Discussion on The Issue - Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on The Issue - Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

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My Licence stopped working since I lost the first site I registered my licence with. How can I add a new URL to my licence?

Pre sale question: $89 Are you kidding? There is no support. No updates. This is a scam.


sazz300 Purchased

Hello, I noticed that posts grid not showing anything even I did assing a posts. please help.

Hi – is this theme still supported? Looks abandoned? Asking before buying

Hello. Can this theme be used on wordpress.com site?

Hi can you post the log of updates? Thank you!

PRE PURCHASE QUESTION: Is it possible to get an overview of which posts get what reactions

This is a scam, don‘t buy! I‘m a paying user since years. However, support requests are not being answered for months, the theme is abandoned. There‘s no release note for the latest update, it also doesn‘t fix any of the known bugs. It appears this update is purely to keep the cash flowing without providing any service. Don‘t buy!

Thank you for updating the the theme and all is good :)

New version is 1.6.9. The Issue Plugin updated to 1.4.2. My site working on php 8.1 and all is good.

The theme has been updated at long last… over a year since the last time that happened. Let’s just leave it at that.

The problem is that there’s no changelog anywhere – not here on the Theme Forest The Issue page, not on the Fuel Themes site, not in the installation files (I checked). Plus, Wordpress does not seem to acknowledge yet that there’s an update for this theme. At all.

How are we to know what’s changed? Some of us are already using it in large sites with hundreds of pages. Are we supposed to just cross fingers and install it in good faith? After 14 months of lacking support?

EDIT: Checked the timestamps on the installation files, most things changed probably have to do with WooCommerce. Content sites owners: it’s probably wise to not install this update until Fuel Themes releases its changelog.

Installed on a child theme, everything looks OK, would be nice to have that official changelog to take a look at, though!

Still no official changelog, still no idea what this update fixes and what it does not.

But the ONE thing I needed fixed, the only thing I paid extended support for, was sidebar widgets and how they work. They literally break and bring down my entire website if I do not install the Classic Widgets plug-in (as per the theme developer’s advice).

But it’s a disgrace in this day and age, having to work with raw HTML just to insert a few links or pictures in a sidebar. I can’t work with the modern editor and widgets with this theme. I pointed it out to Fuel Themes support a few months back, they acknowledged the problem, said that they’d fix it with the next update and, well, they didn’t.

To be honest, this has pushed me over the edge. First of all, being a journalist, I will have to write about all this. At length. People need to know what they are buying and what they are getting themselves into.

Second, I will never, EVER recommend to anyone buying a classic Wordpress theme again, not just from Fuel Themes – this goes without saying – but from Theme Forest or Envato too. This is just way, way too risky in 2023 terms. People are FAR better off buying a couple of commercial, paid-for sets of Gutenberg blocks and use them on a lightweight, free Gutenberg theme (especially the official ones but there’s a number of quality others too) than getting a Wordpress theme that may or may not be updated in the future.

The Wordpress theme market is practically dead to me. I also think that, the way things are going, the whole (inevitable) transition from classic WP themes to FSE-compatible Gutenberg “skeleton” themes is a major disaster waiting to happen for A LOT of people. It’s just a matter of time before more, way more theme developers just don’t see the point financially anymore and stop supporting their themes, like Fuel Themes obviously did.

Pure Gutenberg with interchangeable block sets seems to be the only way forward for people who invest a lot of time on their sites. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS THEME AND ANY OTHER CLASSIC WP THEME if you value your time more than 50 or 70 or 80 bucks. End of story.

the site is down…THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS..


Airotiv Purchased

Hi, I opened a ticket a week ago and have not received a reply.


nwyrk Purchased

When is this template getting it’s much needed update? After Wordpress 6.1 the navigation isn’t working anymore. It’s been over a year that this theme has been updated… WooCommerce templates aren’t compatible either.

Man, I really was about to buy this theme. But it looks like your company wasn’t answering any comments here for at least 8 months now and didn’t update the files for more than a year now.

That’s a very bad business practice and I’m happy I red the comments before throwing my cash away.


vbergh Purchased

Hello, Is there going to be an update anytime soon? What about WordPress 6.1 and Woocommerce 7.0.1 compatibility? Many Thanks!

yozz Purchased

Hey, When will be the next update ? Thanks

Hi, I”m an old client.. and my support has expired and I have a few questions… I just set up the demo theme Issue #19 on my site and one of the things I am noticing is the body background is #f4f4f4 on the demo, but when I imported the demo over, it didn’t do it properly… I’ve looked in the Theme Options but can’t find how to change the background colour from the Header below like it is in the Demo. On my site, the body background is showing white.

And the homepage-1 sidebar on the homepage does not “Sticky” as I’ve enabled it to be sticky. The demo shows it working properly. What am I missing here to have it work properly?

Lastly, is there a way I can edit the “Blocks” such as Subscription Block, etc to add some other content or shortcode? Let me know. And if I wanted to show Ads in between the article paragraphs, what options do I have to do that? I’m using Google Adsense.

Love your new theme styles.


irmoweb Purchased

Please update the files for WooCommerce to ensure they are compatible with the current version. Abandoning theme development / support without warning is unprofessional.

The theme contains outdated WooCommerce template files. Please update the files for WooCommerce to ensure they are compatible with the current version.


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