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I uploaded the folder the-church via ftp and my wp is saying stylesheet missing… I purchased last night am I missing something?


You are not missing anything. Please check that you had uploaded correct folder. The folder that you downloaded from should have a sub-directory Theme, within it another folder ‘the-chruch’.

Zip and upload this folder to your server. On servers its location should be something like wp-content/themes/the-church

Then try activating it. If you are still facing issues, you can open a ticket here.

Thank you.

Hi I re-downloaded the theme from here and the style.css was in the package this time… don’t know why I wasn’t the last time but it was definitely missing…. Sorted now though, thanks

Glad its resolved.

Thank you :)

Hi- I see someone posted a couple days ago about the bug issue with the Mega Menu. I just downloaded this theme yesterday and do not have the Mega Menu option under Primary Menu. Just wondering if you were still in the process of fixing this?

Cheers, great theme!

Import feature of Layer Slider is to import existing slider that you can see on demo and few others. It becomes very helpful in creating your own slider as you get a good starting point. However you can create slider without doing any import.

i see that, but i can’t get the layer slider to appear on my home page.

To do this, you have to know the ID# of your layer slider. After that go to the page you are using for homepage, at bottom of page builder, find option ‘Top Slider Type’, from drop-down here, select Layer Slider and then enter the ID number in ‘Layer Slider ID’.

Your slider will appear on top of your home page.

Hope it helps :)

I understand how to create “footer1”, “footer2”, etc. I’m not sure how to assign a given footer to a page. Please help. Thanks!

Hi, I had forwarded this question to our WP developer. Will provide you detailed answer ASAP.

You can generate different sidebar widgets, and assign them to individual pages, but footer widget will remain intact, it cannot be changed. means you cannot add different footers to different pages with this theme.

Thank you.

In addition, my footer shows four items in a vertical row. It does not transition to four columns in a responsive manner.

Are you using Widgets in all 4 footer widgets sections? Widgets can be added from here: WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

Widget section names are: Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4, Footer 5.

Each of these section represents one column in footer.

Or if above doesn’t solve your issue, would you please never mind sharing a screenshot here or at your ticket at

Thank you.

OK. That’s fixed. Thanks!

Next question. When I post a photo with a blog post, I’m finding that the “featured image” is used on pages with multiple blog posts and that the “inside post thumbnail type” is used on single post pages. So you have to insert the photo twice per blog post. Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

2 type of images are used in posts. 1. Featured Image Its displayed on blog home and archive pages.

2. Image inside post, its displayed on single page for that post i.e, single.php

Thank you.

Apologies again for another noob question. I got the right theme this time, and uploaded The Church to my site. Cool. Love the slider.

Somewhere in there I think I changed some colors in the appearance, but I can’t remember where or how. When I go to edit the theme, the only choices in the left panel are Site Title and Tagline and Static Front Page. No colors or anything. Where can I find that?

Also I cannot for the life of me figure out how to eliminate the “No Image Available” that pops up in each blog post.

I’m sure these are really simple stupid questions to ask, but I gotta ask!



Hi, Here are answers to your questions.

1. To change theme color/skin. Please go to your WordPress admin panel > The Church > Styling > Color Schemes

Please select the color scheme from here (5 options). To add custom styling, go to the sub tab custom styling.

2. ‘No Image Available’ appears when you do not have a featured image in a post. You can add featured image in a post at post edit page. Option is located at right side under categories and tags options.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for your purchase.

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have looked high and low for “Styling” under The Church theme on the Admin panel (Dashboard?) and can’t find any reference to it.

When I go to the themes page (where it lists all the themes) all it says under The Church is this:

Current Theme The Church

By CrunchPress TeamVersion 1.1.1 Wordpress Theme Based on CrunchPress Framework

CustomizeOPTIONS: Widgets Menus Primary Menu

If I open the Theme to look for more options all I see on the left side are:

You are previewing The Church

A place to change Site Title and Tagline and Static Front Page

No reference to styling.

