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Hi, before I commit to the purchase of this theme, I would like to know if the prayer request section (the button that says “I prayed for you”) can be customized into Spanish.


Theme is translatable through WPML plugin and you can change it to whatever language you like. If any string of text is missing from WPML, feel free to post a support ticket at and we can provide you the exact location of that text in code, where you can translate it.

Thank you.

Hi, before I commit to the purchase of this theme, I would like to know if the prayer request section (the button that says “I prayed for you”) can be customized into Spanish.

Your question is already answered :)

Thank you.

I’ve been having the toughest time with the mega menu, I’m trying to mimic the demo, and when I add a link under a menu, on the front end it displays all together, it doesn’t show with a dropdown menu like the demo. when I go back to the admin area to select 1 or 2 columns, soon as i click update, it switches back to no-drop.

Hi, Please kindly open a ticket at with your login information and site URL. Our developer will do the fix at your site.

Thank you.

The contact form has 3 blank boxes, no labels… how do I label them?

Sorry, I’m not able to understand your question. Can you please share a screenshot, it will be helpful in understanding the issue you are facing.

Thank you.

I was speaking of the name box, the email box, and the body box that are on the email form, aren’t labeled

PHP function to print contact form is located in your-domain/wp-content/themes/the-church/framework/options/page-element.php edit this file with any text editor and find.

<div class=”contact-form-wrapper” id=”cp-contact-form”>

Under this div you can find actual HTML used to print contact form, you can modify it according to your needs.   Thank you.

Twitter widget been saying “Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.” since I installed the theme. tried, myusername, @myusername, created a widget on twitter and got the string of numbers, neither one worked

Twitter API is upgraded by Twitter which is causing this issue, open a ticket at and our developer can provide you the fix.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as jdrick55 with the mega-menu plugin, it was working before. I suspect it broke after updating to the latest wordpress version (3.5.2). I’m currently unable to save any of the fields under “Menu Item Configuration Options”, everything else works fine.

Hi, Please kindly open a ticket at with your login information and site URL. Our developer will do the fix at your site.

Thank you.

After downgrading to 3.5.1 I can confirm the mega-menu plugin works again.

Mega Menu is conflicting with latest release of WordPress. We are working on an upgrade, meanwhile to expedite fix for you, please share your login information and site URL in a ticket at and our developer can provide you the fix.

Thank you.

Nice theme I must say and quite interested in making a purchase to build a church website but got a couple of questions
1. Can I add extra fields here? Would like to have the phone number of applicants for prayer request.
2. There is an error on the side bar in the event listing.
3. Can specific naming of each item in the gallery be done
4. Your site is under reconstruction. Hope this won’t affect support for your theme?
5. The contact form on the demo is without the fields labelled appropriately. No indication for name, email, website and message


Thanks for your interest. Here are answers to your question.

Ans 1. From panel, it not allowed to add extra fields. 2. Error is fixed on the side bar in the event listing. 3. You can add multiple galleries and specify their names 4. Sure its not going to effect support, we have support system available at 5. You can add field names with very small changes. We are going to make this available in upcoming release.

Thank you.

Hi, I followed the directions to upload the theme to wordpress (zip correct file and upload through themes area on wordpress) but i keep getting an error. I am using wampserver to host locally while I edit and plan to put everything on a live server later on

Hi, you should have been getting this error due to PHP file upload size limit. Your server have smaller upload size limit then then the theme itself. Please upload it FTP, you can use FTP client like Filezilla for this.

Thank you.

1. What is the projected turn around time on the setup? 2. Can I Moderate the prayer request before it is posted live on the site? 3. Also can I stream viseo directly to this site?


Setting up the dummy data as on demo takes 10 minutes. See this video, Prayer request can be moderated before publishing. You can use any 3rd plugin to setup video streaming, its not available by default in theme. Example plugin,

Thank you.

Hi there,

Nice theme. My client is considering it for a new project. I have a few presales questions:

  1. I can see that there is a background image uploader. Will the backgroundimage be shown from immediately under the top slider (banner-holder) until the footer? Over the full width (so also under the content page-body-wrapper) or only on the left and right of that? (Hope this makes sense to you?)
  2. The built in Event Management module, does that offer handling of subscriptions via forms and into the WP admin? I guess the forms shown on a detail page are just the simple WP comment forms?
  3. Is this theme compatible with WPML plugin – or any other multi language plugin (if you prefere another one)?
  4. There are 5 colourskins available. Is it possible to choose any personal # colour that you want?

Thanks & regards, Monique

Hello Mnonique,

Sorry for a delayed response.

Here are answers to your questions.

#1 Background image uploader supports background patterns and these patterns are used all over the page (full width, top to bottom).

