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This template looks fantastic, nice work!

I was just wondering, on the HTML version where would you enter the map post info for it to show up when the pins are clicked?

Many thanks.


Detailed instructions are included with the theme :-)

This is very impressive, indeed. I can’t believe how good it looks compared to some sites that have an ugly little window with Google Maps—never thought it would work as a website theme.

I was wondering about something:

I have a sushi-themed website with a blog (using wordpress). I currently like my wp blog theme as it is. I also like this template a lot.

Question: Can I implement this on pages in a directory on my website (not on the wp blog)?

My vision is to show the locations of the most highly ranked sushi restaurants worldwide. I would like to use your map template for this and put it into a directory like: <—here is where the map would be used and all pages would be here, but the rest of the website is of a different template.

Is this doable? Or, can this only be implemented in Wordpress?

Plz reply if you have some time. Thx! -Jeff

I appreciate the nice remarks!

The HTML version can be used however you want since it doesn’t depend on a CMS like WordPress. In other words, you can setup an HTML version of the Navigator in a sub-directory of your domain and just point to it from the navigation bar of your WordPress site.

Hope that makes sense.

Makes sense! Thanks so much for the confirmation!

How to add one more (second) pin marker image on page? Like in wp version.

Is there an online example of map with different markers on page to take a sample code?

Unfortunately the WordPress version and the HTML version are separate structures, so changes made to one doesn’t directly apply to changes in the other.

I’m hoping to find some time in the next week or two to work on an update to the HTML version.

It will be a big step – the possibility for different markers are missing to be perfect site. I hope it will be soon, in the next week.

in the previous answer you said:

Thanks for purchasing!

On line 104 in “script.php” and on line 100 in “script_list.php” you’ll see the ”<a href” text. Just change it to ”<a target=”_blank” href”. Posted 27 days ago Report

Where to find files (script.php and script_list.php)?

Also, when I try to rename all files from *.html to *.php I have problem that script not work well. Is it possible to rename files to .php (I would like to add my lite commenting script)?

Later in that conversation I realized that opening external links in new tab isn’t an option supported in the Google maps API .

Regarding extensions, I’m not sure why you would be having trouble renaming those files. You may want to contact your host about that.


I have a question about the google map. is possible to change the start position of the map? I noticed that the start position is now the first place yo define in the script. I mean:

for this code add(jQuery(this), number += 1, “Miami”, “map_post.html”,””,”25.788969”,”-80.226439”, ’’);

I get: but I want another view on the map start position, someting like this:

is that possible?

nice work themolitor! thanks a lot!

Thanks for purchasing!

The map focuses on the most recently published pin. This is required for the “slider” to function properly. Sorry.

fantastic work; but, I have an issue in IE8 where the Jquery menu covers most of the page (in FF the issue doesn’t exist) can you please advise on what I need to do to resolve. Many thanks.


That shouldn’t be occurring by default. Could you possibly be using “compatibility mode” in IE8 ?

Thank you! The issue is now resolved. Great template.

Hi great product 5 stars!

Is it possible to add a link (and how) to the marker in map_post.html ?

Thank you

Thanks for purchasing and for the rating :-)

Unfortunately that isn’t an option with the way the mapping system is configured.

I am back to html version from WP. :)

I am about to purchase this product now,.

before that, do you have any nice javascript example for image gallery html version? It seems that html version is missing it.

Also, Can I make one more panel other than having one menu that has details,gallery,share etc..) on the map page which comes out after clicking the marker? Thank you!

I couldn’t wait to test it out, so I just bought it before your reply. Haha Talk to you soon, Molitor.

Thanks for purchasing!

Regarding the gallery, there’s an example here in the demo:

Regarding additional panels, you’ll need to submit a request for that here: and someone from WerkPress will be in contact with you.

This is a great theme, thanks! It’s now live on

Excellent template.

There is one thing I cannot figure out. Which ever marker you click on, you always end up in Rome map.

Is it supposed to to work like this?

This is just the demo site, so there aren’t posts for every location on the map.

To see an example with additional posts, you can view the demo for the WordPress version here:


Very nice theme :)

Is it possible to start at the current location (latitude and longitude will be replaced by the current location, not static numbers)?


Thanks for purchasing!

Currently that is not an option. Sorry.


First of all, nice work!

I was wondering, does your map have support for clustering pins? e.g: if on a certain zoom level the pins are to close, it will display as a cluster, something like a circle with a number. If not, would that be a nice futer request?


Currently no. This is a common request, though, so I’m not opposed to the idea. Just need to figure out how to do it :-p

You did not have time to perform updates 1.3 for HTML Location Guide to add one more (second) pin marker image on page? Like in wp version. Script is very good, but I am disappointed because this version has not come to life.

Sorry you’re disappointed.

Unfortunately the update made to the WordPress version doesn’t apply to the HTML version since the HTML version doesn’t have a theme options panel or dashboard to control these different settings.

I dont like to use WordPress because WordPress site is slow to open. HTML version I upgraded to php site and connected to database with locations.

Work excellent but I have no ability to show multiple markers on page. I expect that both version will be developed in parallel.

Hi, First off amazing script!


I’m trying to figure out how to make the whole script/map smaller, i want to fit it into the middle of a website, without it being full screen i’ve looked at the

<div id="gMap"></div>

etc but no such joy, please could you advise

thanks alotl.


This theme really isn’t structured to be used inside of another site. It’s intended to be its own standalone site.

For customizations like this, please use this form:

p.s do you have any idea how instead of editing the html i can make the pins appear from a XML file or database? would be so much easier for updating


I posted a link for customizations like this in your other comment.

I would also love to know if the point/location can be read from an XML file.

Thank you

Unfortunately no. Sorry.

Another good idea would be to have the capability to set diffirent map zoom level for each category.