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Dear, Even this templates does not support IE7 , i want to know what won’t work properly on that browser. I have no VM or whatever installed on my mac, so i cant test it on IE

Thank you

Hello vitorbari,

When checked in IE7 mode (in developers tool), its working good enough, except some z-index issue while scrolling upside. I don’t know whether it gives exact results in “real IE7 ” ( :) ).

Thanks, Tansh


Well, I’ve been searching for a one page theme for some time now, and have yet to see one I actually liked—until I stumbled upon this one.


Just one question… Can each “page” have a different background color? I would imagine this can be changed in the css file?

Thanks again.

Hi ayman,

Glad you liked it. Yes, you can give different background color to each page, through CSS or inline. Drop me a mail, I will assist you if necessary.

Thanks, Tansh

Thanks for the great theme mate…It turned out well for me: www.newyouprogram.com

Hello Jade,

Really nice it is. Best Wishes..!

does it come with a type of css style for checkboxs?

Hello Charlie,

Do not include css style for check boxes.

Thanks, Tansh

Hello Tansh,

Great theme! Thanks for it! It really helped me with my website!

I have one question if you may: is there a possibility to change the time between the slides? There is a lot of text and I think that 2-3 seconds is a little too fast to read all the text.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the tip, but when I add the interval line, the slider disappears (parallax slider). Any tip on this one?

Thanks again!

Modified the js.slider file! Thanks!

How do you change the logo. Mine is larger than in demo, and is displaying small. Can’t find it in CSS

Hello green_grenades,

In index.html, where you specify path to logo, height and width is given, change them as per you logo.

 <h1><img src="images/logo.png" width="122" height="62" alt="logo" /></h1>

For responsive, change height and with of logo in section 4.2 of style.css.

Thanks, Tansh

Hello, I am using parallax slider. I urgently need to know if it’s possible to have the image positioned on left and the text on the right only in the first slide. The other slides can remain as they are (text on left, img. on right).


Hello nastyraul, it is not possible to change alignment for only one slide.

Thanks, Tansh

Thanks for your quick answer! (I need to finish the project for a client in a few hours, that’s why I’m in hurry). How can I change the alignment for the whole slide? If you can explain me, please, because I am not a CSS master.


Hi there,

I’m not a web designer, is this theme easy to edit, do you include instructions etc etc?




Thanks for your interest.

Unlike wordpress theme, you must have a little or at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to edit themes.


Oops, posted same reply again.

Is there somewhere I can get additional social icons? Such as for youtube, google plus?

Hi tharwat,

Icons used are custom made to suite themes color style. Please mail me through profile page with the names of icons you want. I will send it to you.


Hello Tansh,

Great design. I’ve purchased the theme and am close to launching it. I was wondering if there was any resolution to the report by Wintermute101 with regards to the scrolling to the anchors on an iOS device.

The first tap works, but subsequent ones do not.

Also, in the “screenshots” section, on an iOS device, tapping on a thumbnail does not display the larger photo that it is linked to.

The theme behaves as described on a non-mobile browser, but it lacking full functionality in my tests on an iPad.

Thanks in advance for getting back to me. I’m happy to test any fixes you are able to post.

Best, Mike

Hello Mike,

Could you please drop me mail through profile page? so I can reply with some test links.

Appreciate your time, Thanks.

Theme looks and works great. I just implemented it and have a question;

On the contact form, when you enter an invalid entry. It seems it should tell you of the error in the #result div. It’s not working for me. Is there something else i need to do?

Also, on the contact form if I specify class=’required’ for a field, how to I add a 2nd validation criteria For instance how do I make something a ‘date’ and ‘required’?

Hello tharwat,

Here error is given in the form of red outline to form field, if you need error in text format it needs to disable just a single line of code in CSS . Drop me mail through profile page if you need text format error.

And for date field to make compulsory, two classes ‘required’ and ‘date’ should be given.

