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Cool looking theme!

Thanks WPExplorer :-)

Really nicely done! I am interested in a few customizations, let me know if you do that. In the meantime, here are a few basic questions:

1. Can I change the footer to grey (#EEE)?

2. Also, can I add a newsletter subscription box?

3. Can I use instagram instead of dribble in the footer?

Other than that, I have bookmarked for use in next project.

I’m really excited.

Hi projectsourced!

Here are my replies:

1. Yes you can :-) All colors are changeable. You can even had a full width footer/ header / content (like the one on the demo site) or a constrainded footer/ header / content – you have different colors for all of these areas and elements of the theme.

2. The theme has available space for 4 widgets (currently ‘about’, ‘flickr or dribbble’, ‘twitter’ and ‘social links’). I didn’t include any newsletter subscription (as there are many services out there) but you could remove one of these widgets editing the code directly. If you can’t do that, you can send me the code and I’ll do this for you (the cut and paste).

3. Instagram is not supported at the moment, but I will definitely have it on my list for a future update :-)

I hope this helps.


Patricia knows how to design beautiful things :) Cool theme!

Thanks so much fireform :-)

Super happy to see another theme from your Patricia. This one is super!

Thanks so much Mike :-)

How can I change the contentpage-header size. Thanks

Hi there!

To change that element’s size you’ll need to add some code in the Custom CSS field (in the Customize Panel) – change the size in this example to whatever is good for you:

#content #contentpage-header {
height: 10em;

.pageinfo {
min-height: 10em;

Ypu might need to change other sizes such as:

.pageinfo .notes {
margin-top: .5em;

.page-title {
font-size: 3.0em;
line-height: 1.2em;
position: absolute;
bottom: 0;

I hope this helps.

Thanks for buying my theme :-)

Thanks for reply!

You’re welcome :-)

Very nice clean theme.. :) I would like to see links through the slides and my custom pages on header and not on footer… better support for photo sets and different position for audio player on permalink page because it covers the artwork..



Hi Nick!

Thanks so much for purchasing The Catalog :-)

You can configure links using the text description in your photo page (with a link to that page). Then you can show text over the slider image using the Customize Panel > Appearance > [x] Show Slider Text.

Regarding the Photoset support – what did you have in mind?

As for the other feedback, I will take notice of it for future updates :-)

Thanks so much!


I would love to purchase this theme however before I do, I would like to ask a question. I notice that all the link are at the footer of the theme. How do you alter that to make the links appear on the header instead of the tags appearing on the header?

Thank You in Advance

Hi JudeDias!

This is an option that I will add in the next update as it has been requested more than once :-)

An update to this theme will be available really soon.


Hi JudeDias!

Pages links can now be added to the top nav (version 1.1).


Hello Again,

I figured how to get the links in order. However I am unable to get the flickr widget to work. I followed the instructions as mentioned in the documentation and non of my pictures on flickr show up. Help in this matter would be much appreciated.

Thank You,

Hi again,

Please try with just the username, that’s what I’m using with the demo site. The username is the one that follows the ‘' when you click the ‘You’ link (top menu on Flickr).

Please let me know if this helps.



I did try that as well. It still does not activate the widget. I am not sure what’s wrong.


Hi again!

Please send me your flickr link to my email so that I can check it out –



I use “The Catalog Tumblr Theme” and i have problem: If use 8 or 12 posts per page (customise/advanced) dont display all my posts (13 or 17 post only). Only if use 4 posts per page is ok… What is wrong?

Thanks, Stathis Sorry for my terrible English, i speak and use Greek only :)

Hello again, I have tried both 8 per page and 12 per page and none of them works properly. Please inform me how to continue.

Hi Stathis!

Would you mind contacting me by email so that I can help you more effectively? Here’s my email:


Hi BStathis!

This bug is now fixed. Please download the update. Thanks!

Does this theme support Tumblr’s photosets? I didn’t see a sample post in the demo making use of them.

Hi again!

At the moment it only arranges the images vertically, but I plan to include an option for this – this way you can choose if you want Tumblr’s way or vertically displayed (like it is currently).

I hope this helps.


Hi pricelessmisc!

Version 1.1 (now available) supports Tumblr’s default photoset layout.


I was wondering why the pagination is reversed on this item. I’ve done everything I can to change it but i can’t. For what ever reason, counter to what is typical, it starts with previous, and the last page says next! HELP!

You can see my application of it at


I will check it and as I’m working on the next update I will add the necessary fixes then. I’m planning to release the new update with fixes and requests in early March.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Hi SevenCrowns !

This is now changed in version 1.1 :-) Please download the update.



I just purchased this theme today and it is awesome, thank you!

I wanted to know how to configure my home page so that it doesn’t change based upon new posts. I would like to keep the same thumbnails at all times unless I manually change them. I believe this would be the same configuration as the demo page. How do I do this?

