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Can you change the words “The City” and “The City Newsletter Template” and replace with my own logo?

yes you can. After you purchase the file, there’s a photoshop PSD file for you to edit “The City” text into what you want, even add your own logo

I cannot locate the images of people – grey shadows are there where the people should be – can you help

Hi AntonyGray, the image are in grey because it is purchased items. You can purchase them in or replace it with photo of yourself and your team with the same pose

Can you send me links as I liked those images

yes, the links of those images are in item details info, please go to :


I bought the template, uploaded the code to MailChimp, and tried editing the code, but I am getting these line breaks between cityscape sections that aren’t looking so pretty (note where the red and white don’t blend together).

See example here:

I believe the problem is that some of city images are set up inside text sections instead of being set up as their own image like the header is.

How do I edit the code to make the city images not appear inside text sections?

hi notothequo :) sorry for the late reply … i cannot access your mailchimp link, perhaps you can send the snapshot so i can review it thank you, have a nice day


I purchased this template but the template doesnt have the full layered newsletter as it shows in the screenshots it only has introduction. These are the psd files i have in the RAR Content, greetings,maintenance,news and promo also there is 2 psd file named city and city2 which only has some city layer only.

I want to fully edit the template as it shows in the screenshots any help would be good thanks.

Hi istanbulfind, there are plenty newsletter formats in The City – Metro Business Email template wrapped in PHP folder, html folder and html-mailchimp folder,the colored versions is also wrapped inside of those folders … what is your unzip software?

This looks like a nice theme. Can you briefly explain how I would use this for PhpList?

Hi mitodi38, sorry for the late reply. yes, you can use it for phplist. phplist support html, but you must do editing the content by yourself