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thank you for your timely help. it worked.



Pexeto, You helped me earlier about removing the thumbnail image from my portfolio pages and that worked great but I think it might have created another problem. Now when I want to post a regular blog post it does not seem to show the first images in the blog post – It’s kind of weird in that the image show up fine if you click on the BLOG link But if you then click the actual post title or the read more link or the actual blog category in the side widget the first image disappear –

Thanks for all the help – you’re support is fantastic.


Never mind to the above – just a weird post or something. I re-posted the post and it is fine. Weird.

Thanks for the email, but there is till no thumbnail generation on the Portfolio page.

I triple checked all of these:

Sometimes the image resizing script doesn’t generate the image due to the following reasons: *script/cache directory is not editable (777) Everything from wp-content/themes on down is set to 777, chmod’d recursively and checked twice. *original image size is too big (more than 2000 pixels) Image sizes vary, roughly 600 by 800 for the full size. *original image is not located within the WordPress installation directory EVERYTHING is within wp-content.

The site for a client and is not yet public, so please email me for the URL and I’ll remove password protection.


I can’t email you as you don’t have a contact form enabled on your profile, so you will have to email me the URL .

Hello, This theme is really cool and work well ! I would like to know how i can insert a map and address detail in the contact page sidebar (like you’ve done in the live preview). Is there a widget who do that ? Thanks


I have used just the built in WordPress Text Widget for both map and address sections-you can insert whatever HTML you like into this widget. The map has been just an image inserted like this:

<img class="borderImg" src="" width="240" />

If you would like to have a real Google map in there, I can recommend you the Simple Google Map plugin- it is really easy to use:


I can’t get my logo to display. I’m sure I’ve uploaded it and described the url accurately. The weird thing is that I tried a few different images, and one will display while the other won’t. What am I doing wrong here?



Can you please provide a link to your site so I can have a look?


When I tried to access your logo image, an internal server error occued. I think you need to contact the administrator of the server, please try to open the image as the link pasted below and you will be able to see the whole message that gets displayed and the email of the administrator:

I am having a problem clicking the links of mutli-line page names inside the drop down menus. It is rather hard to explain, but it seems the link area does not correspond with the text.

Here is a link to the test site so you can get a better idea.

Thank You!


This is happening because your links are located within several lines. You can very easily fix this by deleting the height property in the section #menu ul li ul li of the style.css file (line 335).

Hi! I love this theme. Beautiful. My question is how do I control the accordion slider time? I’d like to shorten the speed time.

Thanks ahead of time for your help!



I’m glad you like the theme :)

You have to open the script/slider.js file and in the beginning of the file you will see the main variables used for the slider. If you would like to change the speed of the sliding animation you have to edit the value of the animationSpeed variable. If you would like to change the time between each slide, you will have to edit the value of the waitInterval variable.

Pexeto—thanks for creating a beautiful theme!

I finished a project and handed it off to one of my clients and now they have added a code or plugin that is interfering w/ the jquery fader. I can’t find the source of the problem and was wondering if you could help!

Thanks, John

site is

Oops, sorry, fader is turned back on. Thanks!

I can see that there are some strange characters in the names of the images and think this is the problem- can you please try to rename the images or insert another images URLs?

That fixed it—thanks so much for taking a look and helping me resolve the issue. —JB

I asked a question and then sorted it out myself! So, nevermind!

Thanks for the lovely theme!


Hi, I love this theme! I am VERY new to wordpress, and am having a few issue that are probably due to my own mistakes, could you please help:

1. I would like my home page to be my default page and to be what you see when you click the “Home button” (, I read your directions on how to go into settings/reading and select static page, but my options for both the front page and the posts page are the same list of options, and it tells me I cannot choose “home” for each…. Basically I just want my homepage to have the quote under the image slider and nothing else, no posts, and no sidebar if possible.

2. On my portfolio with descriptions pages (for example the print page)... I click on the image, the large version of that image comes up (which I love), but I would like it to show other image options within that pop up for that specific project as well… how and where to I load those?

3. On the side bar widgets, is it possible to just stick an image there in the side bar, for example, I would like my photo to go into the side bar instead of above the copy on my about page…

4. And finally, I would like to remove the small icon that shows the date from all posts, as well as the “page” “author” and “no comments” text, basically when I post, I would like it just to have the image, and text with it… is that possible?



Here are my answers:

1. If you don’t need this page to contain posts, in settings->reading you can just set the Posts field to another page, not the home page and everything should be fine.

2. This feature is not supported by the theme, I’m sorry.

3. Yes, you can just use the Text widget and insert the image as HTML code:

<img src="http://image-url.jpg" />

4. If you are talking about the blog template, then you have to open the index.php file and delete the divs(and all their contents) with class date and postInfo. For the single post you need to delete the same divs within the single.php file.

I already sent this to you in email, but publicly I want to thank you for your beautiful theme and exceptional customer service and guidance, your willingness to offer support and help sets your themes far and above the others. I will (along with encourage others) continue to buy themes created by Pexeto not only because of the beautiful and well-crafted themes, but because of the outstanding support Pexeto offers.

Thank you for the nice words, I’m glad you appreciate my work :)

Love the theme! Bought it for a client. She wants the sidebar gone from all pages but the contact page. I took care of everything but the blog posts page. How would I remove the sidebar call from the blog oage?

Thanks! -Dave


I’m glad you like it :)

The file you have to edit is index.php- you have to delete the div with id content and delete on line 95 – the calling of the sidebar:


And I can still make it appear on the Contact page?

Thanks! -Dave

You can just use the default page template and call the form using a shortcode. It is really easy to use – you just have to follow the instructions.

So I can use the full width page template on the blog posts? I selected that template for the blog page and it did not work. Thanks!

The full width page template is only available for normal pages, not for the blog. If you want a full width blog page you will have to do some code changes- you have to open the index.php file and remove the div with id “content” (line 21) and its closing tag (line 94) and also you need to delete the get_sidebar(); calling on line 95. For the post template itself you have to follow the same steps in the single.php file but this time the function calling that you need to delete is get_sidebar('blogSidebar'); on line 99. I hope this will be helpful :)

Hi Pexeto,

Thanks for the great theme – it was just what I was looking for. I’m having trouble getting the categories to show on the portfolio page – right now it just says “all”. How do I fix this?

My website is

Thank you,

- Nicole


I’m glad you like it :)

Did you set the post category custom field in the portfolio page to contain a parent category that has subcategories?

got it! Thank you :)

Whats the name of the typeface(font) of the logo ?its cool , can you tell me? thanks.


It is Times New Roman :)

yeah that was….times new roman, XD, I thought it was some unusual font..thanks man, more sales to you.

Hi- I love the theme too! It is perfect for what we use it for. I know I’ll need to update soon to the new version, but really nice work.

One question, I am trying to set the header on my contact page to a different image than what is on all of the pages, is that possible? Would love any feedback. Thanks so much!

my site is


Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Please follow these instructions:

Hi! Great theme, I just need a little help with the portfolio (portfolioPage.php).

I turned off the automatic thumbnails, so I can make my thumbnails 90×90 px. Since this isn’t enough space to use .portfolioItemInfo (which I love), I plan on removing it.

In order to still view that info, I was wondering how I could add the title and description to the preview image. Something akin to the single image demo here:



You have to open the portfolioPage.php file and change those lines (starting from line 79):

echo('<a href="'.$preview.'" class="single_image" rel="prettyPhoto[group]">');
echo('<img src="'.$thumbnail.'" alt="" />');

to be like this:

echo('<a href="'.$preview.'" title="'.$description.'" class="single_image" rel="prettyPhoto[group]">');
echo('<img src="'.$thumbnail.'" alt="'.get_the_title().'" />');

Thanks! I actually figured out how to keep the automatic thumbnails turned on, but have them resize smaller and still use your code to add the title to the preview. It’s perfect now. Thank you so much for your help. :)