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Very clean pexeto! ideal drop down menu and accordion slider.. Thanks for coding. Good Luck Sir..

Kind Regards..

Awesome minimalistic look, great job!!

Good luck with sales mate :)

WOW simple clean and elegant template good luck with the sales.

Awesome. How I wish I didn´t rushed to get the PSD version :-(

Thank you very much, guys! I really appreciate it :)

I am having issues making the slider work … when I click the “Add Images” button, nothing happens … any ideas?


I have just noticed that I have forgotten to delete 2 lines for logging in the options.js file and this was causing the problem.

I have just uploaded an update that fixes this and it should be available soon.

Minwhile you can open the options.js file (within the script folder) and delete these lines (88 and 89):


I am sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the support!

YEAH !!! That did it! Thanks for the great support, I figured it was something like that, but i don’t know enough js or php to troubleshoot it myself!

You are welcome!

For all interested- the update is now available :)

This may be an odd question, but will advertising plug-ins work for this theme? It’s a beautiful design, and I’d like to use it for a professional online journal that unfortunately is supported by ads.



Thank you for the interest! :)

I don’t think you will have any problems with advertising plug-ins, as this theme generally supports plug-ins.

Thank you very much! :)

First great theme – congrats.

I am having the same problem “RealDesign” is having, in that when I press the “Add Images” button nothing happens. Any ideas on why that is?



Thank you, I’m glad you like my theme! :)

I have replied the “RealDesign” question, you can have a look at the answer. It is very important not to forget pressing the “Save Changes” button after you finish adding images.

I’m sorry, it’s my bad. I have explained everything on a reply to “Real Design” above.


I just bought your theme and initially the Fader worked fine. I made a “home” page, assigned the template and then assigned the slider variable The slider box shows up but the images are not displaying correctly. I need some help!


Did you set the slider images in the admin panel? If yes, can you please give me a link to your site so I can have a look?

I set the slider images correctly. They were working just fine before I made one of the static pages the “home” page. In fact, the slider is still working on the “uncategorized” blog page:

Slider works here:

Broken home page slider:


Maybe you are missing something in the configuration. I think it would be better if you send me some log in details by a private message, so I can have a look at the settings that you have made.

I just logged in and everything works fine, as I guessed. The problem was that you have set the slider custom field to “slider” and it should be “fader” if you want the Fader slider. The “slider” value is for the accordion image slider and as you have not inserted images for this slider, nothing is shown there.

Bravo, very clean and functional. Simple and easy to read/navigate. Good job.

Thank you very much! :)

Beautiful theme, definitely lives up to the “elegant” title!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

Pretty nice! really “elegant”! I think I’m getting this theme, I just have a question: For the sidebar, Is there a text widget included, where I can put icons for social media (like; Facebook, Twitter, RSS subscription)? Thanks in advance :)


First of all- thank you very much, I’m glad you like it :)

By default WordPress has a Text widget included and as the sidebars are dynamic you can drag and drop all the widgets available. So- yes, you can use this widget on the sidebar.

Great! I’ve already purchased it. (not form this account though) Thanks :)

Hi, I just installed this theme and the footer is floating at the top of the page. I thought it was just Chrome, but I’ve checked it in FF and IE8 both and it’s at the top…weird! Can you help me chase down the issue, please?

Thanks! Mary


As explained in the help file (with red warning), this theme requires widgets to have titles set. So you just have to insert titles to your widgets, or if you don’t want any titles, you can insert ” ” (blank space) in the title field.

So sorry, my mistake, I thought I’d read all the included documents. (crawling away, properly chastised)

Congratulations for the beautiful template.

I have a problem setting up my home page. I can not seem to do the “Header Text” and “Welcome to The PaperCore.

In the Setting -> Reading I have set “A Static Page” and “Front Page: Welcome to The PaperCore” page. In “Post Page: Blog” page. But I do not see anything in my home page. I can send the screenshot if you want. Thanks


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

I couldn’t really understand what the problem is, it is always much easier if you provide a link to your site so I can have a closer look. However, did you do those steps:

1. Set the “Home page” template to the “Welcome to The PaperCore”
2. Insert the header text in the options settings
3. Insert some text in the text field of the page

If you have done all the steps and you still have the problem, you can provide a link to your site.

Nice template.. is there any way to make the slider controlled by the user? I prefe that it not change automatically (javaacript, I assume)..


I’m glad you like my theme :)

Basically, you have to open the slider.js file (within the script folder) and every time you see the using of the timer variable, you have to comment that line by inserting // before the line.

Great Template! I was working with the Home template (Alt Home on the live preview) & when I clicked on the 1st post (prepare for brainstorming) I noticed that the full post came up with no date. I am trying to figure out how to do the same thing on mine….I figured I would at least ask you first (before I went looking for a plug-in) because I figured I just wasn’t seeing the obvious….. Anyway, thnx again for your work!

This theme looks great! I noticed the videos on the demo were pretty small. Does this theme limit the max size of video in any way? Would I be able to embed an HD Vimeo and or Youtube file. Thanks.


First of all- thank you for the interest, I’m glad you like it!

The theme does not limit the max size of the video. I use the “Pretty Photo” lightbox plugin and as written in the documentation of this plugin, it supports Vimeo and YouTube videos.