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Very inspiring.!


I bet $100 people are gonna start asking if you are going to make this a Wordpress or html template.

I am one of them Ill buy it the minute the html version is out

I would buy it too, if it came out in html.

and i i buy if is in html version :)

I am one of them Ill buy it the minute the wordpress version is out. Please, create a wordpress version! Thanks in advance!

I can make it in HTML for 40$ / 27 EUR , info@ahuitema.nl

Thanks you guys for the comments! I’ll code a HTML version and a WordPress version. Follow me so you won’t miss them!

Great theme. Keep it up ;)

+1 on HTML /CSS with no bigger than 980 framework.

It is quite perfect for small business solutions! Will take 2:)

Supreme !! Please make fast :D

Hello! This is a great theme. Please make it in HTML or Wordpress soon as possible. And don’t forget to make booking form working. :) Thanks

+1 for the html version :)

Hello to all, i want too wordpress version. Chears

Hello to all, i want too wordpress version. Chears

+1 for html5 version or wp

i am looking for buy with html version and wp

Almost done with it using Zend. I will post you a link to check it in production. It will be a bit different from the design.

I have some notes:

1) In photoshop it is good if you escaping using sharp or crisp for anti-aliasing. The reason is that it is very hard to achieve these effects with html and css;

2) It is also good if you stick to a standard width of the sites in your designs (960, 1024 or 1280);

That’s it for now from me.

Thank you for this feedback! I really appreciate to know what people think about my themes.

I’d be happy to have a look at your website. You can send me the link via my profile page.

Best regards,


would like wordpress version. Thanks

can we use this with http://www.phptravels.com script ?


Not at all. This is only a PhotoShop design.