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Is KEN compatible with WP 4.6? It seems I lost page composer along with the WP update?


It is compatible with WordPress 4.6, but you must also update Visual Composer as well.

Please navigate to Appearance -> Install Plugins and let it download and install the latest version of VC for you.

If you had experienced issues regarding this, please open a ticket in Support Desk so we can investigate it for you:


For some reason my site which is built with The Ken theme, SOMETIMES looks very nice and the way it’s supposed to, but most of the times look like styling elements (CSS?) is failing.

This is the wrong styling:

This is the correct styling:

I tried on mobile/chrome/safari/firefox but I’m not able to find a pattern. Sometimes via the Preview button it looks correctly, but not always, same for the live version…


Looks like the dynamic styles won’t load for some reason on your theme.

Please take a look at the wp-content/uploads folder and remove .htaccess file if there is any.

You may also contact the support desk so we investigate the issue for you faster:

Sometimes, some webhosts prevent the dynamic styles to be requested, due to the security configurations.



Can you estimate when the next update will be released on the KEN theme?



We can not exactly say a time as it depends on many things.

There is not plan for an update at the moment and it’s our development team who decides when to release an update.


Does anyone know how to update to Visual Composer to 4.12?

Every time I try, I just get the following notice and it fails to update…

Installing Plugin: Visual Composer Getting download link…

License is from another product.


You should avoid installing visual composer original version. Artbees themes are using a modified version of the VC which is free and comes bundled with the theme.

Please follow this update instruction first:

and if the problem persists, open a ticket in support desk so we investigate this issue for you:


I am having the same problem since updating to Wordpress 4.6. Visual Composer is not working. I have the “WP Bakery Visual Composer (Artbees Modified Version) 4.5.3 and there is no update option. How do I update to a compatible version? And no I am not going to pay $34 for a new VC License.


Unfortunately, we are not seeing any issue with WP 4.6, so please open a ticket in support desk so we debug this on your website:


Hi, where can I download the Colored Sections Template?



I didn’t get your message quite well, there are plenty of themes available for The Ken template on this page:

If you need assistance on installing them, please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs would help you.

Dear Artbees, I’m very interested The Ken, but I was wondering, is the theme shown in the Live Preview is the same theme that I’ll get as I purchase, or that’s just a preview of what The Ken can create?

I’m interested in the template shown at the Live Preview, not the free ones given with it, so is it part of the purchase and is it a Word Press theme that I can customize like any other template?

Thanks a lot :D

All the best, Reno


Thank you for your warm comment,

You are seeing The Ken templates. Templates are a presentation of what The Ken can create, but they are also can be easily imported to your website.

Please follow this document for more information:


What is going on?? I opened the ticket #35874 when I was still being supported. The background image features IS STILL NOT WORKING! You have closed my ticket and told me to stay tuned for the latest version. 3 months later and the new version and it is STILL NOT WORKING!! What is going on with the support for this product. It has been really poor support for this theme. Check the ticket. I PAID FOR SUPPORT! #35874

Once again a failure. I follow the instructions from your page “How to Update Ken” specifically from Point No 2 on this page:

It does not work.

It does not give me this message, which your support page claims it is supposed to:

“As you already installed the plugin mentioned in step 1, you will see an option called: “Upgrade existing theme?”. Choose YES for that option.”

This is what happens in reality:

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /...wp-content/themes/ken/

Theme install failed.

What is this theme continually failing? Now it will not update? I have followed all the instructions, and installed the latest “Easy Theme and Plugin Updates tool” and still it does not work.

I have many angry customers and and a very angry client, because now simple things like the contact form is dysfunctional.

Please advise asap.

OK I have managed to upgrade to the latest version of Ken 3.6. The problem is still the same.

I have still not had a reply on the ticket ticket #35874. I raised this ticket item while still under the support contract and have been waiting months. Pls advise asap.


We close tickets after every response and it does not mean the issue is resolved. When you reply back it will be reopened. It’s a convention in our help desk.

This one is answered in the ticket. Please contact to our support staffs, they will fix it for you.


Hey, just got the theme and have a problem with the Installation. When trying to activate the theme the following Error appears:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/50/7307350/html/wp-content/themes/ken/framework/includes/minify/src/Minifier.php on line 19

You are welcome :)

Thanks again, 5.4 + increasing capacities solved the problem, great work!

It’s great to hear that :)

We are having an issue after updating the theme to the latest version, where any time we include a testimonials slider on a page, it displays all of the testimonials and the slider is broken. It also breaks several of the other sections/content types on the same page, leaving blank spaces in their place. If we remove it, then those other sections work fine again. Any thoughts/help is appreciated.


Please let me know your website URL, I will tell you If I could do anything for it.



