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Hi. Very good work there. A presale question : there is any chance to desactivate the sidebar on the INDEX page but to let it on the others pages ? In this way, the content will be displayed on the whole page.

This is an option. You can choose to remove the sidebar (make it fullwdth) on any page including the homepage.

Hi, It’s me again :) Can I make the homepage on two columns fullwdth? The ideea is to have n index only two columns with articles abd without sidebar. Using hide sidebar it’s easy, but the space ramains white where was before the sidebar. I’m looking to have fullwdth two columns on index. Can be done using predefined options from admin panel? Best regards

Yes, you can make the homepage with two columns fullwidth with no sidebar. When the sidebar is removed the space will be fill by the two columns.

Hi there,

I like very much this theme I have a question:

Is it possible that, on homepage, with the same look that “featured post”, it be “recents post”?


Hi there,

If I understand correctly you want to display the recent posts on the homepage in the same style as the featured posts – yes this is possible. :)


I am very impressed for your quick response.

Your theme is fantastic and your incredible support.

I am going to buy it now and I am going to give you 5 stars.

Good work, guy!

Cheers, Mary

Buyed and rated :-)

awesome work! good luck :)

Thanks louiejie. :)

Great looking theme. I was wondering if you had any examples of embedded video before I purchase. Again, great looking! Really thought out.

Hi there,

There uses the native WordPress oEmbed feature to add videos to post. Here’s an example:

Also, would one just use a widget plugin for social media sharing for stories?

Hi there,

The theme comes with built in social media sharing for posts. If you want to use something else you can use a plugin widget.

Amazing design and layout, once again you have done a great job.

Can I see a demo or preview of what it looks like with buddypress and bbpress?

Hi there,

Thanks. :)

The theme isn’t being sold as a BuddyPress/bbPress theme so I won’t setting up a preview of this. However the theme is compatible with this plugin as long as you also use the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin. The styling of the BuddyPress pages will be that of what you see on the default BuddyPress theme.

Hello Dan,

Simply amazing! I love it! I cannot wait to get the opportunity to work with this template. Already installed and setup, was a breeze. I am wishing you all the best in your sales. As always, outstanding work!

- Bryce Wisekal

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate it.

How well does this theme work with buddypress?

Hi there,

The theme is compatible with the BuddyPress plugin as long as you also use the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin. The styling of the BuddyPress pages will be that of what you see on the default BuddyPress theme.

I have buy almost 100 themes here.

I have a lot of sites :-) but this theme was for one of the most important sites I have.

I have about 1.000 post on this site.

I was scared about migration.

But … migration was done on 5 minutes.

The theme is perfect. You can do u want with it. It is perfect. Really.

I have rated it with 5 stars, but it is for 10 starts!!

Congratulations, Dan.

Cheers, Mary

Thanks for the comments Mary. :)

Nice work love it .

Thanks mentorica.

Thanks PassionThemes.

Hi. Awesome looking theme. A question: I changed the menu content and now all entries have a blue color under it. Originally (and on the preview) each menu entry has it’s own color (blue, green, etc.). How do I do that? As mentioned, all them are blue now. Thanks,

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi Dan,
Amazing job! One pre purchase question. Does your theme supports international Google font subsets (I need Cyrillic) out from the box? And if not, will it be very difficult to achieve it through theme customization?
Good luck with sales!

Hi there,

The theme will work with Google fonts, but there’s no theme settings in place for this, but they can be easily integrated, which I can show you if you decide to purchase the theme.

Question :

how i add more then 3 categories on main page ?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Very nice looking theme. Would have been better if buddypress was natively integrated.

Hi there,

This is something I may consider in the future.

Never mind my question about the menu color, I found the answer in the help file.


1) is possible disable the automatic resize of theme according browser, and set a fix width for the theme?

Is more complicated make this?

2) Do you think that is the best choice use H2 tags for description of post?

I read on many sites, that perhaps is better use only a p class underlined or a h3 tag, as description. And use the H2 tag, for the title of paragraphs, inside a post. I would like have a your opinion regarding this. Did you have test and your solution works well?

Thank you, Regards

Hi there,

1) Yes, this can be done with a small code change. I will be integrating a option for this shortly.

2) The theme does not use H2 tags for post descriptions, it uses P tags. The only example of this is on the gallery example page, this is not automatically done by the theme, it’s just something I manually did, that the user does not have to do.

one quick suggestion regarding Carousels. It keeps pulling the same posts infinitely in any direction. people can easily get confused. i saw this on homepage “Gaming” section and related posts

Hi there,

You can turn of the infinite scrolling so the carousel ends when it’s reached the last post, as now seen in the theme demo. :)

very good looking theme! i want to buy it, but i must know some thinks first:

1. my site is based on “All-in-One Event Calendar” ( This is my main working engine, all the site is based on this. This use custom type posts, tags and categories and i want to use this posts, tags and categories in home page, menu, widgets, anywhere in site. I have ofcourse and normal posts and pages but my everyday posts are with “All-in-One Event Calendar” .

So, i must know if i can use your there with the way i have described.

2. can i put icons in menu items?

3. the theme is full width or can i choose and other other options (fixed width)?

Thank you for your theme!

thank you for your answer. when you know about compatibility, please tell me. I must change my theme in the next 7-10 days.

I want to use your theme in fixed width, not full screen. I want to know if this is posible without loosing any of theme functionality.

I will be looking into the compatibility today.

Yes the theme can be fixed width without losing any theme functionality.

I have now tested the theme with the “All-in-One Event Calendar” plugin and it is fully compatible.