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For some reason, the Board template preview has not been loading since Monday… not sure why this is, have tried on many different browsers and computers so I know the issue isn’t on my end. Any chance you will know when the preview will be available again? Thank you for your help!

The preview back to work now ... Thank you

Great work! sleeman23! I love the work so much! I am using the template Boxed Layout (index 6), for some reasons, concerning the “WORK” part, the size of the slide-in caption does not fit the box of picture (i.e.400×300px). The caption box is always larger than the picture. I saw it perfectly fit no matter which screen size are using in your preview ( But, the template that I downloaded could not function well, especially when screen size is under 1200px. How could I fix the problem?

It works perfectly! Thanks alot! Beautiful! By the way, still concerning the WORK part, when I click the portfolio, the ajex/project1.html is not coming out as expected. It states,” Error! Please refresh the page!”

Hi nganyathang , I am glad its work …Regarding the Error with ajax portfolio , If you run it locally on one of this browsers : Chrome , Opera and Internet Explorer they deny local AJAX requests , try to run it on server side or Mozilla Firefox …


Thanks for your advice!

supper awesome,best of luck;

Thanks GrafAS , I really appreciated …

Cheers …


First of all congrats for your template.

I contact you because I bought your template on December ‘13 and now I realize that you upload a new version. Shall I change anything in my old template to improve it? I mean anything like previous bugs that you ve fixed already in the new version or whatever or maybe anything that we (your costumers) should have into account.

Thanks beforehand


thanks sleeman for you quick reply. I guess that the names of the classes, atributte, etc etc… are the same. So to transfer my version to the new version I only need to change the content, right?

Actually the classes name of bootstrap 3 are completely changed from the version 2 , so you need to change the content and the bootstrap css file , i think it will be easier if you apply your content to the new version …


thanks for the reply. I gonna try.

Hi please i bought your template but i can not get my contact us page to work. how do i go about it please?

everything working fine except the mail

Hi charlesani , thanks for purchasing he template , if i understand what you main by the mail not working !! go to classes folder and open contact.php file , at line 14 change the address to yours…

Regards …

Thanks for the reply, i have fixed it…..................................Meanwhile i like the new slides for the updated template, please how can i use it on my own site since its is template and do i have to pay for it again?

No charlesani , you don’t need to pay for it , simply download the template once again ..


This is a lovely theme and so straightforward! However, I know I’m dim, but I can’t work out where I can change the little titles on the forward-back nav arrows on the slider. Be grateful for your advice. Thank you.

Hi Cobweb , thanks for purchasing the template , open any index file that contain Revolution slider , and find data-title=” insert your title here ” , its with the ‘li’ tag , Hopefully this is help …


Oh dear, I feel so stupid! Now you’ve pointed it out, it’s as clear as day. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer so promptly.

Hi thanks for the theme I love it but I don’t know if I’m tired or what but how do you edit the map i have input the latitude and longitude and the address in the jquery.gmap.js but nothing as happened also the verification image is not showing can you explain how please.

Hi , thank you for purchasing the template , First the address : go to js folder and find custom,js file and find gMapInit() function ,inside the function where is written address insert yours instead of the written one which is London, England, and in the marker insert the marker address and if you wish to display text when clicking on the marker insert yours in the html. The verification image it showing properly just maybe you are not using local server , something like MAMP or WAMP .

Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi thank you for the reply the map working fine but the email verification image still not showing I uploaded to server and still not working in the classes folder the image as this (image.php.html.png) extension could this be the problem

Hi , this really strange !! I try it on two machine and the verification image is shown , anyhow ill check it in this two days on different machine and figure out what the problem could be.

Thank you

Hello, great template thank you!! This might fall under customisation but I’ve reordered the parallax-band1 section – so I’ve copied from and repeated it multiple times. I’m finding that .item is not centering and when resized to mobile or tablet, it’s not taking up 100% of the div but is a small white box to the left with text cut off. Do you have any idea what might be causing this error or can point me in the direct to associated files to this section – maybe I’ve deleted something I shouldn’t have?

Hi, there is too many things you modified in your website so I sugest you reset this content to how it was in the origenal template and build it once again, just try to check the website after each editing you did. and also add to the .parallax-in class text-align:center


No worries, thanks so much!

Dear sleeman23,

Can You help us with services tab control in about us page!? If we create more than 4 tabs it won’t show them.

Can this be solved?

Best Regards, Josip

Hi, Thanks for purchasing the template and my apologies for the delay, you need to change the tab li width in the custome.css file find ul.tabs li and change the width property.

Thanks, Ashraf


I have a question about the website which a bought a few years ago. The Image verificatiecode doesn’t work anymore and i hav changed nothing. Even when i download the template again, there is the same problem. I even had no contact anymore for a long time for people hoe want to get in contact.

I think it’s something with a ajax problem , but please how can we fix this because my business is depending about this. (click on contact) ans you see a broken link of the Image verification.

Kind Regards Arjan

Hi, I am going to update the form contact in the upcoming days.

Thanks, Ashraf

Ok, Thanks. When can i expect the update?

In the next week.

i bought this and am trying to download and the file won’t download. it fails and says cnceled. How do I get the ZIPfile?

Hi, I am sorry for this misunderstanding but this not a WordPress theme.