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Is it possible to make a single column view instead of 2?

Hi there,

Yes, this is completely possible with the shortcodes. I will be adding some more homepage examples shortly.

Getting this message after installation on my Dashboard page.

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /hermes/bosoraweb056/b651/d5.equityrob/public_html/wp-content/plugins/iphorm-form-builder/admin/admin.php on line 2105 and defined in /hermes/bosoraweb056/b651/d5.equityrob/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

Hi there,

This is a plugin error, not theme related. Hi there,

Please note, submit all your support questions at Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Thanks. Will use the tickets system in the future. Looks like this plugin doesn’t play nice with the theme:

This actually looks like an incompatibility error between WordPress 3.5 and the plugin.

Excellent work man!! Congratulations…;)

Thanks. :)


Gorgeous theme! I’m quite interested but the demo is having display issues which I’d hope are not present in the theme itself…

Any of the items I click on in the menu (Technology-Business-Gaming-etc.) or sub-menu brings up a blank page. I see the header, down to the menu itself, and then only white below it. This is the same in Safari & Firefox on a Mac running Mountain Lion. The address bar reads: “” (example).

Is this something you’re aware of as an issue?

Also, is there a built-in ratings system of an sort?

Hi there,

This issue has now been fixed. This issue is not presenting in the theme itself, it was just a demo issue.

There is no built in rating system, but one will be included shortly.


This is exactly what I have been looking for in a blog theme that I’m trying to launch. Would it be hard for a newbie to be able to upload this and manage it?

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The theme is incredibly easy to install and manage, and many users have already backed this up. I also provide support for installing and setting up the theme if you run into any problems at

Great thanks. I will go to the support page after I purchase it. BTW….great work this looks awesome.

Question on Licensing and Purchasing: my plan is to customize the website and let someone else do most of the day to day blogging. Would I be able to accomplish that with just the regular License purchase?

Yes that’s fine. You can do anything you want with the theme, except resell it. If you want to use it on an additional website you will need to purchase another license.

Do you have dummy content. If yes, i will buy the theme.

Hi there,

Upon installing the theme demo content is automatically set up. Additionally, the theme comes with a demo content file for more extensive demo content.

He fits in smartphones?

Hi there,

Yes The Gossip fits in smartphones. :)

Is there any way to change the slider so it shows posts ?

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Please submit all your support questions at Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Awesome theme, going to test it on my site

Thanks. :)

Can I see how will bbpress and buddypress look like with this theme?

I will be adding some screenshots of BP pages shortly.

*Just posted this on support forum, but wanted to drop a note here just in case…

Retina Images: In the Theme Options, this is Enabled by default. It says:

“Choose whether to crop images double the size so they look good on retina displays.”

I’ve tried a couple things, and what I’m left with is either a normal size logo on desktop and a low def logo on mobile – OR – a huge logo on desktop and a crisp logo on mobile.

Please advise!

Hi there,

I will address your support ticket on the support site. :)

ok, 10 min and i have a brand new, clean, fast and super easy to maintenance page! amazing job guys. only one question: what decide about the colours in the top menu? and if there is any know issue with SSL? my right sider looks not the same with and without SSL

thank you. 5 stars ps. it was my 3rd day with WP, and i have all installed in 10 min!!! demo content included, just

Hey leszekem,

Thanks for the comments. :)

Please submit all your support questions at where I can look into your SSL issue.

After 2 days with these theme, I have to say it’s one of the easiest out-of-the-box themes I’ve ever worked with. The dev is extremely responsive and already released a v1.1! What more can you ask for? 5 stars no doubt

Really appreciate the comments dantehicks. :)

Is there some way to fix the rss feed on my page? It works but otherwebsites can’t tell I have rss when they scan my page. Follow the link below and this will explain more.

Sitemap in google webmaster tools

Just a question. Do we get updates when you release a new version showing we can upgrade on the WordPress dashboard?

Thank you for the comments. :)

You should receive updates via your dashboard about theme updates, however this does not work on all buyer’s servers. To ensure you are notified of the latest theme updates follow me on Twitter @ghostpool:

All good, but homepage size is very big(in your demo, it is 4.8MB). I think, the issue is you are not using thumbnails!! Just re-sizing the picture, because of this, the size of the image is not reduced. Any comments?

Hi there,

The theme uses thumbnails, but when the retina and responsive settings are enabled the images are cropped twice the size so they look good on retina/mobile displays. This can be disabled to reduce the image sizes. Additionally, users can optimize their images – this is not something done by the theme itself.

Hello I have just activated the theme and getting this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/mindyour/public_html/wp-content/themes/thegossip/functions.php on line 467

i had made an account on ticksy, but how to use that or find the solution to my problem

Support is free. You are probably signing up for a ticksy website – you just need to register a free account like everyone else has done. :)

This is the URL:

Once you’re logged in simply enter your purchase code and then post your question.

done it :)

Hi, how can I add login panel in widget?

The account you are posting from has not purchased this theme.

Once you are using the correct account, please submit all your support questions at Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.


Same problem here. Tried copy-paste straight form Shortcodes sample page, and nothing. In fact, I re-saved the Shortcodes sample page and now the Login and Register widgets are erased.

Definitely a bug here.

I not sure if cyberjunkie if talking about the issue. To confirm this theme does not come with login and register widgets. The login and register shortcodes will only be displayed if you are not logged in. If you require further support please submit all your questions at

I’m considering purchasing this and uploading it to I have some questions: 1) If I download this right now – how quickly can I get this up and running? 2) The bit that says “The Gossip a funky magazine theme” – Can I get rid of that and put my own logo in and how easy is it to do that? 3) Can I do picture widgets? 4) Also I’ve read about reloaded content – I don’t want that. Is there a way to not have that?

It is optional to install the demo content, however a few demo pages are automatically installed.

I’ve bought it but it won’t install. – “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I’ve left a ticket for you as well.

This is a simple issue many new WordPress users run into, I have provided the solution via your support ticket. :)

Now my home page size is 7.3MB!!!! Is there any way to reduce page size? I’m using W3 Total Cahe(Properly Configured). Still no use in your theme? Can you help me?

Please see the screenshot of my site load test:

Hi there,

If the main thing contributing to your page size is images, then a cache is not going to reduce that. It’s only going to reduce the page size after the plugin has cached all the images so they won’t be loaded from the server again.

I’ve run my demo site on and the page size is only 2.5MB (and that’s without optimizing the images). The page size is increased by the images you have decided to add to the homepage (disable retina support to half the page size). The point is, this really isn’t a theme issue, if you want to drop the page size, use less images and optimise them.

Note: Please submit all your support questions at, including further discussion on this issue.