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I’ve decided for the upgrade of the theme and I’m having some problems with the Tiled Gallery. How am I suposed to set that layout on my page now? I cant find that option in “Gallery Items”>”Layouts”

Nevermind, problem solved. Thanks.


Glad to see you’ve got it working now :) If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!


I need the dummy content. I have jumped through every hoop you have given me and it doesn’t recognize the code.


Are you sure you bought the theme with this acount? Because I don’t see a buyers badge on your acount. Can you email me the purchase code via our profile page so I can check it for you?

Cheers :)

I want to make the message box float right, without having to use columns. But the style “float:right” doesn’t work. How can I do it?

Bah, just realized: My fault. Works perfectly, when used correctly.


Glad it’s working for you now! Have fun with our theme :)


Hello, In the gallery items: 1 – I can not change the height of the image or the square. 2 – How to change the text color in the square (in picture)? 3 – Limit the number of rows in the square (with More?)

thank you very much for your help

Hello, In the gallery items: 1 – I can not change the height of the image or the square. 2 – How to change the text color in the square (in picture)? 3 – Limit the number of rows in the square (with More?)

thank you very much for your help

Hi, I purchased Beautyshop from themeforest. I have version 1.0. On themeforest it’s saying that the 2.8 version is out. How can I update my theme and is it wordpres 3.6 compatible?

Also, witch eshop plugin is the best for beautysalon. I tried woocommerce, but when I enter to edit the product it’s shows me only white page and nothing is happening. Also there is like 20 links on the bottom of every store page and everything looks like it has’n’t any styling at all.



The latest version of the theme is indeed WordPress 3.6 compatible :)

The best way to update your theme is to download the latest version from Themeforest and unpack it. Search for the theme zip and unpack that too. Rename the theme folder to something like “thebeautysalon2” and zip it back up again. Now upload this zip via the WordPress theme page. Because of the changed folder, WordPress will think this is a different theme. Simply switch to the new version on the WordPress theme page and you’re done :)

I hope this makes any sense ;)

We haven’t integrated any ecommerce plugins in the theme, but you could use Cart66 or WooCommerce. You’ll need to do some extra coding though to make it work correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions!



I’m looking for how to insert the products in this theme.

I have to create a page or post? Thank you for help.


We’ve included the demo content in the download package. You can use that as a starting point for your website.

First you need to create some products by going to the ‘Product’ menu. Create some product categories to put your products in. After you’ve created some products you can create a new ‘Product List’ and insert the product categories under the ‘Post/Page Options’. You can then insert the product lists into your navigation menu.

Hope this helps :)

Thank you very much for your help and sdifférents comments or responses I have read on this forum.

Now I have a problem of dimension (width) between the logo (top) and the page. I put the logo 960px, then 1024px by 1052px, no, it is not aligned with the page that wide.

see on :

thank you for your help.

Hello, is possible (with some row of code) to show the category product when i’m in product page? For example after the detail block in product view. Thanks Magio

Hi Magio,

Could you open a ticket for this on our support forum? Our developer will be able to give you an answer on this :)


Hello, make it … hope u can help me =) Cheers!! :)

But but nobody answered for days … :(

I have added a product and a product list. But i can’t add the product list to a page. It is not showing up in categories under post list content?

Help please.

All im trying to do its have a two column list of services that you see when you click on a link from the nav.


A product list cannot be added to a page I’m afraid. What you can do is make a product list and add content to the top of it. This is what we’ve done with our Homepage Example 2 as well:

A postlist itself can be added to the navigation menu in the same way a page is added to the menu under “Appearance -> Menus”.

Hope this helps :)

Adding the postlist as a menu item did exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

Can I define the order of the products in a list?

Right now it’s ordering them backwards to how I entered them. I would like to flip that at the very least or control the placement of each by numbering them.

Is it possible to have a full width image slider on your “Homepage example with an image slider” Option?

oops ignore this

I’ve used many themes from Themeforest and I’m sorry to say that this is one of the most unintuitive and frustrating themes that I’ve come across. I’m not a developer but I know my way around Wordpress very well and there are elements of this that take quite some time to work out (or else they don’t work – I can’t decide which).

I have a product page and I want to list my products on there. You had mentioned in one of your posts that you just create the product list, add content and then add it to the navigation menu but it is not showing up on my page list for me to add it – is there something else I should do? The whole product section is not easy to work out.

Secondly, I am using “Home page example with an image slider” and want to change the thumbnail pics that appear further down the page. Could you please clarify how you created this layout – is it a nextgen gallery? The same goes for the logos that you’ve got at the base of the page – how did you get this?