#2 The forms shown on pages/posts are comments forms.

#3 Theme is WPML compatible.

#4 You need to cusomize one of the existing color schemes by editing their CSS to create new color scheme.

Thank you.

Thank you too.

  1. Is it also possible to load one large image as bg?
  2. I suppose comments forms can be blocked and customized forms can be added for subscriptions?
  3. Ok.
  4. Is there a custom css in WP admin or does that have to be done in the coding (perhaps via child theme)?
  5. </lo>

Hello Monique,

1. Yes you can use large image as BG. But it will repeat itself. 2. There is no option at back-end to block comment from, will have to change manually by hard coding. 4. Yes, there is custom CSS option in panel.

Thank you.

I updated to 1.4.8 and still have a Few things not working for me:
1.The donation settings isn’t saving my paypal email, therefore the widget doesn’t work
2. The slides you have on your demo, it isn’t one of the dummy contents, how do I get those same exact slides please?
3. I noticed on the demo now, you have “name, email, message” labeled in the contact form but my update doesn’t show it. Do I have to wait for the next update for it to be fixed?
4. In the megamenu, 3 columns dop doesn’t work, it shows up as 4 columns. How do I fix that? or is it going to be fixed in the next update?
5. With the new update, twitter widget still not working.

Hi, There are few issues that will be fixed in upcoming release. Please open a ticket at and we can provide you quick fixes for most of the issues you are facing.

Thank you.


For a person who has never worked with wordpress, how difficult would it be to customize the beautiful animation feature in this theme.

Additionally, can video testimonials be posted on the main page?

Thank you so much. Your theme is extraordinarily excellent for its main purposes!

Hello Radiat Creation, Slider used at homepage for animation is Layer Slider. It has a drag and drop interface so its very easy to manage the animation at home. Sure you can add your videos to the home page.

Thanks for apprecation :)

Dear Crunchpress,

I have also been looking for a very sophisticated and inspiring, sunny, floral/nature/butterfly theme with similar aims as the Church Theme.

Do you think your team would ever enjoy creating something like that?

Thank you.

Dear RadiantCreation, Right now there isn’t a similar design in pipeline. Hopefully we full do something in future.

Thank you.

Sir, Is there is anyway, so that I can use my own fonts in the website (Through admin panel ) or may be by other method.

Here is my website Presently I am using “font uploader” plugin, but it does not fit into the elements , which are using fonts through admin panel.

Regards Qikmo

Theme supports Cufón Fonts upload only. You can get Cufón Font a from here or either you can generate your own Cufón Font from any typeface of your choice using online tools like

Thank you.

Not asking for ETA, but is there plans to update to 3.6?

Sure, there are plans and we will release an update ASAP.

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme for my church. Quick questions: 1 – do you provide all the demo content exactly as they appear in the Livedemo site?

2 – When we buy the theme single license, do we have the right to use the same images from the Livedemo for that one site?

3 – How quickly will I get all the files needed? I need to setup the church site in 2 days!!


Thanks for your interest in this theme. Here are answers to your questions.

1. Sure you get all the dummy content as on demo.

2. With single license you don’t have the right to use images from demo as they are stock images. You can only use Layer slider images.

3. You will get the files instantly as you make the purchase.

We provide one free installation and theme setup to our customers, after you purchase open a ticket at and our support staff can do this for you.

Thank you.

is the parallax in the slider available if I use my own images and the mega menu available also. Can you give more details on how these are added?

Sure, Parallax slider and mega menu are included with theme. Mega menu comes as a separate (free) plugin which you install and use with theme.

Its very easier to use both these features, they are covered in theme documentation. If you need any help, please a ticket at after your purchase.

Thank you.

Hi I purchased your theme today and I was unable to install the theme. I already opened a ticket and I hope your team would help with installation as soon as possible. Please don’t take too long. PLEASE I really need this sorted out.

Hi, it appears you created the ticket with Please create a ticket at

This is from where we provide support to our customers.

Thank you.

i did open a ticket with Crunchpress. This is my ticket number- Ticket #95520

Hi, your installation and dummy data import is done. We will continue to communicate with you in ticket #95520

Thank you.

I recently purchased The Church – Responsive WordPress Theme and when I install it I get the error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Please help, thanks in advance


The package you downloaded from contains multiple files and folders like documentation, an editable PSD, License file etc. Its not the theme folder, theme is located in a sub-directory.

Please extract that package and go to sub-directory ‘Theme’. Open it there is a theme folder in it named ‘the-church’.

Zip and upload this folder to your WordPress install. It should be working fine. If you have any-other question please feel to open a support ticket at

Thank you. CrunchPress Team