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Thank you for your help on my header question!

I will be using this theme to build my webpage. I have not fully loaded the site but have the blog currently activated.

Blog Address:

There is a menu bar which goes across the top of my page and blocks the header. How can I get rid of it? I have already turned off all the menu options I can find :(


I can see that your Search widget is missing a title, and widget titles are required by this theme. If you don’t need a title there you can just insert a blank space in the title field.

Oh wow, that solved everything, thankyou so much!!

Pexeto, two more questions:

1. How do I upload the 3 widgets that come with the theme? Can I do this by uploading it as a plugin?

2. I have posts categorised as “portfolio” so that the photos show up on my “Portfolio” page. Is there a way to stop them from also showing up in my “Blog” so that I don’t have repeat information posted?

Thanks for all your help so far!


1. If you would like to upload them as regular plugins, you will have to zip the files first (separately) and after that you can upload them.

2. You just have to exclude the portfolio category from the blog categories- you have to go to the options setting page in the section “Blog page settings->Exclude categories from blog” and check the Portfolio category.

Last Question Pexeto,

Sorry to bug ya again, but on my page: when you click on a thumbnail, the image either does not load or takes too long to load. Why might this be? The image is too large, they are all under 400px.

Thanks again!

I can see that you have inserted the relative paths of the images:


and you have to insert the full paths of the images, something like this:


(instead of the … just insert the correct domain and path)

I am having trouble with Portfolio descriptions. This is what I am trying to insert.

My Sky Program helps those who have a <a href="" class="plain">fear of flying</a>. The three day course includes a flight on a commercial airline...<a href="">more</a>

Every time I refresh the post, the description is reduced to the first 8 words. I have gone into the database and inserted description and it works great until I go back to original post editor and update other information in the post.

Otherwise, your theme is the best!!


I think this is happening because of the quotation marks of the tags, you can try to insert the tags without the quotation marks like this:

My Sky Program helps those who have a <a href="">fear of flying</a>.

I think this should work :)

Update: The quotation marks are added automatically to the comments here so the example above is not exactly what I wanted to show, but I hope you could understand what I mean.

Regarding above problem:

I think I just need to figure out how to re-figure the ‘description’ input form. It is limited to 55 characters. Can’t figure out how to do this.


Re: ‘Description’ problem.

At first it didn’t help when I also did an upgrade to the entire post, but I cleared browser cache, etc. and now it looks like it is the ‘fix’. At least I know the go-around if it happens again – no post upgrades after adding description!

Thanks, Sharon

Hello, good looking theme here. If I were to buy it I would be needing it for a multi-lingual site. Can you elaborate a bit on the statement “Easy to translate” on the theme’s page? Is the theme language hardcoded or do we get a translation file when buying it for use with POEdit or similar?

Thanks, cb


Thank you for the interest :)

The texts are not hardcoded- in the Theme Options page I have included a section where you can change all the words used in the theme and they are saved as options, so you can translate the theme very easily to another language, but there aren’t multiple fields for each word so you can set only one meaning per word.


We have a news page already, which uses the ‘featured posts page’ template and displays the category of posts that I’ve selected for that purpose. Everything seems fine with that page.

We would also like a page with posts from another category, such as this one with posts about the instruments we play: The problem is that the only way I can get this page to display posts at all is to set it to be a ‘featured posts’ page (or ‘home’ page… same problem). Then, it displays the ‘tagline’ under the menu, before the posts. It doesn’t show the tagline on the ‘news’ page, which uses the same page template. How can we take the tagline off this instrument page, and future pages with posts specific to other topics?

Thanks, Jim


First of all I would like to say that if your news page doesn’t display the tagline, this means that it is not the “featured posts template”, but the “blog” one. I guess you might have done a setting in Settings->Reading this page to be your posts page.

However, regarding the instruments page- the easiest way for you to do this (without code modifications) is just to use the category page of this category. I mean that you can create a custom link in your menu, lets call it Instruments and as a link to it provide this URL :

this is the archive page for the instruments category and it will display only the posts from this category.

Thank you so much for replying so quickly!

Is there supposed to be both a “featured posts” page template and a “blog” page template, or are you referring to the theme options? If it’s a page template, then that would likely solve the problem. If so, where would I find the “blog” page template? It doesn’t appear on my list of page templates for this theme.

Thank you for suggesting the custom menus. We have tried that, but they had a lot of formatting problems. The text was dropped down to the bottom of the bar, leaving a gap above, and the nested menus weren’t appearing anywhere… no drop downs.

Everything is nearly perfect. If we could find the code that calls up the tagline, I think we could create a page template without it and call that the “blog” template, and all would be well. Can you point me toward that bit of code, or suggest a term to search here on this board that would find a previous discussion on the topic?

Thanks again for your help, and for a really nice theme!

I will try to explain how the things work and hopefully you will get a better understanding of the organization. So, the Featured posts template is a page template, this means that you can create multiple different pages and all of them can belong to this template. The blog page is not set by using a template – it is set in Settings->Reading section by selecting the page you want to be your blog in the “Posts Page” field. So you can set to only one page to be your blog page.

However, if you find setting the Featured posts template the most convenient solution for you, then in order to remove the tag line you have to open the featuredPage.php file and delete the <div id="topText" /> div and all its contents. I hope this will work for you :)

Love this theme, thought I had this problem figured out. I am sorry if it’s been covered already. at, the frontpage has blog posts. I thought I had filtered the posts to just one category, but it’s showing every post made (all three). The Welcome post on top was made sticky. I’d like just one additional post allowed below it, regardless of category (i’ve dropped that stickler issue). Can you help me resolve this? Many thanks ahead of time, and I do appreciate you taking the time to help; I know you’re busy.



Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

You can consider using the Featured posts template- its purpose is to display only the posts you like the most on the front page. You can set your favorite posts to one additional category (for example featured) and only they will display on that page. For more information about setting this page template you can refer in the documentation to the section Template Pages->Featured posts page.

Hello Pexeto,

I have a question about the theme. I have been told by a few people that they can not see it properly for the way they have their view port set up on their computer. They said it is because it does not have a horizontal scroll bar. I have very limited knowledge. I had a friend trying to help me that said he knew the code to change, but wasn’t quite sure what to change it to. Can you offer any assistance on what to change?

Thank you :)


You can do the following changes in the style.css file:

1. In the section #mainContainer remove the overflow:hidden line.

2. In the #footer section remove the float:left line and add:


Hello Pexeto,

Thank you for your quick reply on the horizontal scroll bar. I have been looking at your other themes. It looks like you have been busy creating new ones and I must say they are even more spectacular.

I chose the Papercore theme because it so beautifully showcases photos and is such an elegant theme. I would like to purchase and switch over to one of your other themes such as Dandelion or Anthology. I love that they have the same feature for the photos, but offer a bit more in options for other content.

I have only limited knowledge of how these kinds of things work. Would you be able to tell me if I switch my current Papercore theme over to Dandelion or Anthology, would it smoothly transition over, or would I need to get some things fixed to adapt to the new theme?

Thank you very much:)


First of all- thank you very much for the compliments on my themes :)

The Anthology and Dandelion themes have a bit more different structure than this one so there will be some changes that you will have to do. As I can see, your main menu contains mainly blog category archives and I think you won’t have any problems with those pages- they should be all saved. The parts that won’t be saved will be the slider, the gallery and (maybe) the sidebars. You will have to recreate them again, but I don’t think it will take a lot of time. If you decide to move to one of these themes, I would advise you to have a look at the documentation first, just to be aware how the things are organized so you can quickly make the changes that will affect your new theme.

Thank you Pexeto,

I look forward to tyring one of your new themes.

Wicked theme but having an issue with thumbnails. They are generated in the same folder as the original content, but under the portfolio page, they are not showing. Perhaps an issue with the TimThumb.php script? Anyone experiencing the same as this:


As I can see, the image for the first item is too big and I think the script can’t resize such a big image. If you decrease a bit the image size, everything should be fine. For the second item I can see that you haven’t inserted an image URL , so this is why nothing is displayed in there.

No, I don’t feel silly at all. =)

I thought I checked that.

Thanks for the reply and AMAZING theme!

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Sorry, I should also add, I added the fully qualified name in the field for the thumbnail (under Thumbnail URL ).×150.jpg

I have the FQN of the full size image and notice if you leave that out, it won’t load when the broken thumbnail is clicked. When you add the FQN , it will launch. Still, the thumbnail won’t appear.

Script and cache are both set to 777.

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We are happy to announce that we have launched a support forum where all the Pexeto items support will be handled.

From now on, we kindly ask you to post your support questions on the forum here:

Thank you :)

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Hi, Love the theme, the only problem I can’t solve and I am sure is simple enough is to change the standard portfolio page to the page with descriptions below?

Many thanks

the slider is not working on my page


We have launched a support forum where all the Pexeto items support will be handled.

We kindly ask you to post your support questions on the forum here:

Thank you :)

Quick question- My client is using this theme for their site, and want a few updates made. Is it possible to create another section on the homepage titled something different than “Featured posts” and have them show up the same way (ie: a Title and then 4 or 5 posts within that category). Or does this theme only support one category showing on the home page.

thanks so much!


Yes, it is possible to have more than one Featured page with different title and different posts :)