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I am very very disappointed with this theme. Limited documentation that doesn’t show how to get the theme looking like the demo theme I purchased.

The inline videoas are basic.

The xml file you can import to show the demo pages don’t copy over to new pages and view them same.

This is the second time I have purchased a theme for Themeforest and have been disappointed at the lack of documentation.

I’d like some serious help or my money back please.


Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the theme. If you want any help setting up the theme you can always contact us here, via email or on our support forum. We’d be happy to help you :)

When you import the xml from our demo you do need to do a couple of things to get it working. Like we explained on our forum, you need to assign the menu to a theme location and fill in the widgets yourself, since those aren’t included in the xml file.

Are there any specific things you need help with?

Cheers :)

As my last post said I’d like my money back. This was supposed to be a weel documented theme; and it plainly isn’t.

If you’re unhappy you can always contact envato support. They’ll be able to help you with that:

Cheers :)

In fact I’m going to go further and demand my money back now. Ive messed about, played about, downloaded the files, watched the video and still I seem to know where close to getting the look that replicates the demo theme I purchased.

I will leave it 5 working days before taking this up with ThemeForest and PayPal.

Where is the .xss file with the demo content? It’s not in the downloadable files…

You also mentioned the steps to install the xss file are on your forum? You don’t include this in your documentation?


Yes the xml file with the dummy content is indeed on our forum: We’ve decided to put this on our forum so users can ask follow-up questions right away.

If you happen to have any questions, please let me know :)

Try to get into your forums, however I am failing miserably. Entered the code as asked but I only get the following message “The license key you have entered is not valid or could not be verified at this time.” Any chance you could validate it so I can get into the forums, please? Thanks


Are you using the correct code? Themeforest has recently changed the way you can get the purchase code. You need to go to the download tab as usual, and then you need to click on the download button:

Hope this helps :)

It sure did! Thanks

You’re welcome :)


How do you get the excerpts of pages on the fronpage galery when you move over an image (as in your demo page)?



If you add the “Tiles” shortcode, select the category you want to show, and select the option to display the excerpt. Next go to the posts in your selected category, and make sure they all have an excerpt filled out. This can be found at the bottom of the page. This way you can make very short, targeted pieces of text for in your gallery :)

Hope this helps!

I am very disappointed with this product! What a waste of money. Having watched the ‘Demo’ I thought I was getting a well structured template which would need only a little ‘Tweaking’ to get this theme up and running.

Well what I seem to have is ‘Sample Page’ with very limited functionality, no images & limited documentation.

The really sad thing is that I can download a FREE theme and get far more functionality.

This really is a case of ‘Buyer beware’ & sometimes you can do a lot better without spending your money….....

A very sad and disappointed customer!

can you point me towards this link?

Also, why isn’t the same level of content included in the purchased version & the demo version. Silly me but I would have thought I would have got a working pre-filled templates when I downloaded the zip file from your site.


Simply create an acount on our support forum, and then go to this link:

We’ve decided not to include the demo content in the package, because a lot of users have follow-up questions after the import. That way we can directly assist them if they need any help :)


how can i remove or disable the comment form in every page or post?? please we need help…thank you


You can either disable this globally under “Settings -> Discussion” or per page/post at the bottom of the page :)


I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews.

What are they regarding? Are they fixed?

Is this safe to buy?


We’re on top of everything as you can see in the comments here :) Do you have any specific questions we can help you with?


I am fine. Thank you for asking. Once purchased, I will contact you via support page with any questions. Once again, Thank you for the speedy response to my concerns.


I downloaded the demo content xml file and installed it. When I go to Settings > Reading there is no option anywhere to use Homepage Example 1 or anything similar to that. I just really want to have a template that I only need to tweak but I just can’t figure this out.


Now when I go to theme options this is what it looks like

It took long enough but after reinstalling the theme 6 times i figured it out. After the xml finished installing I was ticking the ‘Import All Files’ box, which makes sense to do. But that’s what was holding me back, so I left it un-ticked and problem solved.

You guys really need videos/information on all of this.


