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I’m having trouble with my site, I have The Team as one of the three home boxes and clicking on it displays a blank page…. please advise.


we can’t confirm your purchase right now. Please sign up for our support forum with your purchase code and we’ll do everything we can to help you out :-)



Hi! I have been using this them for several years and really like it. Does the current version work with Wordpress 4.3.1? If so, when I update the theme will all my content be preserved?

Thank you!


yes, it will all work :)


pboboc Purchased

Hi! Still using this theme – and liking it. Will it work with Wordpress 4.7.1?


Bebel Author

Of course :-)

Very glad you like it – we would appreciate a good rating :-)

Have a nice weekend!



Is this theme have rtl?


sorry, it dos not :(

Only a few languages in the world use RTL text direction, but these languages cover over a billion people. I hope to add in later versions

I know – we also keep this in mind for future themes – many people ask for this feature and we are happy to add it. For the firm it is difficult to add now because we would have to re-do a lot of code. We now put it in our regualar coding cycle

Would love to buy this but when the demo site has bugs/flaws in it….read More gives blank page. I purchased Brainguys but this template does what Brainguys lacks (the complete box acts as a read more button which Brainguys does not have nor are you willing to change that unfortunately). My customer has limited budget.

Hi, I have bought your theme and extracted all the files but all of it are for HTML, where’s the wordpress theme for this? Damn…


there is only a wordpress theme of The Firm. Did you try to install it via the Wordpress backend? By uploading the theme zip..

Hi, I have bought and like your theme. Congratulations for this good work. I need a help. I want to add more than 2 social media account. I can add only Facebook and twitter icon. I want to add instagram and youtube icons. Can you help me? Thank you…


thank you very much for your purchase! Would you mind posting your question in the help forum? Our programmer will get back to you asap :)

Bebel, where is your help forum? Can you send an link? I need some help.

Hi, we installed theme: We set the logo but there is a no logo… Menu items is like unstyled. And the boxes not visible. Thanks.


thanks for your purchase! Please read the help file on how to set up the theme. Make sure you mark the menu as the “main menu” in the backend (Apperance / Menues). Just scroll down to see the option. The logo “Your Logo” appears in the frontend. You can change it in the theme options in the backend.

PLease refer to our support forum for more help :-)


whyno Purchased


The them works fine with WordPress 4.5.2? Thanks!

Yes, it does :)

Yes, Works very well :) But, how i can install the map on the contact form? The documentation isn’t complete for this.


would you mind posting your question in the support forum? The coder can help you over there to sort this out :) Here are some more info on the maps integration

The support forum is down and I haven’t heard back from anyone when I emailed Bebel. My client’s website,, is having issues with the “read more” links (they are going to a blank home page). I can see from other comments that this issue has happened to several people but I can’t find the answer anywhere. Please help!


the support forum works again – it seems like it was down for a short while. Sorry for that. Did you do any changes to the code or used a new plugin? Please try to deactivate any plugin and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise please update the theme with the latest verrsion. updating the theme is very easy. You can either use the envato update toolkit to update or just remove the theme and reinstall. Your data won’t be lost.

If you decide to use the toolkit, here are some links:

Thank you for the response! We don’t have any active plugins but the theme is not up to date. I reached out to my client and they don’t have their original theme forest login credentials. Is there any way for you to see that we did in fact purchase the theme so that we can have access to the update?

Sadly no but they can just reset their password and sign in after. That should work :)

I purchased this theme for a second time just so that I could receive support and after several weeks and multiple posts, I haven’t received an answer to my question in the support forums. Babel, PLEASE respond to customer’s questions in the support forum.


super sorry. The porgrammer has trouble getting support right now cause he is sick. I let him know and he will do his best to help you out. Please ask for a refund for the second copy you bought. We will give you support nontheless – you shouldn’t pay extra if you didn’t recive what you payed for. I will process the refund request asap.


Something wrong with the map. I added map using betheme visual builder, it loads for 1-2 second and then show error message. please advise, thanks!


you are on the wrong theme page. Please check out the comment section of the BeTheme here:

Cheers, Bebel