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I’m having the same issue where the black footer bar floats and obscures the content. I’ve opened a ticket and tweeted at you folks, but no response. I’d love to launch the site… advertising and promoting an event depends on getting this issue fixed. Thanks!

I love the look of this theme but seem to be having the same issues as a couple of people above… 1. The black footer is ‘floating’ randomly halfway up the page 2. My uploaded image for the slider is not showing / working 3. Is there a way to remove the icon on the right hand side that links to the fonts Any help would be greatly apprecated

I need some help with getting this setup to look like the demo please! I have installed it but do not understand how to get it looking anything like the demo.

Does the slider have an option to show thumbnails under the slide?

Did anyone figure out how to get the black footer to stop floating in the middle of the page. I am having the same problem.

I’m having issues with the drop down menu after importing the xml settings from the one used in the demo. It shows as a grey area that doesn’t display properly. Any advice as I want to keep the dark skin background but maybe change the drop down menu colour?

Installed this with Wordpress 3.9.1 and it dosn’t work! Heres a link so you can see what I mean, help plz!

Okay, purched this theme. Solved a few errors like the floating footer with css and still this theme is fucking me up!

The Skeleton slider does not appear on all pages instead it shows an error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in on line 17 (the line: foreach( $slides as $slides ) { ).

Seems like others had the same issue, but the solution did not work for me.

Also the author has not replied to any messages of other users. ThemeForest should do something about this!