Thank you for the feedback! I think there’s something wrong with the FTP permissions on your server for the images. That’s basicly the only think limiting the import. But I’m glad it’s working for you now, it will greatly help you set everything up!


I really should have read all the posts about this theme before purchasing it. Total disappointment. I purchased it because I needed a quick website and wanted to save time, but after fighting with it for more than a day, I gave up and installed Headway instead. I would really like my money back.


Sorry to hear about your experience with our theme. Have you downloaded the demo content from our support forum? It will greatly help you set everything up. We are also available here and on our support forum to answer any questions you may have!

We don’t have any control over refunds, but you can contact envato support and ask them directly if you really want to :)


When I put photos into the “The Team” section for the client’s headshots, no matter what option I alter, the images stay at 3/4 of the size they should be. I’ll like to the page I’m referring to and you can see. The empty boxes next to the center image are the sizes I’d like to have.

disregard that last message

I want the highlight color shortcode to have a blue background with white text. The problem is I want to link the text also, and whenever I link the text, it turns the same color as the blue background block.

(the blue square should have white text in it)


This is something our developer might be able to help you with! Could you open a ticket on our support forum? I’ll tell him you’re coming. He will answer you asap!


So so so disappointed with this theme, no support, Responses as a robot. Evaluation as -zero.


I’m sorry that you feel that way. I answered your questions in detail here in the comments and I really thought they helped you on your way. Where are you getting no support? If you need help with something, please don’t hesitate to ask :)


I finally used a D5 Creation theme, really well done and incredible medium! Maybe I re-try your theme …

I too am having problems with this theme, I cant upload anything like the demo one. I need help installing it please. I was after a website that I could basically change with little hassle. Please help

found it logged in but now when I go to the dummy download it doesnt make any sense to me. having real difficulty with this one. Nt a clue what to do now. Can you have a look, maybe I have not done something. Im spending hours trying to fugure out. so sorry

Do you mean that you can’t find the purchase code or that you need help with the dummy content in your theme? Just let me know what specificly I can help you with :)

Hi , Yes the Dummy code, Is it meant to be all in ‘Code’ so to speak, I cant make anything out!!!!. I have some downloaded but the main areas on the static page are missing. Thanks

How do I decrease the height of the price table? I’m having a hard time :(


This is something our developer might be able to help you with! Could you open a ticket on our support forum? I’ll tell him you’re coming. He will answer you asap!



Internet Explorer (mine is 8 ), does not show the thumbnail images for the product lists.

Also I installed a new slider (vSlider) as the theme slider is terrible to work with. Now on the pages, in Internet Explorer, the mobile navigation select box is showing?

Any help please?


Ok, thanks, I submitted a ticket and they said they’re working on it. The template says its IE8 compatible, so maybe you should change this till it is. Ta!

In the meantime, how do I get the full product description to show on the product list pages? The options allow to edit how the related products excerpt, but not the product list excerpts??

Or, how do I get the product list excerpt to show ”...” at the end of the text, or a “Read More” link so that people know they are just seeing some of the text and can click to read more?


The excerpt is for the product list and the related products as well. There is no option to have them different I’m afraid. However, with a small change in the code you can show the full text on the product list if you want. Simply open a ticket on our support forum and our developer will show you how :)


Hi there,

My test site is here:

As you can see I have a blue background, which means that I need the menu to be white. I’ve managed to change most of the CSS to ensure that the menus are showing correctly however if you hover under the menu (i.e. 2mm below a non-active menu), the colour changes to blue and disappears.

What CSS do I need to change to customise this hover effect?

This doesn’t happen if I hover directly over a non-active menu item, only if I hover under it.

The same problem occurs when I hover over the services menu and the sub-menu pops up. Any guidance on what CSS I need to adjust for these two items would much apprecated!



Hi Sx,

I think it would be best if you open a ticket on our support forum for that:

Our developer will be able to point you in the right direction :)


Hi there!

Great work you did on this theme, totally love it, well done!

Just one question, is it possible to integrate any existing shopping cart plugin with this theme? If yes, which one?



Thanks for the compliments! :)

Hmm you could try Cart66 or WooCommerce. You’ll need some additional styling to get it looking the same as it does not come out of the box right now.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know!