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Thanks mate! Cheers!

Looks Awesome! Nice Job ON so a mobile visitor would be detected and taken here…? and I would build a desk/laptop version with another theme… or..? Just curious Thnks Grt Work!

Yea man nice job I wish there is a Desktop version that way user don’t have to manage to CMS .


Thank you!

You need to use a detect/redirect script on your main website, and users with mobile devices will be sent to the mobile version.

This theme runs on/requires its own WordPress installation.


Support for video w/this theme? Could I add my Recent Tweets> A Tweet Stream, etc.

Videos can be used by using the embed code, no tweets! :)


After activating the theme, I went to theme Options and I can see the page but there is no content, no options, we can’t change the options…

Do you have an idea why I’m getting that?

Found why, global gallery plugin was causing the issue with jquery.

Do you know how can I fix that?

Last question :)

I didn’t find how the splash screen is working. There is no indication into your documentation.

How it is working? Thanks.


Thank you for your purchase!

If a plugin causes any issues, please deactivate it, or update it to its latest version. We don’t offer support for broken 3’rd party plugins.

You can upload the splash screens from the options panel (General Settings). On the right side of each setting you will have instructions on how to use it, so there was no need to include these in the Help file.

For more questions please use the support form.


Hi,if an existing theme already includes mobile version, how can I use this? Thank you.

Hey there! Our WordPress developer has answered just bellow this message! :)


If you can disable the mobile version for that theme, then you just install this one on a sub-domain and redirect the main website to it.



May i know your theme support the following two plugin?

bublaa forum and comments: http://www.bublaa.com/#!/plugins/overview Wordpress social stream: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-social-stream/2201708

Is there any way i can check before i buy the theme? Many thanks.



If those plugins have been coded properly they should work without a problem. However, this theme doesn’t provide any default styling for them, so you may need to write your own CSS rules.

The theme hasn’t been tested with those plugins.


Hi, I love the look of this theme. Just some quick questions before I purchase. How fast does this theme load ? I am looking for a fast response to mobile visitors.

I already have a desktop responsive theme. I assume that I use your mobile php script to only show your mobile template. I then create content specifically for the Drawer pages and Galleries and serve them to visitors using a specific menu.

I then have have a different home page, pages and galleries for Desktop ( my original theme) and the Drawer Homepage for Mobile users.

Does Drawer need a separate ( multi-site) or different server WP install or will it work alongside my existing desktop WP install as an alternate ?

Thanks, Gareth

Hi, I just purchased the mobile theme. Looked grate on your demo. Now that i have it installed how to i go about addicting the mobile theme without activating it. I have a theme (Megacorp) that i use for my desktop version and i would like to use your theme for mobile. im using “mobile detector” plugin to point to the mobile theme. If i activate it them the mobile theme becomes my primary theme and will show on desktop. PLease Help !

Yeap! We have a redirect code for this, and we can install it for you in your main WordPress theme, or give you directions for it. At the moment I am not in town, but please send me a message through my profile, and I’ll get back to you by Monday with the redirect script and instructions on how to add it to your main page! :)

Perfect i will do the wordpress install in a new folder build the mobile version there and ill send u a private msg when im ready ! Thx a lot !! Enjoy the weekend

No worries Mike! Just don’t forget to send a message so we can get back in touch with you and please don’t forget to rate the item 5 stars! It helps us a lot too! :)

Hi. Is BuddyPress supported?


I have purchase your theme and install it. On PC and Iphone mobile all is ok. But on Samsung mobile I can’t slide down or up the sidebar menu and I can’t collapse (hide) the sidebar menu. Where is the problem please ?

Thanks for reply.


I bought your product. Thank you for your work. Unfortunately, they failed to configure it in the admin interface does not load. I sent you a message of SUPPORT PAGE. I need your help.

It would be nice also if the product can be configured using the Mobile Detector.

Thank you!


Thank you for your purchase!

The theme has been tested on Android, and works without problems. Please use the support form to contact us and we will look into it.


Please check your email.