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Hi, so is not the Wordpress Version? Is just a PHP version, are you using any framework and I guess MySQL, correct?

Hi, yes we are working on a PHP Version first which will use Mysql. Thank you.

1) If i purchase, will you provide image demo?
2) Is your template have system POST and GET quote ?
EX: I post a job requires.
Then i will get listed of user quote for my job ?
3) Where is the page list all my post job?
4) posted job that i piad and on process?
5) posted job that i paid, done job and release money for designer

I now get you. Yes you can use the Template to create a Freelance Marketplace. Yes it is possible. Thank you.

Please update me know when you release thanks. I will diccuse developer if he can wait max 15 december, hope you can release as soon as you can.

Yeah, we going to release it before 15th December. Thank you.


dmblair Purchased

Any updates on the release?

Hey Dmblair, you wull here from us very soon with the release.


dmblair Purchased

Hello! I love this theme, even though I thought it was a full theme when I purchased but nonethe less I’m extremely excited and looking forward to the updates! :) I’m just wondering when you guys are thinking that’ll be accesible now?

Amazing work guys! So excited for the update

Hi, Dmblair. We are making some few changes here and there. We will soon release the PHP Version. Our deadline was this December 2016.


calllab Purchased

Hello, I would like to know how I can add a database because when i try to sign up, there is no database so, where I can find a tutorial who explain how I do this ? Thanks Sorry for my english, I’m french.

Best regards

Hi, Callab.

The Template you bought doesn’t have a database per say. It’s only a design concept of a Freelance Marketplace. We are working on PHP Freelance Marketplace System now as we speak.

We are going to release the system soon, deadline is this December 2016. Thank you.


calllab Purchased

Ok thanks but, Will the new version be paid for ?

Yeah, you will have to pay for the System.


soniM5 Purchased

Hi, I have bought your Kafe template. I am based in Kenya and would like your advice on web hosting and installation services for this website. You also mentioned that this website doesn’t come with a database. When will that be available?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our Template.

For hosting we use, you should try them.

We are finishing the system this December, the system would be available on January 2017.

Hey Team, could you provide an update on the PHP version of this? Bought the design to customise a while ago and a client of mine really likes it. This is something we need ASAP. Thanks.

Hi, Officially Neil. We are a bit behind schedule. Though we at 90%, almost through with the Coding of the PHP Version. I bet you wouldn’t stay long before you get the system. Thank You.

Hi – We are interested buy this theme, when PHP code will be ready to purchase

Hi Avinka, We are really almost finishing the system then the review process. It will take 1 week tops. Thank you.

Hi – We are interested buy this theme, when PHP code will be ready to purchase

Do you have any idea when the Wordpress version will be ready?

Hi BBTMedia, We are almost finishing the PHP Version system then the review process. It will take 1 week tops. Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know.

Any update for the Wordpress version.. Can’t wait to get it..,will there be a dashboard for both client and designers ? Can the admin check designer posting too ?

Hi, are you able to help customize the dashboard ? Let me know details for the extra charges.

Hi am very interested in this template but how can i make html version to work i dont know anything about html or how to edit it i try but its seem a lot of work i dont even know the best software to edit html. The php version is not nice at all for the business i want to lunch, the html version is the best but how can i make regst page, login page, blog post to work… how long is going to take to develop WordPress version..?

Hi Amani Joseph, you don’t have to try making the template to work because already we have made the PHP version of the template. Which works and is highly customizable. Here is the link . Check for details and desxription.

For the Wordpress version, we going to take 2 to 3 months to launch. Beacause of the complexity of the system. It will take time.

I need option to change home page i need home page just like this one here

Hi, we can customize and change for you the homepage. Thank you.

can you send me your email i need to discuss with about special customization use my email

Hey, we have send and email to you. Our email is


recsam Purchased

dear masha I’ve bought both the kafe PHP & the kafe template. But I have no idea how to integrate them. Please write the documentation about how to install the template in more details. I’m waiting for your answer since I want to use the template immediately.

do you provide customizable service on this theme i dont mean as part of support

Yes we offer customization. Send us a message via WhatsApp here is our number +254708605021.

What is the deference between this script and the same PHP script? i have purchased the PHP version, so what features i could add from this script ?

is this a add-on for PHP version?

1.No. really i mean the The Kafe PHP version at $39 and this script at $17.

2. However ,would like to know the features cumming soon for Laravel Version too?

3. In The Kafe PHP version at $39 , Can consider introducing a function to disable the membership system (pricing tab in the front panel) from the front panel ? because we want sufficient number of freelancers first to be registered into the system without showing them the membership plan.


Kind Regards

Hi Ikmansri, the kafe $17 is a design template. Which meas it does not include any database.

The Kafe Laravel Features would include:-

  • Redesign of the whole system
  • One account for either Freelancer or Client – Which means a user can be a Freelancer or a Client at the same time.
  • Email System
  • Advanced Payment System
  • Notification System
  • Clean URLs
  • Advanced Rating System
  • Social Media Login
  • Advanced Rating System
  • Advanced Filter and Search Capability


I bought the Kafe theme but my clients are having issue signing in, Nothing seems to be working. It was successfully installed, all pages properly displayed but the registration and signing in page are not working. How can you help me.

Hi thank you Ebusinessguru for purchasing our system, the problem is your PHP version or Mysql Version.

Your Php Version should be 5.5.12 and Mysql Version should be 5.6.17 to work properly. Thank you.

HI Masha- I purchased your script and when tried to post job start and end date are grayed out, not able to post job, please check my website

Hi Anvika, I have checked the system there is no date issue. You need to click on the far right to show the date. Thank you.

date field totally grayed out, why you are not responding to my whats up messages, please send me screen shot after enter date and before saving

Hey Anvika, all our clients do not have a problem with the select date. I don’t know whats going on with your system.