I would be grateful if you could help me out with these points. Normally I can work out a theme within half an hour but with this one it’s taken a lot longer and I’m not getting very far with it. I think you need to cover all elements of the theme in your documentation as I found it very basic and not very helpful compared with a lot of others that I’ve used.

I have now added the product pages to the nav bar by using a custom link but I’d appreciate it if you could let me know about the other things on the home page. Thanks.

I tracked down the answer to the above in your support forum, after quite a bit of searching (for anyone who needs it – the thumbnail gallery on that home page is contained within a page called “Small Gallery”).

Hi! I have a problem with the template and I tried the forum, email and so far haven’t get an answer. Can you please give me a solution for this problem. Thanks, Lourdes September 3, 2013 at 10:15 pm / #4282 Hi, I installed an event plugin into the my website to create events, but is not working correctly. I know is not the plugin because this is the third plugin installed and with each one of them I have the same problem. First, the even page template doesn’t work, is our of the original format. when you click on a specific event it takes you to the information but the side bar is on the bottom of the page and shows this error:

Warning: include(/home/www/web383/html/wordpress_test/wp-content/themes/thebeautysalon2/templates/event.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/web383/html/wordpress_test/wp-content/themes/thebeautysalon2/elderberry/EB_Blueprint.class.php on line 514

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/www/web383/html/wordpress_test/wp-content/themes/thebeautysalon2/templates/event.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php-gd-5.2.17/lib/php’) in /home/www/web383/html/wordpress_test/wp-content/themes/thebeautysalon2/elderberry/EB_Blueprint.class.php on line 514

Here is a link to the pages:

A second problem that I have is that I’m using the WordPress calendar, and the next and preview buttons don’t work.

Any way to help, please!

Thanks, Lourdes.

I already asked this question and never received response. can you tell me please : “Hi, The photos in the gallery are redirected to blog pages photo.. is it possible to get the gallery and when you click on a photo, you just get the photo in a lightbox? (no blog) thanks”


Yes this is possible :) You can link the gallery (tiles) to anything you’d like. With a small adjustment in the code you can use lightbox for this as well. Does this answer your question?


Hello. I want to know how to connect the sub menu’s page that is located in the main menu when I click the navigation of main menu. I just want to be shown like the main menus of live preview. I made almost pages of sub menu by PAGE (not post).

Any way to help, please! Thanks.


If I understand correctly, you want to set up sub-menus? This can be done under Appearance -> Menus, by dragging and dropping the menu items under each other. Does this answer your question?

Cheers :)

I just bought this theme and I was expecting the homepage to have a template. How do I get it to look like the homepage shown?


Thank you for your purchase! You can import the demo content which is included in the package. This will give you the sample pages that we also have in the demo, including the frontpages!

Hope this helps :)

I posted this in the support forum as well, I need help asap please!

I really need some help regarding a major problem … My website isn’t working properly anymore. I didn’t do anything, but the Products Page isn’t showing up anymore. I didn’t change anything at all, but somehow now it’s like this after opeing the products page: There are no posts here You are in the right place, but it seems that there are no posts that we can show here :(

Please help me, I need this product page working again asap!

At the point “Products” –> edit products –> view products it seems not working, too! Seems like there is a major problem with showing the products and the product pages with the product lists? Please help :(

Thank you so much!!

Is it maybe because of updating wordpress to 3.6.1 ?


Are you still experiencing this problem? Let me know and I’ll help you out asap!

Cheers :)

Solved, thanks! But there is still one problem …. I had this from the beginning and it was said you are working on it … The letters in the products page are cut off at the bottom … Do you have any news about this problem?

Just bought this theme and altough it’s a fairly simpled design it isn’t really easy to use. To bad, the documentation could be better.

When i upload my favicon.ico i still get my logo as favicon?


Sorry to hear about your experience. Could you maybe give us feedback on what you’d like to see improved in the theme? This will help us with future updates :)

Regarding the favicon, this indeed seems to be a bug in the theme. An update is in the making and will be online shortly!


Hi Im setting up my site but there seems to be an issue with the gallery. It goes over the container on the right


Did you change anything to the code? Or maybe you used different column shortcodes? Long story short, this shouldn’t happen ;)

Could you open a ticket on our support forum? Our developer will be able to help you out with this :)


Hey I am having a problem with the news/blog page. I am getting this message:

“There are no posts here You are in the right place, but it seems that there are no posts that we can show here :(“

I have two posts active with categories. Please help!


Hi Giles,

Sorry to hear you have a problem with the theme! Could you open a ticket on our support forum? Our developer will be able to help you out with this :)