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Firstly just want to say this theme looks awesome!!

Quick question.. Can you select how many either standard or featured blog posts you want on the homepage?


Thank you very much :)

Yes, you can set the number of posts to display on both standard and featured pages.

Outstanding. I wish this would have been here a few days ago :(

Thanks a lot :)

This would be nice in HTML ? are you going to bring it out.

Yes, I think we will release an HTML version later :)

Gorgeous. This should attract a following!

Thank you very much :)

I notice that this theme doesn’t have the content slider you provide with some of your other themes. Any reason for this? Seems like it would be a nice easy addition for you. Tim

Hi Tim,

We haven’t included the content slider because we didn’t want to overload the theme with too many sliders, but if there are many requests for it, we may include it in an update :)

Amazing theme! :)

Thank you :)

Bug: Image and video hosting by TinyPic Chrome 12.0.742.30 Beta


I have just installed this Beta version of Chrome to test the it and I didn’t experience any issues – it is possible to be related with your computer only.

Anyway, I will try to test it with another computer to make sure everything is okay :)

Hi though I ma a WP newbie I think this theme look great.

But I have already run into a problem with the slider. In the panel I don’t get any add button for images.

Anyone can help?


Hi John,

First of all – thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

Unlike our latest themes, the slider images with this theme are not added within the Pexeto Panel, but there is a separate section for them – the slider sections are located within the main theme menu of the admin panel – “TheCotton Theme” – this is also described in the documentation within the “Sliders” section.

If you still have any questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support forum:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you :)

Yay! I’m excited for another Pexeto theme!

Thanks :)

This is the 4th theme I have purchased via Themeforst and I think it is the best and most adaptable so far. I have two issues that have come up though. 1. The insert text columns don’t work in the editor. I get a javascript error note via firebug. The list items and highlighting all work fine. (Firefox). 2. The other item is the Pexeto panel doesn’t show up anywhere in the admin like it shows in your samples. I am having a hard time adding sidebars and I am wondering if this is why?

thanks for this template!


Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

This sounds a bit strange. Can you please first try with temporarily disabling all the plugins installed as these might be related. If this doesn’t help, can you please send me some log in details in a private message (using our profile contact form) so I can have a look at your installation? Until then, you can also try with accessing the Pexeto panel by appending


to your site URL .

Also, if you have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support forum:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you :)

Hello all. The service from Pexeto is brilliant and they helped me with my notes above. The template is working perfectly and I thoroughly recommend this theme for any corporate site. Has everything you’ll ever need.

Thanks a lot for the nice words, I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)


I really like this theme, I plan to purchase it later! A question for you however..

Can the “latest projects” sections be disabled on the main page and elsewhere in the theme?

Thanks, Zach

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the interest :)

Yes, the “Latest Projects” section can be enabled/disabled to any of the pages.

I guess orange is the in color!


How easy would it be for me to add contact details and social media icons in the header, like this theme?



It really depends on the content you would like to insert – for contact details it is only the text that you would have to insert and for social media icons I would recommend a plugin that would provide a code to insert for the icons you select. Whatever way you choose, we can provide some instructions about which file to edit and where to insert the code :)

Love the theme!

I need this for a client. He need a login-page for his customers ( very easy type ) Tutorials, prices and so on. An easy solution.

Is there a chance to have this implemented, or do u know of a nice addon to do this?



Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

As I understand, you need to create a page that will be available to customers only (with login details), is that right?

If so, by default WordPress provides an option to create password-protected pages – I hope this will accomplish what you need.

Hey Using thumbnail slider, my thumbnails don’t look great. I have adjusted the size etc to try to make them look nice but it doesn’t really make a difference, even when keeping the ratio. I guess it’s just the type of images they are, they don’t look nice very small. Is it possible, then, to use thumbnails in the slider that are different to the actual images?



Did you try with enabling the automatic image resizing (in TheCotton Options -> Sliders -> Thumbnail Slider)? This should make the small thumbnail images look much better.

If you have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our support forum:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you :)

I see…that looks a lot better.

I will register at your forum next time. Thanks

Really nice work.

Thanks a lot :)

Hello… Very nice template…!

I wanted to know if:

1. Can i have multiple pages each with a different Thumbnail Slider in it…?

2. Can i also create multiple pages each with a different showcase in it…?

3. Can i center both the logo and menu in the header like your Anthology theme…?

Thanx in advance.

Hello… I have purchased the theme and have made a Forum Post in your Forum… Lots of other posts are being replied to but mine’s been there for 3 hours now :-( Please let me know… thanx…


I have just answered your question :) Usually on the forum when we do support we answer the questions in the order they have been posted and there were more than 20 other people that have posted their questions earlier. I think it’s fair enough :)

Yes it is fair…!

Thanx for the fix and i’ll be more patient with my latest forum post…

Rock On!!

beautiful work!

Thank you very much! :)

Hey, nice work, I’ve been looking for a clean template that I can customise like this.

I do have one question though. I would like people to be able to coment on the pictures in the gallery , or a project page. Can people only comment in the blog section or is there a way to allow comments on the Portfolio / Gallerys / Image’s area?

Thanks for your time.


Thanks for the interest :)

Yes, for the single portfolio items – the content of the item that is opened after clicking the title from the gallery (example), there is an option within the admin panel to enable comments for them – I hope this is what you need.


Thanks for your feedback, Thats perfect, exactly what I was hoping for. Will be buying this today! :)

Also had a dig around on your support forum and found a few additional things answerd there :)

Thanks for your time!

You are welcome, I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)