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Very well done. Definitely getting this one.

Big Thanks David :)

interesting layout design, I like it ~ very creative approach.

Thank you beetzy.

good to see you’re making new landing pages regularly now! i’m buying this one!

but please please make more like the Insure template! that was the best template design i’ve ever found!

Thanks BirminghamDan :) .

Sure, will try to make more landing pages with good layout in coming future.

Hey, cool landing page. Exactly what I need for new project!

So I getting one.

BTW : it would be fine add some table design for articles :)


Can you please explain “table design for articles”. I’m not getting what exactly you are looking for or suggest me some links if you can.


just brought this, if its no good, i will be back. if its good, i may come back anyway and let you know.


Is the contact form working?

Thanks Joao


Yes. It’s working. You can check it in demo.


I just purchased this template, I thought it was a wordpress template, now i know it is not… I only know how to upload and change wordpress files. Can you give me instructions on how to install this template and if there is way to attach some sort of editor that will make updating easier.

Thanks Greg


Sad to know. Now you can put up your content using any html editor.

Then make it ready for wordpress. There are some good tutorials available, regarding getting landing page ready for wordpress.

Drop me mail through profile page if you can not find good tuts, I will provide some links.



I try to insert video in the feature page. i paste the code but the video doesn’t show. Any idea?

Hello briantkp,

Vimeo or you tube video? Send me your link. You can mail me through profile page.



Excellent template! Thank you!

I am trying to get the menu box to increase in height to enclose the logo. It is 149px tall and on desktop and tablet (landscape) it is out of the box, tablet portrait it is in the box and phone it pushes MENU button out of the box. Any help would be greatly appreciated. sixteenfrostings.com/index2.html

Hello chadacs,

Thanks and Good morning … :)

For desktop, header is fixed height image. For other layouts (mobile etc.) it is just css color.

To accommodate your logo you will need to increase height of ‘nav-bg’ in PSD . If you have any problem with this, let me know. I will send you the new image.

You will need to do subsequent changes in css too. Like height of ’#header’ and padding “top and bottom” for all scrolling divs. (#features, #screenshots etc.)

Drop me mail through profile page for further help.




Template updated for header image, so that it should be easy to increase header height to accommodate logo of more height.

You may download update.

Thanks, Tansh


Great theme, I just need a little help with something. What’s the lighter “box” that appears behind my logo? The file is png and I’ve fiddled around with CSS but to no prevail.



Hello sciencemies,


Regarding logo query, it seems that it is because of some background layer remained on, while saving png logo. Try to save the logo again with all background layers hidden. It do not need any change in CSS .

Let me know if any other query.

Thanks, Tansh

Well, that was it. The logo indeed had some extra layer although I was sure it didn’t. Thank you and best of luck with the sales, I know I can recommend the theme to everyone.


Thanks a lot!

Hi thanks for the great template.

I have one question; is there any way to make the blue header (with logo, menu etc) and footer 100% of the page width instead of 940px? Whilst leaving the rest of the page width at 940px. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it without stuffing up things…


Hello downunderdon,

Do you want something like this….


If yes, drop me mail through profile page, specify the variation you are preferring, I will send you the modified folder.



Hi Tansh,

Awesome work my friend!

This looks like the perfect fit for us to use as a starting point on an upcoming project.

There’s just one feature missing that we can indeed implement but we’d like to check first to see if you’ve already got a solution for this.

We’re wondering if you’ve got a way to make the navigation more “dynamic”. For example, if a user scrolls down to the “screenshots” section of the site, rather than clicking on the actual “screenshots” nav item, is there a way to ‘auto-activate’ the “screenshots” nav-item so that it takes on the active-state styling?

Thanks so much my friend

Cheers :)

Hello TrueThemes,

I’m glad you are here :) , really!

Yes, I do have solution for this. I’ve done such for my latest site template “Nautilus”. I will update “The Flow” for this on priority basis. In a day or two file will be available for download. Will let you know when it is out.

Thanks you so much.


Sounds awesome! Thanks so much my friend. We’ll go ahead and wait for the updated version.

Also, if you’re interested, we’ll send you the link to our landing page (which will be using your template) once it’s completed, so you can show your customers what can be done with it.

Cheers bud :)


Update given for navigation. You may get it now. And sure, leave me the link if possible.

Once again, thank you for your interest. It feels really nice when authors like you appreciate the work.

Tansh :)

Just want to give a quick shout out about this product.

Very clean code and well documented. Very easy to modify. Great support from author.

We highly recommend!

Cheers :)

Thank you very much TrueThemes! It really means a lot!


I really like this theme, but need a WP version. Can you create a WordPress version of this theme?

Hello SwimNC,

Thanks for your interest. Working on wordpress, but not sure how much time it will take.

Thanks, Tansh

Tansh, Thank you so much. Do you have any estimate of how long it might take? Days, weeks, months?

Hi SwimNC,

Months may be. Will strongly suggest not to rely on me regarding wordpress.

Thanks, Tansh

OK. Thanks for letting me know.

Hello, I just bought “The Flow”. I uploaded one version (indigo) – without changing even a single byte – to my web host to test it, and I encountered the following problem:

On iOS devices (we tried an iPad 1 and an iPad 2, both on the most current version of iOS), it seems that only the first tap in the main navigation bar is registered. I.e., tapping on “Screenshots” will scroll to that section of the page, but tapping “Contact” or “Download” next will do nothing – no scrolling. One either has to reload the page or manually scroll/swipe a bit to make the main navigation bar usable again. I can only assume that there is something wrong with the jQuery functions controlling the soft scrolling, but I can’t locate the problem. BTW , I encountered the same problem with your Nautilus theme on tanshcreative.com.

Everything works as it should in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on OS X .

Could you please help me locate the issue?

Apart from this problem, it’s really a very nice theme. :)

Could you please check

1. http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu1/index.html

2. http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu2/index.html

3. http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu3/index.html

Let me know. ‘Fixed position’ may be causing the issue, as it is only in iOS.

Thanks, Tansh

Check this first


Thanks, Tansh

Hello Tansh,

thank you for your efforts. I tried all four variations:

http://tanshcreative.com/menu_ios/index.html http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu1/index.html http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu2/index.html http://tanshcreative.com/theflow_menu3/index.html

Unfortunately, none of these work in Safari on an iPad. The bug is the same as with the original script: Tapping a link immediately after loading works (soft scrolling to anchor) – after that, the menu bar links don’t work anymore until you scroll a bit manually or reload the page.

Since I’m really on a tight schedule, I have now purchased another template where this works – but of course I would appreciate if you could find and fix the issue. I’ll be back online and ready to check more test cases by August 6.

Just bought it. However, it says stylesheet is missing so can’t install (neither as zip or through ftp).

Any solutions?


It is a HTML /CSS template, not a wordpress.