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I am sorry to offend anyone, but this theme is f—-ing amazing. I have never seen anything like it in a long, long time here. This blows out of the water so many themes which cost the same amount. Just incredible. I own about 50 Themeforest themes and this is going to be one of the very best of the bunch. I am am at a loss for adjectives. Mnky you rock and I hope this gets the super sales it deserves. Buy up people!

Thank you, really appreciate your words :) Hope you will enjoy your purchase!

wow great work! ;)

Thanks, mate! :)

Great, thank you MNKY . Many options and greater flexibility. I hope the issue will be further developed. I’d love to support future bbpress. While there is only one comment – if you put on the same site, where previously there was a theme – BIG CITY , then we get a lot of bugs in the menu. But if you put on a new site, then everything is fine.

Hi, thank you, press reload xml in theme options and all should be fine there.


What is the sidebar length? Will it fit Adsese 300*250 ads?

Hi, by default it is 260 in width and can be any height. But you can modify css a bit to change content and sidebar width if you want, we can help you there.


how is this theme any different that BIG CITY ? other than a few design changes?

cool, how hard would it be to update BIG CITY with those same improvements?

Well, would say it would be more like building a completely different theme :) So it would be much easier for you to modify this theme, if this is what you mean, but you can get similar look and feel of bogcoty by changes in theme options.


Hi, great work! :) . Any question, how i can disabled the feedback button please?. Thanks.


Thank you! In Theme Options go to Footer/Sliding sidebar and check disable sliding sidebar.


do you include a xml file for the sample content you have and is the theme mobile optimized or do you suggest a mobile component?

Hi, yes demo content is included, but without images due to licensing terms. Also you can get content of feature pages by pressing get the code in live preview on page you need.

Yu can choose font size for mobile devices in theme options panel, also you can choose bakcground that will be displayed only for mobilde devices. Layout stays the same es desktop.


would it be possible to get a screen shot of mobile options i viewed the demo site on my iPhone and it was the same, I’m looking to throw nab on top or bottom for mobile, i was considering a plugin or detect and use alternate theme but if its already in there that would be +1

There is a mobile-detect.php file and is used for background, on mobile you will see fabric texture as background in preview site but in theme options there is color chooser and background uploader Also you can change text size for better reading. So no real need for screenshot here.

the background image is unimportant if the navigation and widgets are not noved ehen a mobile device is detected its a bad user experience on mobile

As mentioned before, the layout stays :) To change it you can use a plugin or mobile theme or change menu in css with media queries. Cheers

Could you please explain how we can change the language of the theme? I made the revisions by CodeStyling Localization programme, created the .mo and .po files (they are under “functions/easy-fancybox/tr_TR.po”). I need to show the theme that it should use new TR file as the language, but could not do it.. Thank you for your assistance and congratulations for the good work..)

Hi, why fancybox? You should take the .po file in languages folder and translate, you can use Poedit, for example

Then just put .mo file that you will save into the same languages folder. And name it and in wp-config.php change
define('WPLANG', '');
define('WPLANG', 'tr_TR');


Hi there. Great template it looks really professional. One question though, is it possible to have another block of menus underneath the Menu on the left?

Hi, there is no such option by default, but you can achieve that with some code changes or use the same menu and add a break between items.



The theme looks awesome! I was looking something different and more blog like for my site I’ll probably buy this one and test it on another site. I have a question though. Do you offer customization? I’m looking a “long term” theme for




Thank you for your intereset. We do not provide customization services right now, but will be happy to guide you if you have any questions.


Sorry if this has been asked before – can the top slider that appears in the demo be deactivated, so that the blog portion starts right at the top of the page?

Also, related to kosaytak’s question – how much hassle is it to create a 300px sidebar? Will that have any effect on the side menu or widgets?

Thanks, looks awesome.

Hi, sure you can chooose any header you want.

Not too hard , but you will have to reduce the content width. Few px number changes in css.


I get this error in a fresh install Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/dratriv/public_html/wp-content/themes/theblog/functions/sidebars.php on line 1

Any clue?

Thanks, Sandra.

Great theme! A couple questions before I can buy:

1. Can the height where the logo is (The Blog) be made taller by editing the CSS ? And can it be full-width, with the social icons below it?

2. Is a widget available to add HTML is the side bar, for logos of affiliate sites, etc?

3. I noticed there is no social icon for Pinterest. Do you plan to create one in the near future?

Thanks! Amanda


Thank you!

Sure, you can edit logo sizes in theme options and if want also in css to move icons below as you said.

Yes, you can insert any HTML you want into a text widget.

You can easily add your custom icons for the widget, no problem with that :)


Solved, installed via .ZIP file :) manual installation doesnt work for me. :_(

Thanks for responding to my questions above. Further to my question about Pinterest… I meant will you be adding a Pinterest icon to your gallery of Social Widgets so that it can match the circle style of the others show at the top of the demo? Or are those pulled from somewhere else? Thanks!

Hi, this is a widget with many options, many social media are included by default. But you also haev fields where you can add your icon and your social service, for example Pinterest.


Thanks, mate! :)

Theme looks really awesome. Quick question, is there buttons for people to tweet, and share each blog post?



You can use a plugin to add these, there are many plugins available to do so :)


Love it! Great theme!

Thanks, mate! Hope you enjoy your purchase!