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You surpass yourself again in releasing this HTML version, true to your word. Thanks again.

Purchased :-)

Thanks for purchasing! Enjoy :-D

very nice was waitng for that

any change we can get the layer from the map-post.html on click in index

so if I click the link it does not go to map phost but opens the layer in same file?

Thanks for purchasing!

Unfortunately that type of customization goes a little beyond what I can provide in a step-by-step process here. Sorry. Also, having that content in the index page will dramatically increase loading times. Something else to consider.

well i wouldt need all just the layer with some basic summry info t

If you just want a little summary, I would recommend replacing the address info in the bottom left corner with a brief description.

Really would like to see a IE7 version working. We have a large client that would buy the extended license and they work nationwide on IE7 .

I’ll see what I can do. The HTML conversion took a little longer than I expected, so I wasn’t able to address additional items. Apologies.

Client has asked again… When do you believe an IE7 version will be available? Right now IE7 rendering of the template is not usable.

Thank you for this. You were true to your word indeed :)

How do I set the initial position of the map on the homepage?

It’s determined by the first item in the list of markers.

Oh right on—excellent!

How do i edit the map. i am new to this and would like to now if it’s easy to edit and put in new place ( Citys ) before i buy this,

It’s super easy to add markers to the map, but the map itself is the Google map, so you can’t edit the actual map.

Awesome theme, great documentation. Thank you so much!

Thanks for purchasing! :-)


Wow – wicked looking theme… looking to purchase…

Excuse my ignorance, but how would I add news to the blog – I assume there is no control panel etc, like WordPress – correct?

Would it all have to be done via FTP ? This is not a problem, just curious…




There isn’t a control panel, so you would have to hard code the blog content.

In case you didn’t see, there’s a WordPress version available here:


Any news on a fix for the IE 7 /8 and IE9 compatibility mode bug that causes the menu to run vertically down the right side of the browser?

Many Thanks Mark

Haven’t heard/seen this issue. If you have a link to your site I’ll check it out.

Hi it’s the same issues raised by Avoli above I believe and can be reproduced on your preview here by viewing it in IE9 and clicking the (IE9 compatibility button on the right of the address bar.

Could it be CSS 3 related?


I don’t see these issues in IE8 or IE9 . IE7 doesn’t recognize the CSS attribute “inline-block” and requires a bunch of hacks to work properly. This isn’t the case for IE8 or IE9 though.

Are you seeing this on the demo site too?

Hi Yes I do see this on the demo site with IE 9 and clicking the IE9 compatibility button.

I will take a look at this myself. Love the theme too much not to use it.

Thanks for your help.

I can confirm that this theme fully supports the IE9 engine.

If I understand correctly, IE9 compatibility mode uses IE7 engine, so it would make sense that this shows up when you’re essentially using IE7 (which this theme doesn’t support).

The good news is that users don’t use compatibility mode when using IE9 unless they are web savvy like yourself and are checking how the site looks in IE7 ;-)

Congrats all your folio is great! Nice and clean design, i love it!

I have a question about the navigator html template.

Can i change the world map to a map of my country, and place landmarks only about places from my country?

Waiting the reply, ty in advance,



The map is the same map that Google uses, so you don’t need to get different maps. They are all on the same map. Basically the theme allows you to place markers on the map and specify the zoom level. When the page loads, it focuses on the marker and zooms into the level you set.

You can see an example of a site using this theme to focus on a lake here:

ok i understand. thanks a lot for your fast reply.

Great work! There is possibility to customize and have different marker?


Yup, you can replace the marker image to have your own :-)

I don’t thought the replace existing markets. Is there a possibility to have different markers, more of them? THX

Currently only 1 marker is supported.

I need different marker for one ski resort with differentl hotels, apartments, station.. When it’s possible I’ll buy this beautiful template.

Hi Before I buy i have a few questions. What i am looking to do is use this for sightseeing and activities along the Mayan Riviera (Cancun to Tulum) with descriptions of each of the activities – distance from my villa rentals and a link to purchase tickets (back to my various affiliate links.)

Questions … can this show just Mexico or the Yucatan instead of the whole world? ....Google map is really bad down here for using address to pin a location… i always have to use latitude and longitude…ok for this??

Do you think this would work for what i want to do??? seems like a fun way for guest to decide there activities.

thanks liza

I think that idea would work just fine :-)

You can change the zoom level of the map so that it appears to be focusing on just Mexico or the Yucatan. Here’s an example site that is focusing on a lake:

Longitude and latitude are required to place a markers.

This is truly awesome! You’re very talented Chris!

Thanks! I appreciate that :-)

simply WOW !!!! i want to ask if this HTML version is compatible with mobile device like ipad? Thanks and i really admire your work. -J.


You bet. It’s optimized for the iPad and works well on the iPhone too :-)