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The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog

The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog

This directory-based theme utilizes Google maps to display exact locations and provide users the ability to interact with the location. The Navigator is ideal for travel blogs and/or location guides, but could also function as a real estate listings directory or store locator.

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  • NEW! “Mobile-friendly” as tested by Google Developers
  • ADDED! Responsive support.
  • ADDED! Retina ready support.
  • ADDED! Street View support.
  • ADDED! Welcome message option for home page.
  • ADDED! Light theme skin option.
  • ADDED! Full width page template.
  • ADDED! Font Awesome support.
  • ADDED! Front-end post submission form with validation and email notice
  • ADDED! Theme options via WP Theme Customizer
  • Translation ready (.POT file included)
  • Supports Google custom fonts library
  • Google Maps integration
  • Slideout widget panel
  • Full screen image backgrounds
  • Draggable and collapsible windows
  • Unlimited link color options
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects
  • Custom marker option (site wide & individually).
  • FREE updates


v2.2.8 - Jul 2016
* Added: support for new Google Maps API requirement. 

v2.2.7 - Oct 2015
* Fixed: search button option now accessible from the "general" section on Customize page. 

v2.2.6 - Oct 2015
* Updated: ZoomBox plugin.
* Improved: Better gallery support for ZoomBox plugin.

v2.2.5 - Jun 2015
* Added: ZoomBox lightbox plugin zip file to files folder (optional).
* Removed: prettyPhoto lightbox plugin due to vulnerability.

v 2.2.4 - Apr 2015
* Added support for WordPress 4.2 sidebar markup requirements
* General code improvements.

v 2.2.3 - Mar 2015
* General code improvements.

v 2.2.2 - Aug 2014
* Improved custom post options code.
* Fixed issue with submission form.

v 2.2.1 - Apr 2014
* Fixed issue with accordion animation.

v 2.2.0 - Apr 2014
* Added custom link option for posts on map
* Added category option for home map

v 2.1.0 - Mar 2014
* Added image upload option to front-end post submission form

v 2.0.3 - Feb 2014
* Code improvements

v 2.0.2 - Jan 2014
* Improved: responsive menu listing for child menu items
* Fixed: Colors for some elements when using light theme skin

v 2.0.1 - Dec 2013
* Fixed minor bug on single post page

v 2.0.0 - Dec 2013
* Added: Responsive support.
* Added: Retina ready support.
* Added: Street View support.
* Added: Welcome message option for home page.
* Added: Light theme skin option.
* Added: Full width page template.
* Added: Font Awesome support.
* Added: Menu search feature.
* Added: Additional social icons.
* Added: Zoom level option for home page.
* Added: Sub category support for blog.
* Updated: Design.
* Updated: Post sharing options.
* Updated: General Code optimizations/improvements.
* Fixed: duplicate in .POT file

v 1.7.4 - Nov 2013
* Fixed .POT file errors.

v 1.7.3 - Nov 2013
* Fixed long/lat data usage for users updating from 1.6.1 and older.

v 1.7.2 - Nov 2013
* Fixed Google Chrome loading issue.

v 1.7.1 - Nov 2013
* Added: lat/long option (not required)
* Fixed: minor background bug in page.php

v 1.7.0 - Nov 2013
* Added: Front-end post submission form with validation and email notice
* Added: Google zoom controls on map (replaces previous zoom buttons).
* Added: Scroll wheel and double-click to zoom support
* Improved: lat/long automatically generated based on address
* Improved: Google custom font API link no longer required
* Improved: general code improvements

v 1.6.1 - Oct 2013
* Minor bug fixes and improved map listing performance.

v 1.6.0 - Sept 2013
* Updated: added theme customizer support (removed OptionTree system).

v 1.5.2 - Aug 2013
* Fixed: marker labels appearing by default.

v 1.5.1 - Jul 2013
* Fixed: duplicates in POT file.

v 1.5.0 - Feb 2013
* Added: Theme localization support.

v 1.4.4 - Feb 2013
* Updated: Theme options panel.

v 1.4.3 - Dec 2012
* Updated: jQuery UI to version 1.9.2.

v 1.4.2 - Dec 2012
* Added: captions to lightbox pop-up.

v 1.4.1 - Nov 2012
* Updated: theme options panel appearance and updated/added support tab.

v 1.4.0 - Aug 2012
* Added: built-in OptionTree system. Plugin no longer required.
* Fixed: dropdown menus on iOS devices.
* Improved: general code improvements/optimizations.

v 1.3.0 - Aug 2011
* Added: Custom marker option (site wide & individually).
* Fixed: Twitter sharing username issue.
* Fixed: Custom toggle hover effect color.

v 1.2.0 - Aug 2011
* Fixed: Reported issue with iPad.

v 1.1.0 - Aug 2011
* Fixed: Reported issue with menu spacing.

The HTML version of this theme is available here

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[five stars]
Words can’t express how satisfied I am not just with this theme, but the support… Looks exactly like a professional movie site should. My production has a very high standard and it was crucial the website reflected that standard. Thank you Chris!!!
- samgosper