Thanks, Tansh

Hi, I changed the logo size in the index.html as given “


However, it is still not the correct size. Can you please have a look? www.caboodlesites.com


It needs to give your logo width/height in HTML

<img src="images/logo.png" width="280" height="63" alt="logo" />

Let me know if any query regarding this. Thanks, Tansh

Yes, I did that in the index.html page.

<div class="four columns logo alpha"> <a href="#header_wrapper"> <h1><img src="images/logo.png" width="350" height="63" alt="logo" /></h1> </a> </div>

Yet, it is still not the correct size?

Also, how do you make a image responsive in your theme. I added one but it isn’t responsive.

In the link you have given above, dimensions are not changed. They are still 280×63, not 350×63. Please change it online so I can have a check.

Image re-sizer is attached with template, no need to do anything to make them responsive.

I think you are talking about logo image inside div ‘logo_grey’ (as it is only big image there). You have given fixed width of 400px to this div, which is restricting it from being responsive. Either remove this width or in media queries specify width of 300px to this div (for mobiles).

If you are not sure how to achieve this, drop me mail through profile page.

Thanks, Tansh

Ok, updated live site with the corrected width. Still not that size though. Please have a look now.

Also, removed the 400px in the logo_grey, but it did not fix it. I will drop you an email about this.

Thanks for your help. Awesome theme.

Replied to email. Thanks.

Just purchased it and having an issue with the logo in the header My logo image has a 320 width x 90 height; The template (desktop browser) always resizes it I cannot find where in the CSS is this resizing taking place Also, once I modify the header to be higher, I suppose I’ll also need to move down (or increase the padding-top) on the Slider DIV so, any information would be appreciated

Hello consultamelo,

Your logo is resizing because the class (four columns) in which ‘logo’ is placed is of width ‘220px’ i.e. of less width than logo.

You may give class ‘six’ to logo div instead of four and class ‘ten’ to ’#nav’

This will definitely solve the issue. Drop me mail through profile page if any further query.

Thanks, Tansh

Not sure if you can help but the twitter functionality worked, then all of a sudden it stopped working. The site is auditionrush.com (tweets should be listed on bottom of page).


Of course I can help :) . Older twitter jquery needs to be updated with new version. Check inbox, dropped you mail. It will work fine.

Thanks, Tansh

Is it possible to put a small image over the navigation items (for a phone number for instance). I added my own css, but it shows at the left of the main navigation rather than on top of it.

Could you give me a quick tweak for doing this? Thanks


You can try adding this in style.css

#nav img { display: block; }
If you need image at the center, try this. Change height and width as per your image size.
#nav img { width: 16px; height: 16px; margin: 0 auto; }

Thanks, Tansh

can you add video to it?


Sure… vimeo, youtube like video can be added.


Hello again,

As you can see this template comes with Parallax and Flex slider. Video can be added to only flex slider variation.


Hello can you help me regarding on how to fix the image on the “team area” please advise correct image resolutions or how to fix this. This is my site. http://thecorelearning.com/

Thanks, Haggan

Hello Haggan,

If I’m not wrong you need all images in proportion.

1. Image resizer works on based on width of original image. It resizes image in proportion. If you need all team member images of same width/height with use of resizer, bring all images to same width (if possible keep height same too so they will resize in symmetry) using photoshop (or any editing software you have).

2. Alternatively you can give width to image in HTML like :

<img src="images/preview/Angela.jpg" width="110" alt="image" class="image_left" />

This will resize the image as per its width.

But as your images are too varying in case of dimension, still you will need to bring all team images to same dimensions, to make them look good.

Let me know, if this is not you are looking for.


Is there another way to download this file? I purchased and downloaded “the flow” theme and it won’t install in wordpress. I went into my bluehost hosting backend and installed it, and it keeps saying that several stylesheets are missing. The bluehost support help think that the file is a bad one.

Hello, As you can see this is a plain HTML/CSS template. It can not be installed in wordpress. Thanks.