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Great theme, good luck man

Thanks a lot. :)


amazing theme. Do you think that is possible create some options to make the theme also of normal width (980px or smilar)? And also a boxed style?

Thank you, Regards

Hi there,

The theme resizes to different window sizes such as 980px. You can also choose to make it a fixed with for say 980px windows.

You can achieve a boxed layout by changing the theme style options that come with the theme.


is possible see a demo of the theme less wide?

I would see a version of theme with a normal width and the lateral margin, with a boxed style. Is possible make this from the backend’s options or modify the css?

Thank you and good luck for your amazing theme, Regards

Just resize your browser window to see the theme adjust to the window width.

As I say there are styling options to make the theme looked boxed. I do not have a demo of this.

looks neat. But wish the posts below had some sort of styling on the main page….looks like too much text.

Hi there,

The featured posts of the homepage can be customized in a number of ways. For example, you can choose to hide the post text, hide the meta text, change the title size etc.

hi, your live preview is not working. i’d love to have a look with the view to buying. thanks.

Hi there,

Everybody else seems to be able to access the demo. Let me know if you still can’t view it.

Thanks themesgravity. :)

Nice work ghostpool!

Thanks Matt.

very nice.. great work!

Thanks codeex.

hardest thing while you design a layout is to play with multiple colors and you justified them, hope you give more options in the theme functions but the layout is a good one template… Best of luck with sales! hope to see your theme rising in sales soon!

Thanks sayyam, really appreciated the comments.

Impressive theme. Had to buy it.

Excellent, thanks cal510. :)

Thanks Bedros.

Is there a built-in post gallery slider/slideshow? Any plans to add a review system anytime soon?

Cheers Thomas

Hi there,

1) The theme comes with a built-in slider and built-in carousel that can be used on anywhere on a page multiple times.

2) I considered including this before releasing the theme, but wasn’t sure if many people would require it. Depending on the number of requests I may include a review system. :)

Very nice work for magazine with wordpres. do you translate spanish ?


Hi there,

Thanks colorvivo. I cannot translate the theme to spanish, but you can do this yourself using the translation files that come with the theme (explained in the help file).

Nice theme! GLWS

Thanks a lot. :)

Very nice theme! That is what i was waiting for!

Just two question before buy: Is this theme bbpress compatible? Is there any chance to intagrate a rating system in the near future?


Hi there,

Yes the theme is bbPress/BuddyPress compatible (requires BuddyPress template pack plugin).

I will integrate a review system if it becomes highly requested. You are the second person today to request this, so it’s likely this will happen. :)

Good looking!

Thanks. :)

Super nice them i need to add it to my colection ..Question : how many categorys can i show on front page ?

Hi there,

As many as you want. The front page is controlled by shortcodes, so you can use as many shortcodes as you want and also specify how many posts are shown per shortcode. :)

I can’t wait to get my hands on your theme. This is the first theme that actually passed strict requirements of W3C Solid code for seo and easier for web crawlers to follow content! Great job…I love how the theme commands readers attention. I shouldn’t speak before I buy it but I can’t come up with any downfalls what so ever. Thanks for your hard work and professionalism. :nerdy:

Hi there,

Your validation link is reading the theme bar not the website itself. There are a few css3 validation errors, but these can’t be avoided as the CSS is needed to work with all browsers. It should have no negative SEO effect in the site.

W3C CSS Validator results for (CSS level 3) Congratulations! No Error Found.

This document validates as CSS level 3 !

To show your readers that you’ve taken the care to create an interoperable Web page>, you may display this icon on any page that validates. Here is the XHTML you could use to add this icon to your Web page: Valid CSS! Use the following link for users to understand what this means.

As a Developer I know the Struggle in making Such theme. Really Appreciable.Will buy the same Soon :-)

Thanks a lot. ;)