Also, I’d rather not have a default image. I’d rather have the posts require no featured image. Is there a way to turn that off? If I don’t, when I try to put in an image, it displays it at the 930 pixel width, which is WAY too big. I want text in posts, not huge images…

I do thank you again for your quick responses, but I need more help!

Jeff K.

Hello Jeff,

Please follow this illustration:

Thank you.

That did it! Thanks… but… for removing (or at least resizing) the way the no featured image bit displays?? I don’t want to put up a 930 pixel image with every post!



If you use a smaller layout for blog such as medium thumbnail with both sidebars on, you can use small size featured images. We are working on an update which will allow users to turn off featured image functionality.

Kind Regards,

How exactly do I create the Facebook page using the template?

Hi, This is an HTML facebook template. Edit it with any HTML editor or notepad of your choice. Upload it to your server and use its URL on server in facebook. Here is a video showing how you can ifram this template in facebook.

I have noticed that on the Prayer Wall, the words Prayer Request at the bottom of the page are spelled incorrectly. It shows Paryer Request. I looked on the demo page and it is wrong there too.

Also, our prayer requests are not showing up on the Prayer wall as your demo shows. In fact they are not showing up at all. Is this a coding issue that you can correct or something that I am doing wrong?


Is it possible that a css file is missing from prayer box? It seems like all the styles from the two pages are missing. No featured image, no red button, etc.

Hi, Your solution is upgrading the theme. You should upgrade to version 1.3.0 If you are not getting the updated version in download from please open a ticket at and I can send the updated theme from there.

Thank you.

I upgraded the theme yesterday. These problems are the result of the upgrade unfortunately. They had the attributes with the previous version, just also had the typo.

I just downloaded the theme and have been going through the documentation but noticed that the documentation doesn’t match the latest download version. Do you have an updated doc file? Also do you have any sample site configs that have demo pages to get started?



Documentation is updated and it works with the latest version. Sample configuration file (.xml file to import dummy content) is included within theme.

We have a special customer support system at It allows better complaint resolution and ticket tracking to our customers.

Please open a ticket there and a dedicated support representative will get intouch with you


Thank you.

Sorry, second question… none of the default menus are displaying, do you have to create them all from scratch? (Top/Main menu or Mega Menu).

These menus can be imported using xml file for dummy content. Please open a ticket at and we will get it resolved for your ASAP.

Thank you.

Hi, I was about to buy this template but have one question: are we able to change the color scheme using photoshop or something? I want to have a basic white background and something else as the highlight that’s not offered in the current 5 color schemes. Please let me know.



Sure you can change color schemes and background patterns. Color schemes can be changed by adding your custom CSS, I can provide you code for highlights once you make your purchase. While background patterns can be uploaded through theme control panel.

Thanks for your interest.

King Regards,

Thanks so much! Look out for the sale!

Hey there, I am working on events and only two events will show up in the events slider on my home page. is there a way to control how many events will be in the slider?

Hi, You can change this by editing code or this option. Using FTP please go to the-church > framework > options > event-elements.php

Edit event-elements.php, go to line number 10 and find this code, $args = array(‘numberposts’=>3);

Please change 3 with the number of posts that you want to display in events slider.

Thank you.

Love the theme. Is there an easy way to change the body color and nav rollover box color?

I’m sorry I meant font body color. I would also like to change the nav hover box color.

You can write you own css to change font body color . At theme option panel, click at styling=> custom styling, in custom styling field you can put your own css here to over-write theme CSS. Thanks.

If you have anyother questions, please feel free to open a ticket at

Also, how do you take off the title for the event details page?

Do you want to take off small ribbon on top of page with text ‘Event Detail’ ? If so, this element cannot be controlled from GUI of theme. There isn’t an option to disable it. You have to go through its code and remove it.

