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-Hello, I was considering purchasing this theme and I wanted to know can it support a shopping cart or marketplace and If yes which plugin or cart will it be most compatible with.

I also wanted to know if you can make any of the post portfolio like. Kind of set up like a photo album within a post. Please let me know. Thank you.

Thank you, Anticipated customer-

Hi there,

You can use the WordPress [gallery] shortcode to add photo albums to a page, or for something more advanced you’ll need to use a plugin such as NextGEN Gallery.

Hello, after playing around with this template I must say that even if it has some small bugs it’s definitely a great resource!

I would suggest adding some other parameters to the “post” and/or “featured post” shortcodes:

- cat (to load posts from single categories or esclude from some other categories, now the only category parameter is category_name)

- tag (to load posts from some tags)

- title html tag (to choose wich html tag to aply to titles, now all posts inthe loop get an H2)

I’ve already implemented it and it’s quite easy, it’s sufficiento to edit:

- thegossip/lib/admin/inc/shortcodes/posts.php (or featured-posts.php)

- thegossip/lib/admin/inc/tinymce/tinymce.js



Hi, I found 2 small bugs:

1) in posts shortcode (the one for making loops) the title_lenght parameter is not working because is applied to link title property instead of title linked

2) font-awesome.css are not included in child themes because they are called with get_stylesheet_directory_uri instead of get_template_directory_uri (like other css’)

it’s a very quick fix, hope you will include in next release :)

Hi there,

If you find any bugs please in future, please post them on the support site at where I’ll be able to log them more easily.

Both bugs will be investigated and fixed in the next version.

Thanks GhostPool, I’l do as you told if I see something other :)


will this theme compatible with IE 10 anytime soon?


Hi there,

There are plans to make the theme IE10 compatible, however at the moment the usage of this browser is about 0.9%, equivalent to IE7, so it shouldn’t be a major concern.

Hello, I bought this theme and believe me, my work has been recognized here, thank you for such a base done, keep it up, so they can access the site, and if you want you can put as example here too, hugs!!

Hi there,

Thanks for the nice comments.

Hello, does it support RTL? thanks, Sam

Hi there,

The theme does not come with an RTL stylesheet.

I have looked thru all the help doc’s and tricsy FAQ for this theme no where can I find any info on the rating system in this theme. How to use it, add reviews, nothing. The reviews I do create can not be rated by anyone even thu I have user enabled in Review setting for a new post. Why would you put a rating system in the theme and provide no documentation on it???? Very disappointed to this point…

Hi there,

The reason there is no information on the rating system is because it’s fairly self explanatory. You add your scores from the post settings panel, just like you would do for any other settings. Of the 500+ buyers not one has asked how to use the rating system, so I have to believe it is very easy to use for nearly everyone.

Of course if you have trouble using it I’ll be happy to help you, which is why there is a support site where you can post your questions. Once you’ve posted your question I’ll be able to talk you through the system in detail.

Since I updated to the last version, my site now Blink twice. Check it out!

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Do you have some sort of ‘captcha’ to stop ‘bots’ leaving ‘comments’ on your posts??

Hi there,

This isn’t something themes handle. You can use the Akismet plugin that comes packaged with every WordPress installation or one of the many other captcha comment plugins out there:

is this not compatible with the new wordpress? everything looks fine but when i go to APPEARANCE > THEME OPTIONS, i get an error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/content/51/9623351/html/wp-content/themes/thegossip/lib/admin/inc/theme-options.php on line 1648

Hi there,

Yes, The Gossip is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. wp_enqueue_media is only supported since 3.5 suggesting you’re using an older version of WordPress.

If you still have an issue please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Two days ago I moved my site to a new server and installed GOSSIP.

Before the change, the average stats were the following:

  • Time spent on site: Between 2-3 minutes
  • Page views: 2.5-3
  • Bounce rate: 25%

After the change, the stats are:

  • Time spent on site: Between 2-3 minutes
  • Page views: 1.5-2
  • Bounce rate: 75%

The content is the same, the only change is the design.

