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Great work mate. Good luck with the sales. :)

Good niche to get into. Good luck with sales guys!

Yeah indeed, we’re going to a lot more niche themes as well :)


Looks amazing!!!! Good Luck…

Thanks! I like your Magento theme btw, nice work :)


Very nice! Would like to see WooCommerce working in the demo as well, can you make that happen?

Thanks! Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks! Glad you like it :) It is very likely for us to include support for one or more shop plugins at some point. WooCommerce is indeed a very nice system, so we might include it in a future update :)


Hi there, great to hear :) Will be checking it out regularly!


Good luck with sales, looks great :)

Nice theme! One question though….the links “Meet the team” and “schedule an appointment” do not take you to another page. Do these page templates exist?


Thanks for spotting that! Just updated them for you. The team page is done using shortcodes, so it’s a pretty strait forward job to set up. You can find more column examples here:

I’ve removed the planner for now, but it will definitely be build into a future update! I’ll keep you posted on that one :)

Hope this helps!


I’ve added a new example page for “Meet the team”. You can check it out here:

Is this something you’re looking for?

Cheers :)

Very clean work, like it. ;)

Thank you kindly ;)

Great one! :)

Thanks Kailoon! Much appreciated :) And thanks for the feedback on our item as well ;)

Is this theme mobile ready?


Yes it is! Take a look on your mobile :) It adepts nicely to lower resolutions.


Are there any image sliders available for the home page?


The eight boxes at the top function as a slider. They auto rotate from item to item. This can be set to random, in order, or off. We did this on purpose, because most beauty salons don’t have large images available. We approached several salons and that’s one of the things they told us.

I just made some alternative homepages in the demo. Would something like this suit your needs better?

Let me know, I’d like to get as much feedback as possible :)


For sure, I love that, it is really cool!! ...but to make it really versatile I would have a general like nivo slider as well. But looks really awesome, lovely job :-)


The new update includes an image slider shortcode :) You can check out an example frontpage which uses the shortcode here:


This is a truly great theme. I hope the admin panel is as good.

I work with a number of hair and beauty salons and your products / menu section could be a deal breaker with me purchasing lots of licenses.

I just want to show a list of salon services (pedicures, manicures, hair cuts etc) without linking to another page / post, or showing a thumbnail. Can this be done?

Also, can you add a widget area (for a promotion(s) at the too of the Page wrapper (beneath the too menu).

I know salons backwards. This is what they need. Btw. They don’t want Ecommerce because they primarily deal with cash and can’t competitively compete with online beauty product outlets (like super drug or amazon).

Exceptional work teamsters :)


Thanks for the info! That’s exactly the kind of feedback we need! We’ll work an option into the next update to disable the thumbnails and links on the menucard :)

About the widget area; You can set up a mashup page for this. The mashup enables you to combine several pages into one. So you can set up a promotions page, and include it at the top of several other pages. A very effective way of re-using content, and flexible as well ;)

The reason we haven’t build it into the theme yet is because we wanted to see if people really needed it. If the requests keep coming in we’re likely to build it in at some point ;)

Also a question for you: Do you think beauty salons need full width sliders? The feedback we got was that they mostly don’t have large images available for such a slider. What is your take on this?

Again, thanks for the feedback! If you have more, please let me know :)


Very good point.

You will find may salons don’t even have a scrap of text or a salon piccy also, because many salon owners and stylists are not all that literate educational-wise. This is 100% true.

We tend to use iStock and ShutterStock a lot (see the following examples):

Always good using a full-width slider for promotions. We have found salons (like most small businesses), are very busy, don’t know about computers and don’t get the time to modify the site too, so best to negotiate updates at time of initial site purchase (say charge $30 every month to update).

I will purchase next week as I have enormous faith in this theme.

Oh haha just to clarify:

“The reason we haven’t build it into the theme yet is because we wanted to see if people really needed it. If the requests keep coming in we’re likely to build it in at some point .”

This was regarding the webshop plugins ;)

We’ll see if we can include a fullwidth slider in the next update, seems this could come in handy after all!

Thanks again for the feedback. If you have any questions please let me know!

Cheers :)

I bought the theme based on the front page more or less. I see now that, based on the initial install, I have to do a lot of tweaking to come anywhere close to that… am I right?

