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I think the price is mistaken. You should contact support to fix this

Hey, thanks for notifying, someone contacted before me and they fixed pricing.

pricing mistake ???

Yes, there was pricing mistake but it corrected now.

It’s like promotion . hehe.

good luck. :)

Went very well for a while :P

Yeah, it’s cheaper than the HTML version! I don’t think TF prices themes lower than $35 any more.

Hi, that was a pricing mistake on end of

The support has been contacted.

Hey, thanks for notifying them. I was travelling during that.

Off-course they are :)

Hi, Can this theme be setup so the front page menu does not fall within the slider? I’d prefer to have a more standard menu bar that sits above the slider.

Also – does it support child themes or a way to enter custom css if necessary?

Thanks, Bill


This theme support 2 menu types, standard and mega menu. You can also add CSS tweak to change menu position. Sure you can add custom CSS. It also include dummy data XML.

Thank you.

Stunning theme! :)

Thank you so much :)

Nuts…one more question I forgot in my post above. Does it include the dummy xml data?

- Bill

Yes, sure it includes dummy xml.

Really good focus mate!

Just FYI, I saw few notices on events page. Looks there have active wp debug mode.

Good luck, TT

Thank you Brother, and also for notifying, yes wp debug mode is one which I’m going to turn off now :)

Can you setup recurring events. We are looking for a Theme that will allow you to create recurring events so if it’s a weekly event you don’t have to re-post.

Sure, this theme supports recurring events functionality. If you setup an event once, for example a weekly event for next 6 months. It will be repeated for next months.


How do I install this theme

What kind of issue you are facing? Would you please never mind opening a detailed support ticket at

Nice theme so far! However, I’m running into an issue with the Typography section of the Admin panel. It will not let me change the font sizes at all, and the Text Widget options are not displaying at all in that section either. Also, would love to see some more options in Admin for coloring of the theme’s different types of typography (p, h1, h2, h3, etc.). That would be VERY helpful!

Thanks for the help ahead of time!

Hi, thanks for purchasing our theme. I had forwarded this ticket to developer. Because of weekend response to this ticket will be delayed a little, however we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.

Hi, this theme look very nice. Before i buy this I need some informations. I wonder, will wpml and qTranslate work well with this themes? Where the language switcher button will appear if they work? Do this theme have RTL LTR function? Because I will use English, Hebrew and Chinese.

I will configure the site for a conservative person, he want to have to be something not too fancy, can I easily tweak these by changing the image (without changing the code directly)?

Can you tell me how the charity indicator works? Is it just a space reserve for charity or do this theme can really meter the donations? Thank you. :)

Hi, We are working on an update to the theme which will support WPML and RTL function will be working with in this release.

The donation widget at home page is not just a reserve space, its a working donation meter that can display your donation campaign progress using PayPal’s API.

Thanks for your interest.

Bought this, the features are really cool.

Thank you for liking this theme.

Very nice theme, but found a couple bugs. You completely forgot the if statement for custom background images. Nested Menus aren’t working with the wordpress standard menu. I’m also having issue getting MegaMenu to activate with the selected menu from the dropdown.

event by date page shows all events instead of filtered events

Thanks for helping me out regarding these bugs :) I’m creating an update which will fix all these issues.

No problem. I just happen to be fixing most of them myself, and figured you’d like to know.

Hi: when the bugs will be fixed? Thanks

Hi, the updated version will be available for download in 24 hours.

Thank you.

Thank I wait!!

Hi, the updated version is available for download now.


Hi, my prayer wall did not function properly, I have set up like in the help documentation. After I submit a prayer, I receive notification (at the sender email) but the prayer didn’t show up in the page i have put the short code into. Do I have to set up somewhere else to make it function properly? Thanks.

Hi, Your prayer wall issue is fixed. About menu issue. Its not a bug, menu is styled in a way that it overlay on home page slider while on internal pages it displays with a background. If you want to have a menu similar to the one on internal pages, you need to copy its CSS and add to the menu at home page. Let me know if you need my help with it.

Thank you.

I can manage that. Thank you, you have been really helpful.

Glad it helped :)

Any reason why I would be having so much trouble trying to install the “layer slider” and “event organizer” in an instantWP install? I’m building it virtually on my computer before FTPing it to our content server. Please help. Thanks.


Hi, these plugins are actually included within theme directory itself. You can find them here. Theme\the-church\framework\extensions\plugins

Any reason why I would be having so much trouble trying to install the “layer slider” and “event organizer” in an instantWP install? I’m building it virtually on my computer before FTPing it to our content server. Please help. Thanks.


Thanks. I was asking specifically in reference to hyperlinked words on pages. They do not display different from the text at all until a user surreptitiously hovers over them. How can I just give them a slight color shift from the rest of the text using this style sheet?

More questions for you: 1. Why does our site logo display larger when i scroll down a page, and why is the site header opaque until that happens? 2. The boss just wants light grey header bars with dark text. Where can I add this css? 3. Is there a way to change the color schemes or add custom background? Is there a way to get rid of the banner behind page titles? 4. Some of my menu items are not displaying properly. Particularly sub menus that should open to the side of their parent page’s name are displaying two menu items lower than they should (which makes it impossible to click them). How can I fix that?


(I know what’s going through your head right now, I promise I already have thought it—but please help out!)

Is there a good resource for this theme that will tell me what CSS code will change what? I mean if you just have a cheat sheet you used in the design process, send me a shot of that, PLZ!

Hi, Here are answers to your questions.

1. You can write you own css you display hyperlink. At theme option panel, click at styling=> custom styling, in custom styling field you can put your own css to over-write theme CSS. Add this code,

a { color:blue; font-weight:bold; }

This css code will change, all links color to blue, and make them bold you can apply our own styling, for more information visit

2. Grey header bars with dark text. Ans: click at styling=> custom styling, in custom styling field put following code.

.inner-heading { background-color:gray; color:black; padding:4px 30px; cursor:default; }

Q .3 Is there a way to get rid of the banner behind page titles? Ans: click at styling=> custom styling, in custom styling field putt following code.

.inner-heading, .h-right, .h-left { background:none; }

Q .4 insert following css to code to position of 3rd level menu.

ul.sub-menu ul { top: 10px !important; }


Can calendar accept a monthly event that occurs on “second Tuesday” or “fourth Thursday”?

Hi, Sure calender accepts recurring events. It allows complex reoccuring patterns for events. You can create events that last an arbirtary time, and repeat over a specified period. Supports complex schedules such as On the third Tuesday of every fourth month or Every month on the 16th.

Thanks for your interest :)