You can always open a ticket at for better ticket tracking and timely response of your support issues.

Thank you.

You can write you own css to change font body color . At theme option panel, click at styling=> custom styling, in custom styling field you can put your own css here to over-write theme CSS.


How do I correct the spelling error on the Prayer Wall page. It reads Paryer Wall in bold print, large fonts. I am using the most current version of the template. Thank you for any comments or suggestion you may have to offer.


To correct it please edit plugin file. Go to your Plugins > Praybox > inc > functions.php Fine $req_list_output.=’ Paryer Request

Its located at line 147. Correct the typo here.

Thank you.

Ok I went to the church/frameword/extensions/praybox/inc/functions.php and after downloading a php reader I was able to make the correction, but what now? Do I have to reinstall the program and start over from beginning? Hope not, I have alot of information on the website I’ve been working on and a lot of time invested too.

Thank you for your time and comments.

No there is no need to reinstall anything. after making correction in church/frameword/extensions/praybox/inc/functions.php just save it, so it should work properly.

Thank you.

I have the same issue as a few people I have seen. The documentation shows a screenshot of the Admin Panel that has different options than my panel has.

My Menus also only shows “Main Navigation Menu” and not “Top Navigation Menu”. I want to be able to have that top nav bar where it shows the social icons are in the screenshots.

Also, how can I add a background color to the menu. Right now it is transparent. Thank you!

Hi, The Church WordPress theme supports 2 menu system. 1. Regular WordPress Menu. 2. Mega Menu

It does not support the top social media menu. As it have 2 menu systems built-in so there are different CSS selectors. Tell us which menu you want to customize, so I can tell you css selectors according to type of menu.

Thank you.

Hi, I really love the way this theme looks. I understood how to install everything on wordpress with the helpful guide that was provided. My question is, how do I install the Facebook page? I have never done this before. If anyone could explain step by step that would be great! Thank you. Will be purchasing more from this author soon.


Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to setup your facebook fan page.

Thank you.

Thanks for your support. The link you have given me is a free app to install. The app is filled with bugs and technical issues. The app is asking me for a url. Were do i upload the Facebook template files?

This link was basically telling how to install a facebook fan page. You can find the files for Facebook fan page in the package you downloaded from These files are located in a sub-directory with name of ‘Facebook Template’. Upload these files to your server and then provide their URL in facebook fan page to display as an iframe.

Thank you.

Hi, I purchased the theme and I’m working on customizing it. I have a few questions on how to make things look like what’s featured in the theme:

1) Home Page: How do I add a feature like the ribbon above the Events Schedule that has the logo, text and the Buy Now button? 2) Contact Page: How can I add the maps, a divider line and text like you have on the top of the Contact Page?



The elements you want to add can be added using page builder. It is located at bottom of ‘Write New Page’ screen. You can find detailed instructions on theme usage in included documentation. This documentation can be find in ‘the-church/documentation’ folder.

1. The featured ribbon at home can be added using, ‘Text-Widget’ element from page builder.

2. The map in contact page is adding using ‘column’ widget. 2 columns are used side by side to add ‘Get in touch’ and ‘contact us’ text. Contact form is added using contact form element.

If you have anyother questions, you can open a support ticket at

Thank you.

Hi: I opened a ticket at your support site. I need to know why the logo switch and the dimensions area are not showing up in my control panel. All it has is the upload logo functions. Also, I do not want the donations plugin on my site since we do not accept donations. Is this absolutely necessary for the template to function? Thanks

Hi, Just replied to your ticket ID#43046

Thank you.

Hello can the logo height be amend


You can change logo height by changing CSS rules for logo. To do this, please go to your theme folder ‘the-church/stylesheet/main.css’

In main.css go to line number 263. Here you can see similar code. #logo { float: left; height: 52px; margin: 0; outline: medium none; padding: 0; text-align: center; width: 188px; }

This is where you can set height and width for logo.

Thank you.