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Hi. Congratulations for this “sexy” WP Theme. My before buying question is: We have just built our Web Hotel page on a Wordpress Theme. How can we add your Theme only for Mobile users? Thanks. JF

You simply install it to a clean WordPress (not as a child theme) and we can provide (for free of course) a redirect code that will send your desktop page users to the mobile version if necessary!

I just bought the theme. I dont see any “options”, I also dont see where to change things. Wanted to put another font, but it’s not defined in css, it’s in some “customize”. I dont see neither “options” nor “customize”.

Also the theme is too heavy, I dont need half of it’s options, I just need the layot. What can I erase to lighten it? I want it to load immediately without a preloader.

Cosmin, our WP developer has replied just beneath this comment! :)


Thank you for your purchase!

If you don’t see the options page in the admin panel, disable any unwanted plugins that may interfere with the theme, and then look for a menu item called “Theme Options” in your WordPress admin panel.

Make sure you use the theme with a fresh WordPress installation, and not with a theme-switch plugin, or together with a desktop (or another) theme.

You can change any fonts in style.css, all the necessary rules are there, and you can also add your own. The theme loads only what is actually needed, even though it provides hundreds of icons, only the ones used on a certain page are actually loaded so they don’t burden the page.

If you want to remove the lpreloader, you can do so by editing a file called footer.php.

For more help please use the support form, thank you.



Just bought and installed this theme. All looks and works great so far.

Is there an easy way to replace the slideshow on the homepage with just 1 image, that will resize automatically?

I tried just adding a large image, just on the off chance, but it doesn’t resize dynamically to fit the display.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks in advance, and thanks for the great theme.

Mr M


Thank you for your purchase!

If you don’t need the slider you can use a default page template. And if you want a large image then just add the image using a regular img tag, and give it the same CSS class a blog post thumbnail has.

That class will make your image resize correctly.


This is a great theme… If we have an existing WP template, will this map to the existing pages etc… As in if we change the text on the WP theme for desktop, will this theme reflect the changes?

Thanks for the nice words, the theme requires a separate install!

Hello Enabled

The slider does not work for me :(

I have this theme in a android webview. The menu is displayed with errors. The Content Page height is the problem. And i can not close the menue in android :( Can you help me?

Nope, tested on two more devices. It works flawlessly! I’m stooped!

hmm okay. The slider works now. The close button still does not work in android webview. Have you tested in an android webview?

I test in the evening at galaxy s4 and nexus 7 2013.

Nope, only in the browser!

Hello, Im interesting in this template. If I buy it, I need add a modules for gps location and upload photo. Can I do with you in a freelance mode?

I am not able to get the menu and slider to work when the “Nivo Slider for WordPress” plug-in is enabled. I need the Nivo Slider for my main theme but I also want to use this theme for mobile. Is there anything you can do to help make this work?

Thank you…

Hi, thank you for this beautiful theme! 2 Questions´: 1. In which file can I edit the content of the call us, text us, collapse and the facebook, twitter, subscribe menu? 2. May you send me the redirect code mentioned in the answer to jfsantacreu’s comment, too?

Thank you!


There might be a JavaScript conflict, I can take a look if you wish, just open a support ticket, and provide a link to your mobile website. Leave “Nivo” activated so I can see the problem


If you want to edit the main menu, then just go to “Appearance > Menus”. If you want to edit other theme options just go to “Theme Options” and look for the section you need (e.g. General Settings, Social Settings).

The redirect code is available for free if you enter the purchase code on the support page.


@cosmincotor Sorry, I may have expressed myself wrong… What I meant is, that I want to replace/delete the call us/text us/collapse buttons above the logo area and the Facebook/Twitter/Subscribe-buttons below the main and update menu…

Thank you!


You can find those in “footer.php”. But be careful not to break any other tags when you delete them/comment them out.


pre-purchase question. I have a fully functional website but I want a mobile version. I don’t want to change what I have now, how can I make this my mobile version? Do I need to create a m.mydomain.com subdomain? How will it redirect?

I am sorry, this is just so basic but I am not sure what it would entail to use your awesome theme.


pre purchase question

are your drawer menu items multi tear capable? im looking to be able to access 3 – 5 tears in the navigation of my site.

beautiful site.. i want it



You need to install WordPress on a subdomain (m.yourdomain.com). You will received a redirect script that you can use to detect mobile devices and redirect your visitors.

The mobile site will have its own content, so it will not take it from your main website. This gives you more control over the content and how you show it to your visitors.


I already answered your question on “DuoDrawer”, the same goes for “The Drawer”.


I cant seem to get the Toggle to work, it only show two hyperlink and how do I remove the SMS on the left side bar?

Google Maps Not work on the template :(

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! Our WordPress developer has left a reply beneath my comment. Please check it out and make sure to get in touch by email so we can assist you with your current issue!


Thank you for your purchase!

Please open a support ticket and I will check it out.


Please open a support ticket so I can check it out. As you can see, it works fine in the demo ( currently running on WordPress 3.9).

Support Link


Hi, I am working with this theme for one of my client, I am in problem to configure the theme. I have install this theme & upload sample data but some feature is not working. I must need make sure that the toggole is working working for me. Check the link from the development environment at Hope you will help me soon because it’s urgent matter.

Please post from the account you purchased the item from. Thank you.

Ok, I am going to contact my client. Thank you too.