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Seems like a great theme, but the URL of the demo is not working. You might want to check that :)

a quick fix: remove %20 from the url…

Nice work Mr Aurelien!

Right on time… ok, a little bit too late :)

Thank You, keep up a gerat work!


I love this :-)

Really wish I had a client I could use it on, brilliant work


Thanks for the comments! I fixed the URL . Enjoy!

Beautiful work indeed…

Beatiful theme, wp version?

Beautiful theme. I will feature it on my site in the ‘Hotels’ category.

Sexy work. One of the best in TF. Good luck with sales.

I love this ! Congrats!

One of the best theme I’ve seen in months. Good job.

Thank you all for your nice comments!

@juanrane: I’m not sure if I’ll do a WP version… Will see…

@waqar: Thanks so much for doing so!

@DDStudios: Merci! That’s great to have a comment from you!

This is absolutely gorgeous.

The theme has administrative system to update the site. The theme uses a CMS ?

No there isn’t any admin page. It’s a HTML theme.



nice work! what framework did you used for the drop downs?


Framework? Am not sure what you mean… The drop down menu is made with the help of super-fish jQuery plugin. If you need further information do not hesitate to ask again.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply! I mean the drop down list in your forms (select), eg. “type of room”.

This is done with the select box jQuery plugin.


Please i would like to purchase this Template but is it an HTML Template?

Please get back to me and also let me know if the contact pages and book online are working.

Yes it is a HTML Template.

The contact page and reservation page are fully working.



I am planning to buy this template. When I click on the “Register” link, nothing works nor the registration page does not open.

Second how do we add hotels and rooms which can display the search results, do we have an Admin panel with this script?


Note that this theme is only a static HTML theme. That means there is no CMS (content management system) included. But the booking page and contact page are fully working (with jQuery, AJAX and PHP ).



Do you have an option for the LANGUAGE . I would like to use the same theme for 3 different languages. Thanks for your time.

Nice work Mr Aurelien!

No, there isn’t any multi-language support. You’ll have to add your own system.



I really love this template and I am looking to make it fully functional in WordPress. Have you undertaking the task of making this a WordPress theme? If not can I pay you to do this, or can I buy it from you?

I’m still not sure about making or not a WordPress version. But if I make one it will be on sale here at ThemeForest.