out.

Hi there – How can I install the slider on the frontsite? it isn’t on the backend – the template calls ‘beauty’ thanks

Hi there to put an image slider on the front page you can use a shortcode – [imageslider] as per If you get stuck and need support drop a thread on our forum at and a member of the team will be able to guide you through.

It appears that the front page slider is no longer functional. It’s asking for image ID’s, where can these be found?

If this is no longer support, any suggestions?

Hi there, you can get the image id from the media library. Just hover over the image in question and you’ll see a url appear in the bottom left hand corner with the ID digits in it. See for more info. Support forums for this theme can be found at

Hi! How can i fix table transfer to next level on mobile vision? Look at the screenshot: And CSS photo: Thank you!


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, unfortunately none of those links are working. If you require technical assistance, please drop a thread on our support forum at and a member of the moderating team will be able to advise further.

Hi, how can i get the tabs running? i’ve installed the sample content, but it still don’t work. Is there any plugin needed to get them working?

Another question: Is it possible to remove “eb_product_list/” from the url?

Btw: It’s not possible to register to your support-forums, because mails can’t be sent from your webserver. I’ve tried several times last week, maybe also your contact from on your corp-site.

any ideas? what about the support forum?!

I would like to request a refund for my purchase. I tried to do this through your support portal, but your user registration system is broken (The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.).


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, I’ve forwarded your message to the developer team for them to look into. The forum is still getting new members and new threads signed up daily, so I’m not sure what would be happening there. It doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone. You can apply to Envato for a refund here –


Does the theme now support Woocommerce?


Sorry, I didn’t get the notification of your response, this question has been answered from “the beauty salon 2 template”. Thanks


jamieb23 Author Team

No worries, glad you’re all sorted :-)

no last update for this year?


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, I’ve checked with the Dev Team and there are no current plans for a theme update to this product. This item will soon become a legacy theme.

Hi, I can not active this theme… I use wordpress 4.7.3… after activation there’s only a white page… can you help me? thanks!


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, please drop a thread on our forum at with a link to the site and a member of the team will take a look.