Thank you, Court

Hi Court!

The Demo site doesn’t change its thumbnails because I haven’t updated it since :-)

Basically Tumblr displays all posts chronologically, so the last you add will be the first to show up.

The only way to get around this it to (after adding new posts) change the date of the posts you want to feature as the first ones to a date more recent.

This is how Tumblr work and there’s no way around it :-/

I hope this helps.


Thanks so much! I used your work around and I’m okay with that ;-) I really dig this theme, thank you again. I’m slowly but surely customizing over at

Thanks again!

You’re welcome :-)

I have a few questions 1. Can the number of posts shown on the home page be changed? 2. Can the background color of the footer be changed? 3. Can the default post (photo) size be changed?


Hi Strangelanguage,

You can change the number of thumbnails (posts) in the homepage by unchecking the infinite scrolling in the Customize Panel and then use the Tumblr’s default Posts per Page dropmenu.

Yes, the footer (header and content) can have different colors. There’s an option for those in the Customize panel.

I’m not sure if you are referring to the thumbnails size or the permalink page, but: thumbnails have proportional widths depending on the size of the browser window (you see always 4 of them per row). In the post page, they will fill the total area of the column in width. However, if can add css code to make them behave differently.

I hope this helps.


Nice theme for sure. Although, the central element doesn’t work for me. Can’t make the slider work. Installed theme in different ways. Check. Slider enabled in setting. Check. Added #slider. Check. Still, the posts only show up as regular thumbnails next to each other. Any tips what else I can try?


Hi mirkostolz!

Please send me the link of your site so that I can check it (


problem solved. thank you.

I’m glad. Thanks :-)

Hi there, I installed the theme - however I do not have an “Enable Slider” Button! Help

Hi again,

Did you enable the lighbox in the Customize Panel? You need to. Please check and let me know.

As for the thumbnail size, the theme is currently using a quite complex grid system, so it’s very hard to edit one thing without messing up with the rest. If you want to try out and change things, what I’d recommend is for you to use a browser with a Developer Tool like Firefox / Firebug or the similar one in Chrome.


It is enabled, but still no lightbox. also How can I get links to open in new windows from posts?

Hi again,

When you enabled the lightbox did you hit the save button? It should work. Did you made any changes to the original code?

Was wondering is it possible to have slider appear on all pages?

Hi 99Entertainment!

You’ll need a tweak for that. Please find this bit of code in source:


and then place a // before the $ sign. This will comment out this command.


Hello! I LOVE your theme and I’m very excited to use it. I’m trying to have the photos in the slider be as thin as the ones you have in the demo site but they are too thick. It doesn’t seem to be a question of their size, but rather a question of the template). How can I make the slider images thinner? (make them look like the ones on the demo)? Thank you! A.

Hi andreapatino!

Thanks so much for buying my theme.

In the demo site I used 1280px x 492px sized photos for the slider. I recommend using 1280px wide and less than 500px tall. Making all images the same size will keep the slider perfect.

And also, is there any way that I can have a video instead of a photo slider? For instance, have a video post that occupies most of the slider’s space? Thanks!

Hi again,

At the moment the slider only works with (single) photo posts. If I do find a way to make it work with videos in the future I’ll post an update :-) The theme will also have an update soon to fix some bugs and add new features.

Oh! Ok, I figured out the photo issue! Could you still tell me though, how to set a video in the place of a slider? Thank you! A.

Hi! I’ve answered in my previous answer, sorry… no videos at the moment.

Thank you for all your help! :)

You’re welcome :-)

I just bought this theme called “The Catalog”. I love it so far! It looks so good. Awesome job!

I just have some minor questions that I would like to ask.

1. How do I change the size and the font of the “tumblr pages” links in the header?

2. I can only have 3 pictures in my slider. I want to have more. Like in your demo site. I have tagged all of the pictures but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

3. Is there any way to remove the “home”-link in the header? Or change it to be written in capital letters?

4. Will there be any support for a Facebook “like my fan page”-widget in the footer?

Thank you for your time and for the stunning theme!

Hi again!

If you can, please send the link to support (at) so that I can check it out.


Hey again!

Nevermind, I fixed it. I wasn’t your theme, it was tumblr. I saw that my photo posts did not register with the “slider” tag. So the tags didn’t work even though I had tagged it. I searched on google and found out that I wasn’t the only one having problems with this. I couldn’t come up with a solution to this. But when I was messing around, I right clicked and saved the photo from the untagged photo post. Then I uploaded it again but with the saved photo as a new photo post and tagged it with “slider”. Just as I had done before. But now it worked! Really strange solution, but it works.

Thanks for the amazing theme!

I’m glad :-) Thanks!