The Kamarel

The Kamarel

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Any new improvements which you’ll like to see in next build are welcome, please let us know what you want to be added.


  • Responsive design, supporting most of mobile devices
  • Font Awesome
  • Integrated charts (using jQuery flot, sparklines and JustGage)
  • Dynamic tables (using Tablesorter)
  • Growl style notifications (using jGrowl)
  • Datepicker and Colorpicker for bootstrap
  • Calendar (using Fullcalendar)
  • Form wizard (using formToWizard)
  • Validated HTML5
  • Extended accordion
  • Sliders, Toggler
  • WYSIWYG editor (using WYSIHTML5)
  • Form validation (using parsley.js)


v. 1.3 (04.12.2013)

 - Fixed bug with validation in formWizard

 - Timeline added

v. 1.2 (05.08.2013)

 - Added "white-space: nowrap" to TitleLine heading - thekamarel.css row 740

 - Mail page vertical - added jLayout plugin

 - Mail page horizontal - added jLayout plugin

 - Carousel implemented at widgets category

 - AllWay Tabs tweaks - added 200px width support to tabs by setting class '.w-200'

 - Vector Maps added - jvectormaps plugin

 - Google Maps added - jquery ui map plugin

 - Added hero-unit example to typography page

 - Added Check list and Cross list to typography page

 - Fixed issues on table page

 - Fixed opacity issue on TitleLine in IE8

 - Top bar icons adjusted

v. 1.1 (23.07.2013)

 - Added Typography page (under Interface) - thekamarel.css row 3456

 - Added 3-level submenu example into "Example Pages" menu

 - Added All-way tabs to Widgets Category - css changes are made on row 1052 in thekamarel.css

 - Updated fontawesome to version 3.2.1

 - thekamarel.css - Focused inputs border color changed to #bee147 - row 1627 (old color rgba(0,0,0,.4))

 - MasterActions - removed jquery plugin for animating box shadow on hover - actually it use css3 transitions - row 982 in thekamarel.css

 - Improved tabs jquery actions - row 100 in thekamarel.js

 - Titleline heading layout changes (only one heading now)

 - Fixed problem with placing anything else than titleLineCharts on the right side of TitleLine, you must use class .titleLineOnRight (example on widgets page with search bar) - thekamarel.css row 737

 - Minor changes of tablesorter css - theme.default.css row 19

 - Fixed some bugs and js errors


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