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Preview not working :-(

Aaaah, I’m so sorry for that, seems like webhosting get in some troubles. I think it’s okay now. You can check it.

Great Design. Good luck!

Thank you so much, I’m so glad to hear that. Good luck to you also :)

Nice work! Welcome :)

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Drzim palce kamo. :) GLWS

Vdaka :), napodobne zelam vela uspesnych predajov.

Awesome design! Just a question why did you use jQuery to apply box-shadow to the “masterActions li” on hover, CSS3 do it too ?

Thank you, that is good idea, I’ll change this hover effect to using only css in next build.

This is a very exciting theme! It is very clean, elegant, and yet full of functionality. For additional features, I’d like to request the following:

- improved charting with explicit inclusion of a graph that mimics the “Project Contribution” graph at http://www.melonhtml5.com/demo/admin7/single_page_app/#!/dashboard

- include google maps and http://jqvmap.com/

- add typography page

- support lists with icons, etc.

Just a few ideas. Might come up with some more.

Hi, thank you very much for this suggestions. I would like implement all of it in next builds. I’ll try to release new build next week with typography page implemented and few other new things.

Hi! I am planning on purchasing this template but there is an issue when uinsg IE8. The image next to the title and Title text on the left hand side of each page are not shadowed, rather dark. For example, the Dashboard title text is dark and on the left of the text, the dash image is dark as well. I am using IE8 version 8.0.7601.17514.

thank you!

Hi, I’ll take a look on it before releasing new build. Best thing what you can do now is update your browser. Thank you and have a nice day.

Thank you. I need it for a project where I work. We have over 3000 computers running IE8. Unfortunately, upgrading to new version is end of this year. I bought it anyway to work on. Thanks again!

Thanks to you for purchase, I hope you’ll be satisfied. Feel free to contact me if you get in some troubles.

Hi dude! I need know about retrieve data form, for tags “bootstrap-tags”. It’s the widget quick message, i don’t know retrieve the tags.

thanks a lot ^^

that not work,..

Sorry but it is OK for me, try to work with it, maybe you find solution.

you are true, the modal it’s fine… it’s for the tablesorter that have inside.. it’s possible that one tablesorter can be integrated in a modal? and work fine in smartphones..

because, the problem actually i have is that i can’t go to the bottom modal using tablesorter inside..the tablesorter prohibit the vertical scroll.. and I never get to the end, to the buttons cancel and save changes.

Pekný design :)

Great design :)

V?aka :)

Hi !

First, nice work ! is a great theme !

My problem is with the “Normal-Select Box”. When I use in the site and put <script>$(function () { $(’#Selectedit’).multiselect();});</script>, this works perfectly.

But to edit user, I add that they load this form using ajax, and show form in a modal dialog. When the ajax returns html code, put the javascript code, and esthetically works, but the select is broken, if you choose any option, doesn´t happend…

Do can you understandme ?


Of course that the id is unique

Hmm interesting, can you send me your html code and screenshot on my email? Thank you.

hi dude! i got some trouble with fonts css(font awesome) Don’t works on the last version of Firefox . im working with zend framework and i put this files on directory fonts inside public_html. i tought it would work but they dont. actually works on chrome, but i need fix this on firefox. Can you help me?

Hi, is your url path to fonts folder in fontawesome.css correct? Check this out and let me know.

Hi. Nice work ! Any thoughts on including jquery datatables ?

Hi, thank you. There is tablesorter implemented already for advanced tables but I would like to implement datatables in some of future releases too.

Will there be an upgrade for BS 3.0 ? Thanks

I hope for yes, but I can’t say it is definitely.

Hi, how I can set a new date format ? specialy for tables of members and datepicker in form

Hi, in tables you can change attribute viewformat of editable function to format that you need

$('#membersTable a.registrationDate').editable({
  type: 'date',
  viewformat: 'mm/dd/yyyy',
  name: 'registrationDate',
  url: '/post',
  title: 'Enter date of registration'
and in form there is datepicker function with attribute format
  format: 'dd/mm/yyyy'

Hi, how I can set menu to show it in sidebar ever ? Thanks for you help!

Hi, just delete this lines at thekamarel-responsive.css:

line 11

@media (max-width: 1170px) {
line 247

Hi !

I would like to know if you intend to make a bootstrap 3 version ?

Thanx !


I would like to do this in some of future updates, but I can’t say when it will be ready because I don’t have very much time right now for development, sorry.

Hello Admin,

I am facing a problem after adding some checkboxes dynamically through but guess what after adding the dynamic checkboxes on the ui the funct of checking/unchecking is just got break and i am not able to perform any operation with it.

After removing the css called css-checkbox from checkboxes everything is working fine.

checkboxes id’s are also different and I have binded the dynamic checkbox list from knockout.

Kindly reply me asap on it…

Thanks in advance.

Is the timeline page the only difference in 1.3? Can I then drop in 1.3 in-place of 1.2 without issue?

Hi, you can see all changes in changelog.txt file, but yes the timeline is only one general difference in 1.3 and one little form validation bug resolve. I think you can update without any issue.


How I can set the date forman in members table? for order, with format ‘dd/mm/yyyy’


They isnt work, the code:


headers: {
    0: { sorter: 'text' },
    1: { sorter: 'text' },
    2: { sorter: 'uk', dateFormat: 'uk' },
    3: { dateFormat: 'uk' },
    4: { sorter: false, filter: false },
    5: { sorter: false, filter: false },
    6: { sorter: false, filter: false },
    7: { sorter: false, filter: false }

I don´t want that they will be editable, just like the order with ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ or ‘dd/mm/yyyy i:H’

*sorry, I just want that the order works in ‘dd/mm/yyyy i:H’ format

Hi, any plans to migrate to Bootstrap 3 in the near future? I’m using this in MVC 5 and that requires Bootstrap 3 Thank you for the quick response. PS: Great design by the way !

Hi, I’m really sorry, but there is no plan to patch this theme with bs3.