My first ideas were that the GA tracking code could have not been placed in all the pages. It´s weird that the average time on site is the same as before, but all of the sudden the number of page views has decreased from an average of 2.5-3 to 1.5-2. I double checked with the code but it´s OK, placed before the </head> tag in all the pages.

What can be causing this problem? I´m 100% sure that is not because of a change on the design because the organic traffic delivered to certain pages with 0% bounce rate now have like 60% rate, and those pages look exactly the same (the main difference in the design is the home page, but these are internal pages). My guess is that it might have to do with the tracking code or something not working between GOSSIP and Google Analytics. Are there any similar records about this issue? Any ideas how could be solved?

Please, this is very URGENT

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Any plans on getting RTL ?? ALso is it WPML tested? ( This is very cool to have,—if it did, I would buy and recommend ! :)

Hi there,

There are no plans for RTL support currently. The theme has not been tested with WPML. I have tested WPML with some of my other themes in the past so I believe it will work.

I like how you reply to posts and seem to update the theme. Believe me, we do take notice ;)

Thanks zooki.


First off, you have done a WONDERFUL job with this theme!

Just a couple quick questions:

1) Is there a place on the homepage in the center where I could put my Aweber opt-in form (html code)? I didn’t know if it is all widgetdized so I could do whatever.. Your thoughts?

2) Is there an option for the site layout to NOT be wide, but instead be centered?

Thanks for your help—look forward to your reply!

Regards, -Alex

Hi there,

1) Yes, you can arrange the homepage however you want as it is generated using shortcodes to insert a form in the centre.

2) Yes you can change the site width from the theme options.

Thank you!!!

hey Dan, am trying to reach you from a couple of days but your support portal is always down, returning a Errore 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) message.

Have a pending ticket, which I’d really appreciate to have your kind feedback on, as usual

Thanks a lot Marco

Hi there,

My support portal? I don’t have a support portral. All support questions should be posted at as you always do. However you do not have any pending tickets currently.


I have one very important question before i buy this template.

Example if have a a submit form like this one on Gossip template: Now as you can see there is a place for Thumbnail image. When i upload a big image in Thumbnail image:for front page ,did that image wilb be automatic resized on front page and look like here: Or i need to resize first with some software and then to upload? Best

Hi there,

I really can’t answer that, I don’t know anything about how this form works to know whether it will resize the front page images automatically. What I can say is the theme comes with it’s own options to change the image sizes so you do not need to resize them in with software beforehand.

Ok cool. Then i can upload any size of image and on front page and thumbnail will be resized automatically,for portofolio and on second page will be original image. Thanks

All featured images will automatically be resized, even on the second page. Only images you manually insert in single posts/pages will not be automatically resized.

hi guys, one question, after installation of Ether content builder i cant use a rating anymore. any known solution? Lee

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi, I am planning to buy this this what would be cost and Pls explain what is the difference between Regular License and Extended License.

Hi there,

The price of the theme is listed on the right hand side of the item page ($55 or $2750 depending on the license).

A regular license is for a single use of the theme (e.g. for you or a client’s website), whereas an extended license is for multiple websites or clients. For more details see:

Regular license: Extended license:

Hi, before i purchase your theme i’d like to know if this theme is compatible with a blog which has 2000+ posts? And what kind of hosting service should i choose with this theme?

Hi there,

Yes definitely. The type of hosting depends on how much traffic you get, you should probably use a VPN server if you have a decent amount of visitors.

Question before purchase. The theme has a option to Show or Not show the slider?

Thank you

Hi there,

The slider can be added or removed from any page as it is inserted using shortcodes.

Hi, Is it possible to add icons to menu? Thanks in advance :)

Hi there,

This is certainly possible, but will require some CSS changes which I can show you if you decide to purchase the theme. :)