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Hi, I understand – this theme is not Woocommerce ready, but I don’t need a big ecommerce site, just a few products. I did woocommerce.php with <?php woocommerce_content(); ?> in the loop section. I see my products, but I don’t know why – widget area is empty, doesn’t work all standart widget and woocommerce also. are you can give me some ideas how to fix it? Thanks


This theme doesn’t support woocommerce. However, please post your question to the support forum at our website http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/the-news-time-magazine-wordpress-theme/ Our coder can help you. Thanks

Hi, I try to use this theme for my web http://rmi-nu.or.id i was read about the shortcodes generator in the documentation, but, first, i don’t find my shortcodes generator in the “Page” or “Post” when i try to write or edite booth of them. Second, i just find the shortcodes generator in kopa text, but it’s does’n working… How can i fix it? I look for the demo of this theme, the shortcode generator have work

Can you please submit a ticket to get support. http://kopatheme.com/submit-ticket/

I can upgrade the wordpress 3.9?

Yes, it works in WP3.9.1


Is it possible to show the second sidebar on posts as well as on homepage?

With current design, we don’t add this option. However, we can customize it for you.

We have customized this theme and now we want to upgrade to new version 1.02. What procedure should we follow & we can’t afford to customize it again.

Have you customized with child theme?

hi, 2 questions ! 1) i want to change the button Comments (appears in every categor in the site ) to an other word in greek ! so i was searcing in the comment.php but i couldnt do anything… 2) i want the footer menu to be sticky ! like following me in all the roll up in the site . is this possible ?? thanks

1) i want to change the button Comments (appears in every categor in the site ) to an other word in greek ! so i was searcing in the comment.php but i couldnt do anything…
You can use translation function to do it. Please read this post: http://kopatheme.com/editting-default-language-in-wordpress/
2) i want the footer menu to be sticky ! like following me in all the roll up in the site . is this possible ?
Please create a ticket on our website, our team can help you

I can upgrade the wordpress 4.0?

Yes, you can

Hey, great theme which we`d like to use for publishing at http://www.tipp24.org. Unfortunatelly I cant see the visual part for the theme in the visual editor. So the pre-build plugin for the visual editor does not come up somhere. Nor can I find a documentation for the shortcodes [] to place them manually . Can you help?

Thanks Matthias

The document is included in download file. Please check. If you need support, can you please create a ticket http://kopatheme.com/submit-ticket/, our support team will help you. Thanks

Sorry, your support-forum (kopathem) does not work well .we could not post a message in your support forum. therefore we do it here: Hello,

we like the theme but we miss the shortcodes. Within the visual composer the second line which is shown in the documentation is missing in our installation – and we did not find a clue where to get it from.- Furthermore we miss the technical documentation of the shortcode itself – apart from the fact that it can be done from the composer.

Please see the two screenshots describing better what we mean: one is from the documentation – the other on is at it can be seen in our installation.

Since we would like to use and rate the theme any help is very much appreciated.

http://www.tipp24.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/visual_composer_as_it_should_be.png http://www.tipp24.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/visual_composer_as_it_is.png

thanks matthias

if needed I can submit the transaction id from the purchase


Can you please install this plugin http://1drv.ms/1BI07Fd



Can we use these theme together with http://eventespresso.com/ They are using custom post types, so i would like to know if we can replace these posts in your beautiful theme, with custom posts type?

Thank you

Hi, you can use this plugin for your site, but our custom widgets cannot work with custom post type. if you need to modify your theme, please contact with sales@kopasoft.com to get more information.

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

I like your themes but you take them down after people purchase. I ordered Revant word pres theme and can not download. There are no up dates nor have you gave me another theme. envanto states in my downloads that you removed the theme I purchased and I have contacted you several times and got no response. I would not suggest buying this theme to anyone because you may take it down and keep the money. I will post this everyday on all your themes until you respond and give me my money back or a theme in replacement

Hello, The theme Revant has been removed TF but we continue supporting all of our customer to update, fix bu if any. You can follow the instruction here to get support http://kopatheme.com/faq/


Hi, i just want to ask question about how to hide featured image in this theme in single post?

Hi, you can go to Theme Options > Single Post > Show/Hide Featured Post Thumbnail in single post to hide the single feature image

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Hello, in the last update theme doesnt play videos which are in the “iframe”. Text appears on the page instead of the video! I mean iframe code appears. What is the solution about it ?

HI bercare,

Thank you for contacting us.

Firstly, we are really sorry for the problems you have faced with during the process of using our products and delay in replying.

Can you please send me your website URL so that we can check what happen? If you don’t want to public it on there, please go to https://kopasoft.zendesk.com and create a ticket so our support team can help you in the best way.

Thank you. Kind Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.