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i like to make some heavy modif to the shortcode that create “blog” list. where do i find it, wich file ?


You can find the shorcode files in functions/shortcodes/lib/shortcodes.php , then css folder and available.php for builder.


I am having trouble getting Google Rich Snippets to work. I get the following errors:

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

Research suggest it's because of the theme.

Apparently I need to find and do the following:

For the missing field entry-title: <?php if ( get_the_title() ): ?>

<?php the_title(); ?>

<?php endif; ?>

And replace the line in bold with this:

<?php the_title(); ?>

For the missing field updated: The error occurs because Google snippet wanted to know when was the post updated, so you have to search for the line containing the string “<?php the_date();?>”, and modify the line to look as below:

Published on <?php the_time(‘F S, Y’); ?>

For the missing field hCard author: This is more tricky as you need to include the elements from hCard microformat which are ”vcard” and ”fn”. Find the string <?php the_author(); ?>, and modify the code accordingly.

<?php the_author(); ?>

Where can I find these piece of code in the Blog theme? And do you have any other suggestions or do you think this will work?

Thank you, Victoria


You should look in loop.php and loop-single files.


is there a way to change the width of the entire theme?

You can do it in style.css, but you will have to make many changes.


I love this theme. If I’m creating a site with three main blog categories and each of those categories will require its own page, is it possible for me to put a different header image on each of those blog categories pages? (EX: the page in the main navigation that populates my blog on food can have one header picture while the page in the main navigation that populates my blog on clothing can have another header picture.)


Yes this is exactly what can be done with category styles in our theme. Please refer to user manual about settings category styles.



am having a problem when someone tries to leave a comment on one of my blog posts, this message comes up ‘Dang, you didn’t check the box indicating you are human’ and there is no box to tick, so they can’t leave comment.

Any ideas ?


Seems you are using some plugin, there is no such function in the theme.



Purchased the theme and really happy. I do have one issue tho. I am not sure if the issue is related to the theme or the setup of Wordpress.

I am experiencing a issue in webmaster tools. Basically the error is saying that robots.txt is stopping some files from being indexed.

It looks find to me and I have the privacy setting to “allow search engines index the site”.

I am completely confused and not sure if I am making a silly mistake.

Could I DM you the address of the robots.txt file?

Kind Regards


I’ve just purchased this theme a few minutes. Excitedly, I immediately attempted to install this theme. However, after about 1 minute, I was met with this message:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

I simply downloaded the theme, went to my Wordpress Dashboard > Themes > Install Themes > Upload and dragged the downloaded .zip file into the space, and received this message. Someone please help! Thank you in advance, loving the theme and I can’t wait to get to apply it!

Sincerely, Jay

Hello again!

I am posting again because I have a new problem when trying to install the new theme… As I installed it, it told me that the installation was successful however, when I clicked the option: “Live Preview” my Website seemed to have crash and now I can not visit my own blog nor can I visit the admin page itself!

Here is my website:

and the message I receive is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare contact_form_parse() (previously declared in /home/bluair/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php:20) in /home/bluair/public_html/wp-content/themes/theblog/functions/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php on line 36

My blog did not have any blog posts up as I have just created this domain and got some hosting. Please help! Is this something I should post in the forums as well?


Please see the end of the user manual to disable grunion form, if you use it ias a plugin. Or disable the plugin.


Hello again MKNY ,

I’m sorry, but I’ve followed your instructions as asked however, I can not even locate the files that the manual is leading me to delete. Additionally, “The blog” theme isn’t located under my themes folder when I go to Wordpress > wp-content > themes on my desktop. I apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience. Is there another action I can do to fix this issue?

Thank you ahead of time

Then you just have to disable grunion for plugin and then install the file in wordpress.


Thank you for all of your help so far!

I was wondering if it was possible to have a full-size picture in the slider and still be able to put text (like a quick excerpt/summary) somewhere in that slider for that specific picture?

Also, how may I install your custom widget that you have displaying the latest in X page (like you have on your preview site for technology and portfolio)

Loving the theme, and slow getting used to all the coding. Thanks again!


You can use another slider, but it will not slide post. You may want to look for some plugins for this.


Hello. For some reason my blog is running extreamly slow. Do you have any idea why that is? I have checked with my hotel host and they say its nothing wrong on their end, they said it could be the theme…

My blog



It is running quite OK from here. You can try disabling some theme scripts you do not use in functions.php per instructions in the end of the user manual.


Loving the theme and so many options to easily customise it. Just one thing I am stuck on so far. On the post slider settings. I have the image and the text working on the home page in each slide but it is missing the post title. I can’t figure out how to get that to come up on the slider.

Any help would be great Thanks



Hmm sound strange, do your posts have title?


Hello, I tried adding an RSS feed to my site I created with your theme, but it seems to only show the comments, not the posts. What should I do? The website is

Thank you! is no longer working! There is nothing there. What do I do?

Check your wordpres settings and plugins. Is should be fine:


Okay, what should I check exactly? Plugins are all up to date. Reading settings—> I use UTF -8. Thank you.

Ah, ignore. Geek fail. Font is in white, as is background…opps!

Hi I just purchased and uploaded the theme to my wordpress site. As soon as I activated it, all I see now is a completely blank page. I can’t even get to my wordpress dashboard.

Both the of the above links are just blank pages now. What’s gone wrong? I can’t even “View Source” in my browser. Just another blank window. :(


Please try manual upload and select binary transfer mode in ftp client.

Also try disabling plugins before installation.


The blog theme will adjust to the monitor size dislpay??? As Ipad, tv monitor, smart phone, etc…


It will be resized as any full website, for example try visiting themeforest.


I’ve got to say this is probably one of the most flexible themes on the market. My client is loving this one ;-) Thanks for making me look good..easily!

Quick question- One a page , I wanted to select the 2-column Portfolio page template but when I do that, it just shows as one-column. I had to select 3-column Portfolio template to show the 2-column (but as you can see from this page, the images are rather small and don’t take up the entire content width) that you see here.

Do you know why this would be happening? I’ve checked all the plugins, I’ve made some CSS changes but nothing in the functions.php file. Have you ever seen this happen?

Thank you for your response!

Hello there, have you made changes to content width? It just seem portfolio thumbnails do not fit, you can make them smaller :)


Hey…thanks for the lightning fast response MNKY ! Wel, I looked at the code and the content width is 930px (that hasn’t changed). I used the Feature Image for each Portfolio post and I figured they would scale to fit their respective column format for the Portfolio.

If I do need to change the content width 960px (that works) I can do that. Should I do this? Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks again for the response!

You should make images smaller in functions/portfolio.php , change add_image_size sizes. And also sizes in functions/mosaic/css/mosaic.css

Then run regenerate thumbnails plugin.


Worked like a charm with Mosaic.css change…just thought it was weird that I had to change the thumbnail sizes. Thanks MNKY !!!

I am considering purchase of this theme and wondered if it is possible to post images in the side bar.


Sure, you can add anything to a text widget.


Hello! I’m having few problem with the theme.

I upload a post and it is not showing in the homepage. But it does if I click in one of the categories.

Also, I added the facebook box, and it was working perfectly until last week. But no it isnt anymore.

Last thing is i can’t see the back bar in the top of the theme that allows me to go from my dashboard to my page and viceversa.

Please adivice how to fiz those things.




Is your homepage displaying latest posts? You should settings->reading to display your latest posts.

Can’t say what happened with your facebook box.

It can be turned on in wordpress settings.