Additionally, this error 413 message came up when adding a new custom sidebar:

Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource /XXXXXXX/wp-admin/themes.php does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

When I type in the new sidebar name and click update chages, I notice in the tool bar it is uploading… lots… and then the error message shows. I’ve done maaaaaany WordPress sites and this is a first.

Please advise.


You can download our demo content on our support forum here:

Our frontpage is a mashup page template. This means we can include a gallery and other pages into it :) We’ve then set that page as a static frontpage under Settings -> Reading. We use columns to set up the thee circles the way they are. I think the demo content will clear up a lot :)

I’ll look into the sidebar error you have. We tested this extensively so I’m very surprised as you can imagine ;) We’ll go and test this on our end, but if we can’t reproduce the problem it might be helpful to get your login info. Can you make a ticket on our support forum? We’ll handle the rest there :)


Hi guys,

I wouldn’t worry too much about the slider. I think the theme is 100% spot and I know my clientele will really dig it. It goes straight to the point and that’s fine by me :)

Hi webjump,

Would you be interested to talk on skype for a bit? I would very much like to know what kind of features and layouts your clients are looking for :)


Of course, always pleased to help. If developers and authors get together to push themes and plugins etc forward – above all, standardise interaces and admin panels, everyone would benefit.

I can send you a list of what my salon REALLY NEED and hopefully, you can integrate them.


Luv your theme! Im thinking of getting it for a manicure shop but would like to know if you got a price list page instead of product? We just need to list the prices of our services..



Thanks :D Yes you can use the menucard/productpage for anything you want. You can use it to list services as well. We’re working on an update to remove the links and/or thumbnails from the productpage so it fits listing services better :)

Let me know if you have further questions!


Excellent work! What font is used in the logo?

Thanks! :)

That’s a google font called ‘Calligraffitti’. You can download it here:


Hi, like this theme but there are some errors in code I think. Don’t know if you changed something and if I buy it it will be right. Because today morning I looked at the live preview and everything was fine.

BUT now

Oh wow! No haven’t seen that yet! We’ve been testing with a new update which adds a couple of bug fixes and some new features, but I thought this version was stable. We’ll be right on it!

Thanks for mentioning it :) The version on themeforest is totally fine though. We’ll submit the update first thing tomorrow morning!


Hi, bought the theme anyway yesterday and installed it. Runs pretty good. Now I am waiting for the update and hope it doesn’t crash anything.

I have one questions, could you provide the example content here and not in your Forum, or if please activate Password Email, because I forgot mys and I can’t sent a passwort notification because it is deactivated.

And I am not sure, because I deleted some pages. Has the sample content the PRODUCTS Page with prices and so on, likek you structured it, in it???? or can you provide it anywhere.


I just enabled mail on our support site, thanks for mentioning that :) You can freely download the demo content again!

We’re fixing some last bugs in a new image slider shortcode, but we’re aiming to submit the update today. Nothing will break, we mostly improved the responsiveness of the theme. So instead of breaking, it will actually look better ;)


And one more thing, I solved all my problems but I have one question. Is it possible to add a normal Gallery in the style the Gallery is right now but without the hover effect to blog articles, just to open the pictures in a popup.


Can you open a support ticket for this on our support forum? I’ll gladly give you instructions how to change the gallery :)

I activated the link again to retrieve your password :) I’d like to do most if not all support there because the forum has a much better search function then here on themeforest. Might benefit future buyers as well.

Our support forum:


Suffered a lot! I regret buying your product. No support for someone new to wordpress like me!! I need step-by-step guide and Redfactory does not offer any! Nothing! Their forum is locked!! I paid and I can do nothing now! email me any solution:


Sorry to hear about yur bad experience. However, this is the first time I’m seeing a comment from you. Why haven’t you asked for help earlier? We would have gladly helped you. If you take a look at the other comments you’d see that we support our buyers.

Our support forum is not locked at all. You just need to input your purchase code to get access. There’s a howto on the registration page on how to get your purchase code :) There are other buyers on our support forum who were new to wordpress as well, and they got their website up and running now thanks to the support we gave them.

We also have the demo XML available for download on our support forum which will probably help you A LOT . Other buyers were quite happy with it :)

The theme comes with an extended documentation in the theme settings. A lot of the theme is explained there.

Could you please log into our support forum and ask us what specific parts you don’t understand? It’s hard to help you if we don’t know what to help you with ;)

The link to our support forum is: