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can i use this template to my html site?


Yes you can, the entire website is HTML.


Hi sonnyt!

I just purchased the theme and when opening index.html file on my desktop and testing it out, none of the page links (resume, about, portolio) work.

Do I have to set up something?




I apologize for the delayed response. For some reason we didn’t get notified about your comment. Can you please try running the site via your server?

If the error persists can you please open a ticket at

Hi, i just purchased your template that is awesome, but when i create 2 contact forms (the original one and the new) all the mails are being sent to the email that is in the original one, in the contact.php and the newone.php i have set differents emails in the variable but when i send the form in the newone.php it sends the email to the one that is in contact.php, hope you understand me. Can you help me with this? thank you very much and have a nice day


Thank you for your purchase. Can you please provide me with the URL to your site? I will take a look at it for you.


Hi, i need support pls. I tried to get to your support site, created an account but i didnt got a email with my password. Please contact me your template isnt working right now.

thank you

Hey, can you please email me,

Dear all, just bought the theme but always I want to install it I get:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

This theme is not compatible with Wordpress.

Hello, I just recently deployed my site and everything works fine except for the contact/email page. It won’t load like the other pages (resume, portfolio, about)! The link is Please help!

Hey Sonnyt, I purchased this item and it kinda different from the live demo on mobile device. I think the javascript must be different. In your demo, the first time I tap a icon, the description overlay appear on avatar, and I need a second tap. But the version I download directly redirect to the new page without a description, although it not necessary a worse change but will there be a improvement on showing icon description on mobile device? Sometimes it’s hard for people to judge the meaning of those icons.