I’m sorry it does need a closer look, I need you to provide some more information such as the login credentials and a test page, I can not ask you here.

What I can say right now is to please follow this troubleshoot guide and see if that helps:


Hi, I’ve buyed this theme one year ago and I am starting to know it only now, it’s the best theme of ever! Now, I’ve only two simple questions and I hope you will help me mate:

1) in order to have a clear and responsive structure is it better create 2 same pages each time and use visibility for iphone in one and visibility for the rest with the second or not? It could generate SEO problems?

2) I’ve tried to use onepager ID row system in a href link and not in a menu link. The scroll works but withouth slow scrolling animation so the section is showed istantly. Is it a bug or I have to use ID row only with the menu’s links?

Thanks in advance guys, Giuseppe


Thanks for your kind comment,

1 – It’s better to create one element and change it’s layout by CSS, but sometimes you need to do create different page sections and hide one in mobile devices due the complexity of the design.

2 – The smooth scroll must work if you just used the id of the page section, it must work any were. Please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs debug this on your website. It needs a closer look. Thanks



quitoxic Purchased

Hi There, I have the transparent option with a Edge slider on it but when it goes to mobile responsive navigation there is this white line on it and looks absolutelly horrible. Anyway to make the mobile navigation also work on top of the edge slider?


It needs to be investigated on your website, so please open a ticket in support desk and let our support staffs fix it for you:



pxmedia Purchased

Is this a known bug? bottom footer / copyright not showing in FireFox and Microsoft edge. Safari and Chrome are fine.


Unfortunately, nobody reported this issue yet, so it might be an issue with your website. Please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs fix it for you:


Is it possible to create a portfolio overview with a description text under each item (portfolio standard)?

And for the portfolio single can I just use a blank page?


It is possible but it needs a little bit modification in a child theme. Please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs bring this fix for you.



gilgongo Purchased

My WooCommerce product listings look nothing like the one on your demo. It looks like The Ken is blowing out WooCommerce with its (ugly/weird) styling. In Visual Composer, there is no option for “modern” vs “classic” styling, like it says in your documentation. My support has run out, and I’m unwilling to pay $44 for something that should work.

Can you answer this? Or do I need to go with another theme?


You should create a custom page, add a product loop element in the page and set the styling options to whatever you want. That’s how it works.


Hi seems like VC isn’t working anymore for my theme with the new wordpress update … How can I fix this?


Are you using Visual Composer (Artbees Modified Version) or the Visual Composer original version?

Cause the theme ain’t work with the original version of Visual Composer. You should only use the Artbees Modified Version.


I’m using the arbees modified version … when I switch to normal version it’s working but I may have some functionalities off … but I can’t tell cause the artbees version never worked for me …


Can you please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs debug the issue on your website? This one seems to need a deep investigation…


Hi there,

I’d like to know if in this template there is an option to add modal windows to buttons/links.

Thank you very much


It doesn’t have a built-in modal element, but you can easily use a plugin to bring this feature to your website. There are plenty of popup/modal plugins out there and most of them are compatible with the theme.



I’ve been trying for 2 days and still can’t install any plugin to include modals, it always shows this error on the console: “Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function”.

Maybe jquery version is too old?


Maybe it needs a closer look, so please open a ticket in support desk so our support staffs debug the issue on your website.



Bikul Purchased

Hello; I think there is a mistake in the Masonry Media Grid and the Media Grid Modul in your modified Visual Composer Plugin.

I use version 3.6 of the KEN Template and Version 4.12 of your Visual Composer.

It is not possible to change the order of the pictures in the Masonry Media Grid and the Media Grid Modul.

Any suggestions? Thanks for feedback Bernd


Those modules are not Artbees Modules, they are original Visual Composer Modules and they are not so flexible.

Please use Artbees elements (red icons) such as Post Grid which is having a lot of options to give you the proper look.


Quick question: How big is the installable WordPress file for this theme?

Sorry, changed my mind again. I’m still interested in knowing the installable file size if possible.

Also, does the demo importer work for PHP Version 5.3.29 ?

The last theme I used requires PHP Version 5.4 or higher, so I cannot use the theme. I also cannot upload the theme if the file is larger than 25M. I do no have the access to cpanel/ftp to change any of these, so I’d like to know the answer to these questions before I switch to this theme.

1) Is the installable WordPress file size smaller than 25M ?

2) Does the demo importer work for PHP Version 5.3.29 ?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks, the installation file is 18.3 MB so no worries about installing it.

But the theme will not work in PHP lower than 5.4. so please update your PHP first.



MCDVL Purchased

Latest update completely crashes my site – even if I don’t have it activated. This theme went from great, to bad, to worse, to holy sh*t this is this worst theme on Envato.